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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Oh, and the Coach's ... fixation in this episode comes from Legend's love of Phoenix. I just remember thinking, "Wouldn't it be mildly amusing if someone liked Beth the way Legend likes her."

Okay, I'm looking forward to this.

Raw Feedback

Pretty, uhm, weird way to start the show with a squash match ... and for Sabu? Anywho, the fact that Matt Striker got to say three sentences on the mic made me happy. I guess, like Patman said, Sabu winning a match maintains his jobber with credibility image.

Oooo, the tension builds between the contenders. JBL running scared is great; though he shouldn't be too afraid of Michaels really should he? Surely Bradshaw would fancy his chances against HBK? Then again, he is a total chicken shit heel. If this hints at a feud, I'm split, as Michaels has been great fun as a heel, though I've never seen these two go at it. Really looking forward to tonight's Main Event.

Uh, rather, uh, hot segment between Mickie and Beth ... shame Mickie had to ruin it though Best diva tandem ever I think. Shame that you're going to job Beth out to Vickie though.

Well at least Beth didn't get squashed at least. Victoria kind of got a surprise pin on Beth, so keeps Phoenix looking strong. Double powerbomb spot was pretty sick. The aftermath was cool too; you are REALLY making Vickie look like a total bad ass. I guess SummerSlam is going to be off the charts with these two.

Sitting on a couch in his office, Jonathan Coachman watches what’s happening in the ring … with his right hand in his pants. Coach slowly and huskily moans … what sounds like “Oh, Beth” … before there’s a knock on the door. Coach quickly takes his hand out of his pants, leaps up, runs over to his desk, sits down, and begins shuffling around papers.

Okay, okay, it was pretty funny I guess ... Right, right you're going to get some Mickie hate for this, mon frere. At least you included Striker in this segment, and I'm glad that I - AM - COACH~! It's there now. I'm Coach. Beth is

Ah, I see where the manipulation part of tonight's show comes in ... thanks to Mister Orton. Pretty great segment between him and Angle. Though psycho Orton is great, it's also nice to see him being a dickish geel and using these guys. Glad Angle's still on the tweener fence too, as him pure face after the greatness we've seen in this thread would be a waste. Something's bound to explode tonight.

Squash match for RWC. They own. Not sure what you were getting at with the stuff about Rhodes and Smith.

Ha ha, you topped the HBK/JBL and Orton/Angle segments with this one thanks to Estrada's awesomeness. He's been THE MAN on Raw ever since Vengeance basically, and it continues this week. Grisham got OWNED~! First verbally and then physically by 'Mags. This business with Angle and Umaga is going to be great when it truly gets going. God, AAE and 'Maga are so good.

Woah, woah, woah, you almost, almost topped the Estrada promo once again with this business in the 'Face' locker room. I know this was all really about the tension between Angle {fuckin' bad ass} and Edge {almost as bad ass}, but I had to mark for Carlito's little line at the start. Even as a face he's great entertainment. Keep pushing plz. Really liked the way Angle brought up Edge's shady past; is there anyone that Kurt doesn't have 'issues' with right now, face or heel? The Battle Royal next week is going to be off the charts.

HAAS~! Thank god he's back and back to getting a ... 'push' again. This looks to be his brewing storyline. Meaningless matches. Being overlooked. I thought the Estrada storyline would get him somewhere, but I guess you've nixed that. Still, hopefully he starts to build some momentum.

Another class segment, though quite different to that of the 'face' team. Melina and Morrison in the bathroom was great. I thought they were making out at first. You'd think that someone like Orton would have big mirror though. Loved the way he sucked up to all of his partners, and I especially loved JBL's reaction: marking out for himself. Though through all this, don't think I'm going to overlook the greatness that is Montel Vontavious Porter being fed grapes.

I kind of thought that the RKO Army would get the win to give them a bit of credibility in the tag team world. Glad that Murdoch got involved, as I still can't believe the hardcore match hasn't happened yet. More tag teams = ratings. It needs to challenge SmackDown's.

Ha ha, scrap the epic in-ring promo, Michaels has been great tonight just with this manipulation game he's been playing. Nice little stare down between Orton and Bradshaw. This is going to be insanity seriously this week and next week. I almost don't want these guys to split off into their separate feuds. This multi-man business has been too good.

Talk about a wild Main Event; that was crazy. Loved the spot between Angle and Umaga getting atb each other for the first time. Angle as a nut is almost a match for 'Mags. That'll be brutal when it happens. JBL's stalling was pretty cool, but I loved the total implosion factor. Angle going apeshit and killing his team was the highlight, though Porter and Morrison both squabbling and getting drilled by 'Maga was cool too. Just great stuff, and I'm glad that none of these ten had to look weak by taking a fall.

WOAH, shit, wasn't expecting that aftermath between JBL and Michaels. So Bradshaw faked it all just to get a piece of HBK? Yeah ... yeah, that's definitely Bradshaw in a nutshell. Is this JBL/HBK feud going to happen for real then? Ahhh, I'm so confused with all these enemies going at it!!! Great close to the show with Layfield realising what the hell he's just done. Honestly can't wait for the next Raw.

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice way to start the show with a parallel of last week. I thought that Steph would suspend Finlay and Hnery or something, but I'm glad this feud is getting such exposure and gets to finish at the 'Bash. Wow, Steel Cage match actually have a lot of credibility in this thread. First 'Tista/Rock and now this clash. Dave to win plz.

No real surprise to see Punk getting the in over Regal, but it's definitely his most credible win to date, as Regal has been built stronger than Booker in this thread. A roll up too. Regal's no push over and things are getting trickier for the Punkster.

Whilst I don't see Kash getting the better of Noble tonight, it's obvious that something is going to happen that will result in a Triple Threat with Sabin. A No Contest would seem to be the likeliest scenario.

Daniels putting over the Cruiserweight title is a very, very nice touch. It makes sense. Why would he dismiss it after all he's done since his arrival? I actually think Daniels is the favourite heading into the Bash, just ahead of Bobby. My bet is the FA gets the pin on one of the Hardys.

Well, I guess the New Breed have to do something whilst The Hooligans and Carolina Connection finish their business. Just glad their not jobbing to The Mexicools anymore. The Pounce needs to be seen every week.

Matt Hardy has a better story than his brother, and so I'd place him above Jeff in terms of who I think will be getting the belt. Still don't think you'll put it on him.

Who'd have thought that a Chavo-Rey feud in this age wouldn't be boring? Not me, that's for sure. This has been personal and intense as hell. Two slaps for each other but this thing still hasn't got physical yet. Like DC said, I really hope that Chavo gets the duke for the sake of this feud. It would add so much to the storyline I think, as it almost 'proves' what Chavito has been saying. Should be a hell of a match though. Great exposure too with an old school in-ring interview.

Crazy maych between Noble and Kash, but it needed to be for two heels I guess. Surprised to see Noble pick up the win, but it keeps him looking strong and it was a screwy enough finish to ensure a match at the Bash. I think you meant that Sabin hit Kash with a Cradle Shock too, not Noble.

WTF? Hunter? Where did he come from? Oh, oh don't tell me that he and Steph are still married or something? That would be ... odd. Got to be something like that though, else he wouldn't get so pissed off. Teddy was awesome here, "Racist cracka’!". Maybe this is the start of Hunter's return?

Yeah, Jeff's in the shadow of Matt, that's a good one. Can't really see any chance of the coke addict getting the belt at the Bash, and I actually think Daniels will be pinning him for the win.

Nice way to flip the roles on their head this week with the CC playing the villains and taking a cheap shot at their big rivals when their backs are turned. This is certainly one of the best tag team feuds I have read in a long, long time, and the CC are one of, if not THE best invented tag team in BTB history. Title change at the 'Bash me thinks, but not the end of this rivalry hopefully. Plenty of goody matches still to be had.

The Boss > Big Dave ... just, but Naitch > The Boss ... easily.

Keep it short and sweet Bobby mah' man. This could be the ideal time for Lashley to drop the belt and take the step up to the Main Event, but I can't see him feuding with Rock, Kennedy, Cena, 'Tista, Hunter or Taker just yet, so maybe not, since they're all busy in programs currently.

Rocky didn't sound the strongest in the Main Event, as it sounded like he got dominated, but he gor screwed by Cena. The Boss looked like a bit of a bitch to be honest, as he came down all bad ass and just got dropped on his ass Anyway, Reney needs to understand that this is Big Dave Batista and a Spinebuster from him could kill an elephant, so getting pin like that is no shame. Good record for 'Tista on Rock; almost as good as Jericho's ... but not quite. Disappointed that all Kennedy did tonight was make this save, but I guess we'll see more of him next week ... hopefully.

You got me. Hunter got me. I actually bought into his little sob story at the end there. Excellent stuff indeed to close the show. Out of all the scenarios that I envisioned to get Trips back in the game {no pun}, this was one I hadn't seen. Playing on Stephs {still present} affections for him to get what he wants. The grin when he came out of the office was golden, pure and simple. My interest in this storyline has just gone up another notch.

Two quality shows yet again, Mac daddy. Breaking my balls with the Beth stuff ... means I have to think off something now I'll probably fail miserably though. Good shit.
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