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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

WCW Rules' Review of DDMac's Smackdown!

Hmm... Starting off Smackdown! with a dose of the Irish Bastard and the World's Strongest Man? Interesting. The Steel Cage stipulation is nice, and should be a rather brutal rubber match for this feud. Punk picks up a much expected victory against the regal (pun intended) Englishman. Hehe, Regal's angry; I suspect Regal'll will have something in store for Punk in the near future. If not, meh. Steph's quite busy tonight; Kid Kash comes in and demands a title match in place of his scheduled match. Good thing for Steph not to cave in, and instead, give him the opportunity to earn it himself. Good stuff, though I'm no fan of Kash by any means. Although it was in recap, I sensed the purpose and meaning in Daniels' promo, which you brought forth in such an eloquent manner. I liked the fact he didn't think of the US Championship as a step up, but of a different pace of change. Let's see if he'll become US Champion; it'd be a great moment for the Cruisers in the 'E. Squash match, meh. Necessary, in order to give the New Breed some momentum, but at the same time, unwelcome. Nice promo from Hardy; it showed his determination, which is a staple of his. Perhaps his time will come, instead of Daniels?

Ugh.... Chavo/Mysterio feuds bore me to tears. But, it was kinda funny with the whole, "Slap in the face. Oh!" and "Oh x 2!" Nice, Mac Daddy. Your brand of humor is inviting, indeed. It was interesting to have Sabin come in and interrupt this Cruiserweight contest, costing Kash the victory and in turn, a title shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. Minor mistake in, "WIPE OUT NOBLE WITH THE CHAIR!" Wasn't it Kash? In any case, the feud will continue, no doubt. Hehe, Theodore Long comes into contact with The Game, Triple H. LMAO; this quick segment was gold, pure and simple. I like this T Lo, and though the tandem of him and Henry is tired, you manage to make it interesting. Do I sense some sort of feud between Henry and HHH here? Perhaps...

Wait, what? In the shadow of his older brother? Now hold up, now. That's so... wrong. F you, Jeff, ya druggie. Nonetheless, should be a great match at GAB for the US Championship. I hope Jeff doesn't win, I really do. Cool, Punk/Regal rematch at GAB and a Triple Threat match for the CW Championship add some variety in an already solid GAB card. I knew Londrick were going to take the win; Mexicools get no break in BTB, or elsewhere. I liked the Benji/Helms run in afterwards; their match should be great. Hehe, "The Boss" is bored. I'd be bored too, if I was in his position. Of course, the final interview in the US Championship front would be undoubtedly the US Champion himself, The Real Deal, Bobby Lashley. Nice hyping of the feud with the four interviews, pretty creative if you ask me. Rock/Batista is a match I'd love to see in real life, and this, though in recap, did not disappoint me. I'm not surprised the Rock lost; then again, I kinda wish it was by disqualification or no contest. In any case, Super Ken makes the save, of course; the Tag Team Match at GAB should also be nice, but I'm suspect something will occur that no one'll see coming.

I loved this ending promo by Triple H; it was so seamless, and his tirade of the younger guys coming up, his career injuries and tribulations, and preying upon Steph's affection for him, it all became woven in a masterful, I thought, promo to end the show. Step says "Maybe," and to the Game, that's a resounding yes. Perhaps we might see Kennedy/HHH soon. And.... here comes the GRIN! Oooooh, the intrigue. I'd love to see where this goes in the next edition, that's for sure.

In conclusion, this was a nicely crafted show, Mac Daddy. Everything seemed to connect for some greater purpose, and GAB is looking like a solid card as of now. Summerslam should be one hell of a PPV, if all comes to fruition. You're still one of the top dogs here in the BTB section, mang. Good job.

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