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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

RAW Feedback

Good that you didn't open the show with a promo as you had an obsene amount of them inbetween the show. Victoria beating a face Gail Kim, I imagine is just an exhibition match without any meaning. I like the hug to get the crowd a little more supportive

JBL interview led me to believe that he would play a huge part in the battle royal but that can't be right . I can never picture Melina's character all that well but Morrison and Randy interaction was a good foundation for what's to come in the main event. Make Randy Orton a little less of a pussy plz. Atleast he's a man with agenda. A little more balls and he'll be Triple H of the 2000s

Awesome promo with Coach. If nothing else this provides for some intriguin humor. Much better than whatever that was you had last week. DUMBO Coach > Inappropriate Coach. Coach should hit the moves on the Glamazon tbh but that'll happen eventually, it better
I didn't think the knee injury bit would come to play tonight but strong minor angle especially for a women's feud. Crap recap wasn't all bad assuming nothing else happened in the match. Striker should do something, he's not THE jobber in this thread is he ?

The Victoria promo started off good and ended kind of wierd. Mickie being scared = . Beth being scared = . Otherwise, another good promo. The Big Bad Reigns is getting some good exposure with MVP. Another Orton manipulation tactic. Interesting to see how little of this actually works for the match. Awesome hype segments going on throughout the show. I don't understand why superstars watch the backstage interviews but not the segments. Wierd like that

Shawn Michaels promo was a little iffy. I just don't enjoy this type of Michaels anymore. Better character needed for him imo. His persona when he feuded with Cena IRL was awesome. Shawn Michaels (Mr. Born again Christian) acting like this condescending teen dude doesn't interest me. Haas beat Jobberno say words. Interesting...
The portrayal of Angelina is awesome. I'm loving it a lot and the portrayal of JBL is really dickish, which is good

Kurt Angle's character is better than Michael's atm but this interview was kind of what we'd expect. Needed but not that much. AMW getting some steam is good but RAW needs a new tag title feud. Draft coming 'nytime soon? Orton/Umaga promo topped both the others, maybe because this was the only real one The content of the RVD promo is the same that we heard from Angle except worse for him

You put all your eggs in one basket for this show and it paid off. The elimination of JBL so fast setup something for the future and now Angelina has more things to hold over his head. Angle going next was fine as well. Then with RVD and HBK eliminated, Orton was the only real possibilty. Don't get me wrong, I knew Orton would win from the get go (I really did) but to make him the only logical choice is too predictable. RVD|HBK will most definitely have a match at 'Slam. Orton's depiction was 'tastic and MVP and Morrison playing him and Orton winning without any help makes him look sort of strong. I wouldn't buy a main eventer like him running from two mid carders tbh but that's just me. The promo at the end was a little too generic unlike the one Edge delivered a couple of weeks ago, saying that he wasn't getting a title shot. This got the point across and we've got a main event for SummerSlam so nothing much to critique

The show was promo stacked and the main event was awesome. Some random stuff thrown in there too. Pretty good show
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