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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Sorry I never reviewed RAW, was struggling to be fucked to come and review again, but I'm feeling like catching up on certain nigz and they're doing, you included...

LOL @ you trying to make a Steel Cage match sound more brutal than a No Holds Barred match. Good try and it'll be a slug and a nasty one at that, but really, Henry is in no way gonna claim the cage, so he'll go out the door or score a pin. Some guy above me pointed that out too. Anyways, Finlay should win, he's a bit more credible to the upper card than Mr. Injury Prone.

Rock vs Batista? Oshit, that'll be great. Other matches seem a little eh, but hey, this is "THE NEW ERA!~"

Punk getting the push. Don't dare ruin it, US Title before WHC title chances plz. Kash pretty much is given a title shot, because he'll beat Noble tonight. Kash ftw. I dislike Noble, and love Kid Rock II. Chris Daniels = ratings. Nice little promo. Haha Brown and Burke are back in the doghouse squashing no names. CREDIBILITY!~

Matt Hardy > All midcarders on SD. I hope he wins at GAB, but I'm sensing SUPER DANIELS' uneeded push could continue. I wish I could care about the Rey/Chavo thing, but it's been done to death and then some IRL and in other BTB's months and years ago. It's good that you're trying to make it interesting, but really, it's the same two guys with Chavo turning on Rey.

OH! Sabin fuck off you jobber.
Well there it is, I see Kash/Sabin/Noble for the title now, has to be after this. Nice surprise there, wasn't expecting it. Trips owns Teddy, but sadly I can see a trainwreck of a Triple H vs Mark Henry feud in the works perhaps. Or maybe it was done to put The Game over more, but I'm not sure yet.

Haha Jeff Hardy, you glorified spotmonkey. No title plz. As thought the CW title match is signed but CM Punk/Regal? Eh. Pretty obvious Punk will beat him again. Good win for L&K but the CC swat them down afterwards, kinda hard to see them being faces but they do play good tweeners I give you that.

rofl nice one Maccy. Lashley is part of the four way, thus only leaving 3 other opponents that couldn't lift his leg and not four, yes?

Rock beaten by a Spinebuster is pretty low. Owellz.

SUPER KEN to the rescue was oh so obvious but atleast he didn't clean house and stand triumphant and have pure gold rained upon him and all that. Cena/Rock for Summerslam will be a cracker.

Fucking brilliant Triple H ending here. Quality sap story to lure Steph into that title shot, and ASAP as Trips is outta her office, the golden smile. Excellent stuff and now it seems The Game and his poker skills (faces, bluffs) are gonna perhaps get him closer to the title.

Been like a month or something, but yeah. Good shizzle. 8/10


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