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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

July 13th Smackdown Review:

Loving the start of the show, just because when something big happens at the end of the show the week before, you need to start the next show on the same topic. Finlay and Henry should be remorseful and Steph still having the black eye just makes it all the better. STEEL CAGE at the GAB sounds pretty awesome and the feud should be coming to a brutal end, imo.

Pretty nice card for tonight … especially Regal vs. Punk and of course, Rocky vs. ‘Tista.

Very solid opener, as we see the new guy, Punk, take on the crafty veteran, Regal. Not really much to say expect that Punk was always expected to win and the way that he pinned Regal makes both guys look good … as Punk didn’t get the win in emphatic fashion, he just did the right counter at the right time. Regal throwing a big fit = ratings, imo.

Stephanie will probably be the focus of the show tonight and now K.I.D. comes into the office. Good idea with the stipulation for tonight, even though I still see a Triple Threat taking place at the GAB.

Good interview from Daniels and I love the arrogance that he showed … saying that he made the CW Division as great as it is right now, which is true. Pretty bold guarantee … but I don’t see him winning the belt just yet.

NB beats a jobber team … nothing special, imo. I hope that Booker & Co. start doing something again, but a good win for Elijah and Monty.

Solid, typical Hardy interview right here. Talking about having the chance to become a star at both WM23 and JD makes me think Hardy may be turning heel … because he won’t be winning at the GAB.

Josh Matthews seemed kinda unnecessary for the Chavo promo because he wasn’t really doing anything. Major props for having Rey and Chavo strike each other … needed a little physicality in this feud, imo. Chavo and Rey both have great arguments and I love that you said the crowd cheered on Rey out of “habit”. This feud is getting intense and I think that the match at the GAB will only be the first of many matches between the two.

No surpise that the crowd isn’t really into the match between Kash and Noble, given that they are both heels. Good action nonetheless and seeing Sabin come out was very good … and he takes out both men!! Cradle Shock does more damage than the steel chair and Noble gets the win … no title shot for Kash next week. Triple Threat at JD is inevitable, imo.

Teddy gets pushed into the wall by ‘THE GAME’!!! I kinda figured he was back when I saw the title under the show but this is still great. Good comments about Henry and Finlay and there has gotta be something going on between H and Steph. Interested to see where this ends up.

Another good interview segment … this time with Jeff. The whole “Matt’s Shadow” thing has been a good addition to the feud and I think Jeff will outshine Matt at the GAB … possibly leading to a feud between the two.

Two solid matches for the GAB … even though I would have liked Booker vs. Punk instead of Regal vs. Punk.

Mexicools are a legit team … so it was good that London and Kendrick faced them instead of some jobbers. The shooting star presses sounded pretty cool and of course … we get more physicality between L&K and the CC. Throwing “Spanky” into the commentators sounded cool and I am sure we will get one more altercation next week, adding the final hype.

Cena not caring about Batista and Flair makes me think that Cena and ‘Tista will feud down the line.

Lashley not talking much = ratings, tbh. I don’t know how he came up with “four competitors” … isn’t he only facing three?? Good way to the get the US Title feud over this show, all the interviews did their jobs.

Solid match between The Rock and Batista … perfect length for a TV main event. Rocky hanging with Batista was awesome and then looks to have the match won … until CENA comes down!! Rock Bottom!! The Great One spends too much time savoring the ovation and Batista gets the somewhat “clean” victory. Good way for him to get some momentum, imo. KK makes an appearance and has the chair … but the heels bail and the tag team match is all but set.

Triple H again!! Triple H still wants his title shot but Steph doesn’t seem like she wants him to have it without working. The speech by Triple H was actually one of the best promos I have read from you in a while. You NEVER see this side of Triple H and the fact that he brings up all the past failures the last two years … was just shocking. Talking about the young guys worked perfectly … as he is admitting that he is not as great as he once was. Steph says that she may give him the title shot … and she is really feeling sorry for him. H leaves and when everyone is feeling sorry for him … everyone understand what he is talking about … HE LETS OUT A BIG GRIN!! He is playing Steph like a fiddle and I think he will get the title shot. Epic segment to end the show … so happy it was in full.

Great recap, as always. Kinda disappointed that KK and Cena weren’t featured as much as they have been lately … a run-in during and after the main event wasn’t good enough, imo. But the last promo was so awesome … it made up for all the shortcomings. GAB looks the sex and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. 10/10 for you sir.

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