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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Sorry I did not manage to get any comments up for RAW. Here are some brief ones for Smackdown, Mac Daddy...

- - -

I'm pretty sure this Regal/Booker angle with Punk entwined is awesome. I love Regal and Punk, and mildly hate Booker. Regal to go over in any sort of feud plz.

I LOVE that you did not have Daniels dismiss the Cruiserweight division. Would have been foolish to do so after all he did in the division over a period since No Mercy last year. Thumbs up all around.

Chavo/Rey, whilst an overhased feud, it still a good one. I have said it once, I will say it again, Chavo needs to go over and get pushed. Sounds funny for me to say but Mysterio does nothing for me and should be nothing but a glorified mid-carder.

Sabin.Noble/Kash? Can anyone say 'fucking amazing match coming up'?

Punk/Regal at GAB? My fucking god.

You had me for Hunter's last promo. I truely had the thought he was being serious, whilst thinking it did not sound like Hunter. Me loves some manipulation, classic Hunter and probably one of the best promos I have read in a long-time, right up there with WCW Rules Orton promo from his last edition of RAW. Just awesome, and great to see that Hunter is slowly...but surely starting to return to the fold.

Hunter/Kennedy? Maybe, have a slight feeling Kennedy may win at GAB and something happens which leads to the two meeting at SS. Just a feeling.

Nice read. 9/10 kisses.

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