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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Some breif comments on RAW...

Nice to give Striker some promo time and Sabu's win was good for him to boost credibility so he can put over the next big star, which is what he needs to do. One off win imo.

Beth and Mickie promo was good and in not so many words. Good friction between them. I don't see Mickie holding onto the title for long. Vick getting the win the way she did was good for everybody. Beth will surely want some retribution. Me calling a handicap match soon

Coach promo was...well...I don't know. I didn't think it was needed. It wasn't funny, maybe a little, but Coach? Striker should go places. Feed Jindrak to him! I'll wait till the tag scene develops until I form ideas. Haas got a win and his brief speech was almost as wierd as Coach and the crowd is silent no matter what Haas does. No need to specify

RKO Army getting a good win over the former world champs. Not too sure if the RWC vs. AMW feud should continue. I have relatively low interest in the feud tbh

Everything, every promo you had building to the main event were awesome and did what they were supposed to do. The match featured everything that you built in. I don't know why the no contest was there. I'm not a fan of having a no contest unless you really need it and in this case, you didn't. It was pretty easy to make someone the fallguy without actually having to look weak. I don't know what to make of JBL backstage. I'm not a huge fan of JBL being the focus of Monday Night RAW, as it seems to me over the last two weeks but it's something different and let's see how well it goes


SmackDown Feedback

Good promo to start. Surprised that Steph isn't dishing out punishment for her eye. Also surprised that Henry and Finlay are sitting there and no action spills. Match would've made more sense if it was a no escape steel cage match. They'd have to settle it in the ring. I can't imagine Henry trying to climb out. Good way to fill up the GAB card. Show's looking good with a great card and greater main event

Punk getting a push is good and a win over Regal after a win over Booker is pretty good. The rub last week also helped. I think we'll see him going into the US title picture soon enough. Kash will surely win now, filling in another match for the Bash

Nice Daniels promo. Have to admit, without him the Cruiser division seems to be going back to its earlier ways. Enter Chavo and Rey into the division soon pls. I don't think he'll get the US title at the Bash although he is in a good position to. 3 minute jobbefest? Two tops imo. Good win for the New Breed. Booker should get involved more often. He's probably going to revert to Flair form (03 Flair form)

Hardy interview? Fine I guess. He has the best chance of taking the title off of Lashley imo if he doesn't retain, which I don't think he will. Chavo and Rey feud is really intense. Promo was all sorts of awesomeness. Hoping for a Chavo win come Bash and I think he will win. Semi main event spot pls

Sabin's name was replaced by Noble's in one sentence. Doesn't matter. Good match but I don't like the fact that Kash was down for so long due t the cradle shock. It doesn't come across as a hugely powerful knockout move. It's more like a hit it to win kind of move, sort of like the west coast pump for Rey. Noble getting the win is kind of a surprise. Sabin vs. Kash at Bash for #1 contendership's spot. Maybe but I don't like the sound of it. Phenomenal promo backstage. Stephanie being fair to the gentlemen and not abusing power was a good move now that this has happened. Shows that Triple H still cares about something. A Triple H vs. Henry feud could be interesting provided its short term or a one off match for a night. Show just got a lot more interesting. Punch on Teddy was good payback

Jeff in the shadow of Matt? If anything it's the other way around but Jeff needed some material to mooch off of. I understand the 3-Way cruiser match for the Bash but why Punk vs. Regal? Because of the lack of depth to the card or because of some mysterious angle you have planned because on paper, it looks pointless and uninteresting. The tag match was fine and the aftermath was generic. CC have the momentum going now

The way that Cena|Batista angle is going is great imo. Cena is still in the character that he is best at and doesn't need to change, while Batista can transition a bit between Cena level and Flair level. I would love to see Lashley cut that promo just for the fuck of it. Not great but no harm done to the show

Good match description for Batista vs. Rock. Good way for Batista to win although one would assume he would've been DQed but since Cena never really attacked him, it's all good. Kennedy doesn't need the steel chair as long as he has the world title belt. Use what he already has. I'm not a fan of how the steel chairs are the standard weapons for any wrestler. They're totally whored out. One of the staples of this BTB has been this relationship b/w Steph and Trips. Awesome writing, some of the best I've seen, in this promo. Reminds me a little of One Tree Hill with all the emotion and deception that the Game is pulling and Steph seeming to give in. Drag this out as long as you can, because this isn't getting stale anytime soon

Good show made by the main event and the awesome segment that followed.
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