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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

The opening promo was good. Cena still thinking he's king shit is well and dandy until The Rock or Taker come back and beat his overrated ass is fine, and Batista + Flair entering the segment made it even better. SUPER KENNEDY! Kennedy's sole value atm is his comedy, the only thing keeping him mildly interesting in this title push he has. Big tag match main event made, the most likely outcome being Kennedy pinning Flair. We shall see however.

Punk's intro goes on. Give him something decent soon plz, jobber squashes don't get nubs over.

BOOKAH TEE! I can dig that sucka! Great to see the good Book gimmick back, and not that meh "this is so boring and repetitive and fake and stupid" King Booker gimmick he head. Booker and his clan = ratings. The New Breed? Ew. How (un)original.

I mark for teh Carolina Connection. Solid tweeners here but I can see them being the big face team soon. Decent promo between them and London/Kendrick, should be a good match against Burke/Brown.

No surprise that the heels cheated, but I was slightly shocked that they beat the raging hot CC. Tag division on here is finally getting some good coverage, three good teams lingering around, makes for some promising stuff.

Well thank God you did something different with Rey and Chavo. I hated what happened at Backlash because it reeked of the last 2 years all over again, but this took a turn for the better with Chavo explaining himself. Daniels back with the belt is pretty shocking, considering he lost to possibly the best current CW in your thread at Mania, and Rey walking away from Chavo only fuels the fact that eventually, something between them is gonna go down. For now, it seems Rey/Daniels might go on, and I'm a fan of that.

What a shocker this would've been. Not a fan of "Mr. Overrated Part 2" nor of Henry, so this was instant gutter trash to me. Lashley back in a feud with Finlay or Regal plz. Or get some other credible mid carder, coz the whole angle between those three has really been done to death, along with Booker in the mix too.

I'm already sensing the end of the Batista/Flair partnership. Can't say I'm shocked as you seem to think giving Flair another title run at his age, with his complete lack of any ring skill and stamina is a good idea, which it isn't. I'd like to see Batista get the MITB off him, but I just see Flair and the WHC picture soonish.

No marks for Sabin/Noble at Judgment Day. Just stinks up the card imo. Sabin really sucks when he's not in the Motor City Machine Guns, and Noble is just meh. Both could do with CW action around the title, but with your boy Daniels around, it doesn't seem likely yet.

Burying Hardcore Holly? No no. Regal looks impressive beating up on the "hard man" of SmackDown! Good for Regal, but Holly has the talent to be in the US Title hunt, pity everyone liks to job him out. Regal winning is wise, one last fight with Lashley plz.

I love Teddy Long as a heel. Great guy to put over crud and duds like Henry. Finlay/Henry? Yuck. Please don't let that happen. Nice ending with Finlay really coming into his own though.

Interesting to see Kennedy and Cena refusing to tag in and help each other, and in the end it backfires as SUPER KENNEDY IS PINNED CLEAN! YES! MARK OUT! In all seriousness, thank you for that. Bringing the Jesus pushed KK back down to earth is wise, and I think we're gonna see a Kennedy/Cena/Batista match before The Rock or Taker come back for revenge on Cena and the impending Flair/Batista feud happens. Great match write up too imo, really well worked main event.

All in all, great read as always. I <3 you.


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