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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown! Feedback

Top notch promo to kick the show off with. I've missed your full promos for a while Note, Mac, don't EVER turn Cena or Batista into faces again, as they are just so fucking awesome right now as B.A.D asses in this thread {just behind Naitch, Angle and KK}. I love the way The Boss completely owns the crowd too. Shoot plz. I feared for a second that you might tease a face turn from either Cena or Big Dave, but thank god neither man even looked that I. Flair <3. Slick Ric is beyond awesome on the mic, especially bigging up his man, and reaking of sex appeal. Flair's line about "my mistake" pretty much confirms that that little error will be coming back to haunt The Nature Boy at some point. KENNEDY~!!! Ignore that noob, Reney, as he has no idea what he is talking about. Double K should be Champ until WM 24 to be honest. "I know that you were probably tired from whatever is that you and Naitch … do…" Sweet, quality line. 'Tista, Naitch and Cena were awesome, but Big Ken just owned all of them. Cena sucking up to Kennedy does not = ratings though. The Boss is bad ass, rit? The tag match made for later tonight is STACKED, although I kind of hope this just becomes a total brawl/clusterfuck, as Cena going face once again would be slightly anal. The debate for the #1 Contender spot has me intrigued, as I doubted that either man would get it. I has thought Hunter might get in on the act. I'll go out on a wim and say Big Dave gets the shot at Judgement Day, making Batista/Kennedy III in some kind of gimmick match. Top notch.

Lmao @ "Chad McPherson". Is this jobber real or did you pull the name from your head? Punk's roll continues, and I actually like this small interaction with Kash {'cause K.I.D is awesome]. No jobbing in this feud plz.

Sweet, it's fairly awesome that Booker T is back ... as a manager~!!! I can see him being great in this role, as this short but sweet interview proved. As for The New Breed ... just ignore the nooby Aussie. It's perfectly good name despite the unoriginality {}. Should be a quality match between the teams later on tonight though, hopefully with a double count out or something. Some mic time for Brown or Burke though if you please

I <3 The Carolina Connection~!!! Best team in the thread to be honest. Helms is a great mic worker too, so it's good to see you're utilising him more. The tension between these two teams is making for a very nice feud. I can possibly see some botched assistance from The Hooligans later tonight.

Quality match up between The New Breed and The Carolina Connection. I can't wait to read a full match between these boys at a PPV. I wasn't as surprised as I thought I would be by Burke and Benjamin pulling out the win. POOUUNNCCEEE~!!! I mark hard for that move. The way it went down points to London and Kendrick retaining in two weeks, leading to a Triple Threat later on. I wonder why it's two weeks though. BIG promo between the team next week? God I hope so.

I see you are actually going to put a unique twist on this baby of a feud between Rey Rey and Chavito then. Very strong promo between all three men, which was surprising considering Mysterio and Chavo were controlling it for the majority. I actually really like Chavo's whole attitude in this thing, adds a real something to the situation. Daniels' timing was to perfection, and I loved his small input. With Rey's rematch in the works, I can see the FA retaining, before we get a possible Triple Threat. Either way, all are easily **** + bouts. Also, the way Rey kept dissing Chavo and refusing to shake his hand, I can see a Rikishi/Rock situation coming out of this, with Guerrero finally growing sick of the disrespect and beating the ever loving shit out of the midget.

Awww, come on, Lashley was looking good, especially having just slammed Henry at Backlash, and you make him a bitch tonight? Bad DDMac I want the Lash Man to be built towards the Main Event instead.

Oh baby, I wasn't too keen on the whole Flair/'Tista implosion angle, but this short segment oozed of tension. I can see an excellent feud coming out of this to propel Naitch towards the WHC in the future. Just don't make Ric too afraid of The Animal; he sounds a bit timid sometimes.

Jamie Noble is a class act. Glad to see you are giving him a bit of a push now towards the Cruiserweight title. He is so underrated on the mic. Nice little segment between him and Sabin too. Their Rubber Match at Judgement Day could be a show stealer potentially. I can see the winner getting in on the CW title act soon, or possibly you will add both of their names to the mix.

Regal ... is ... THE FUCKING MAN~!!! Damn I love that old bastard. If you continue to push him like this, I'll love you forever. Busting Hardcore Holly up = serious ratings. Sometimes I think Regal in the U.S title scene is stale ... but then I see quality like this and I stop thinking such ridiculous thoughts

"Once more, Stephanie McMahon is pushing THE WHITE over THE RIGHT! " Ha ha~!!! Teddy Long as this heel manager is stupidly hilarious. I love it already. Quite an exciting little segment with him and Finlay though. The Irishman is all awesome and needs to be pushed back to the Main Event in my opinion. A possible feud brewing between Henry and Finlay here? I doubt it, but Big Mark will undoubtedly fuck up both Fit and William next week.

I loved the Main Event tag match. The interaction between Flair and Kennedy was most definately picked up on. This is certainly where these two are heading, although I had thought that Naitch might be cashing it all in at WrestleMania 24. KK playing with Cena was quality stuff, and Big Dave FINALLY pinning The Champ was unexpected. The way Cena was still signalling for the belt at the end of the show leads me to think that we may see a Triple Threat at JD, although I personally think that KK/Dave III in a gimmick match is much more likely.

Overall this was a great way to return to writing {one of} your shows in full following the lull last month. Some top notch promos {Chavo/Rey the stand out for me} and awesome matches {CC/NB}. I missed The Hardys though. They should have at least made an appearance following their actions at Backlash. Judgement Day is already looking hot stuff. Also ... Michael Cole back in the team equals ratings
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