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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMacís Smackdown Review

Have to say it looked like the Smackdown card was overstacked for Backlash. I mean to have five matches at a joint brand PPV is a lot. However a nice opening video package which I enjoyed because I missed Backlash

Cena was gold as usual Mac. Still going strong as the asshole type heel is great booking on your part. You capture his character unbelievably too. I loved him talking about what he has done over the last few weeks. I love the fact that you have built him up to the main even scene in a completely different maner than the WWE have done to him. I was so happy to finally see him step up to the main event and challenge Kennedy. I canít see Batista going straight to the back of the line because he will loose too much credibility imo. Yeah thought so. Batista and Flair coming out was a nice way to keep this promo rolling. Flair was on key for the most part, and Iím glad you didnít let Batista talk much. Him just saying what he did was ample. The whole title situation is looking superb on Smackdown Mac and Batista telling Cena to move him was great. It was like I could feel the momentum right here at my laptop screen. Kennedy making his way out just added a whole lot to the ratings. Is Kennedy a face, Iím sure he is right? Also what does perturbed mean? Anyway that out of the way and kennedy is making this promo that little bit more entertaining. Having Stephanie let everyone know that none of them will get the title shot was suprising. It was great too because now itís left wide open for the readers because we have no idea who it will be. Although I have a pretty good inkling that it will either be Cena or Batista. I have a slight thought in my stomach though that Flair will cash in his money in the bank briefcase either for him or for Batista. Oh the possibilities Mac which you have given. Overall a very nice opening promo and it was great to read.

CM Punk in the beginning of a push I think. He was obviously going to win the match with it being against a jobber. I was intrigued with Kid Kash coming down to the ramp and applauding him (Arogantly I might add) something tells me a little feud is brewing between the pair. That certainly wouldnít be a bad thing.

Iím not for King Booker turning back to Booker T. Just for the simple fact that King Booker has more of a personality in my opinion. Donít get me wrong, itís very refreshing to see the change, and Iím willing to see what you do with him, but really I liked king Booker the way he was. A nice interview though which introduced the change. He was really in character too so from what Iíve seen of Booker T so far, you can write him well which is a good thing I guess.

The backstage segment between The Caroline Connection and the champions was a nice way of hyping a feud between the two teams. I can only imagine the matches that they will put on. The CC vs. The New Breed was an entertaining match. Good to see Booker T make his way down to the ring for The New Breed. The ending of the match was good. I loved how The New Breed cheated to gain the number one contenders match, and now I feel stupid for thinking it will be CC vs. the champs However I think the CC wil get involved somehow.

The Rey/Chavo promo was intense as hell man. I canít help but think that Chavo is lying. Iím probably wrong but theres something about this story. It was good to see the champ show up and basically brag about being the champion. Everyone seemed in character which made the promo better to read. Good job again tbh.

Lashley vs Henry for some reason is a match Iíd like to see Anyway you wrote it our pretty well, and it was well booked with a good ending. Having Lashley the champion look strong with a DQ win, and also keeping the Worlds Strongest man strong too. I can maybe see a push for Henery in the US title division. He certainly deserved it.

Fuck this segment between Batista and Ric Flair was awkward as hell. I can really see something happening tonight in the main event. I can either see Flair making some sort of mistake, or Batista actually doing it. This was brilliant booking and even better writing because you made me feel very, very awkward.

Finlay vs. Regal should be an excellent matchup. Also nice to see you make use of the commentary by announcing matches with them.

Noble was perfectly in character with all the slang he talks. Man he likes to talk shit lol. Nice to see a Sabin/Noble match for Judgement Day. Although it seems likr a filler match, which imo is something a PPV doesnít need.

Regal pretty much had to win to hype up his match next week with Finlay. I was surprised to see blood in such a match, and so early on too. This gave Regal tons of momentum heading into the number one contenders match next week. Speaking if the United States division, its really looking good. I didnít expect Finlay to ever let anyone tell him what to do, even if itís the Worlds Strongest man telling him. Finlay was spot on as were all the characters on tonightís show.

WOW What a brilliant main event, topping off a great show. The main event was entertaining and exciting. It had a good build up throughout the show and I never expected Batista to get a clean pin over the champion. Surely now he will be the number one contender, but I could be wrong. I liked the ending with batista holding up the championship and Cena signalling that he wants it. You have a packed main event scene so I just hope you use it correctly. From the looks of things you certainly are man.

Overall a great show per usual. I think Iím enjoying Smackdown more than I am raw. And thatís not because Raw is in recap, I just enjoy the goings on, on the blue brand much more. Looking forward to how you build up these feuds you have going. While some of them donít interest me, the majority of the do. Propps for keeping best BTB too
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