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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review

Opening Promo: John Cena starting the show seemed right since he really stole the show on the Smackdown side with what he did to The Rock. Cena demanding a title shot was very expected, as he has now gone through The Rock and The Undertaker, being built as a monster heel. We all knew that Batista was not done in the title hunt and he comes to the ring with Ric, also saying that he should get a title match. I really wanted to see Cena and Batista go at it in the middle of the ring but KK coming out was nice because things needed to settle down. Loved the line about Naitch and Batista, very like Kennedy to say something like that. The main event tonight looks to be huge and I can see Cena screwing Kennedy just to prove that he doesnít team with anybody. Very well done promo and the show is starting off with a bang.

Punk vs. McPherson: Glad to see Punk continue to win and I can see him getting a nice little push to start his WWE career. Just wanted to point out that you said he won by pin fall when Chad tapped out to the Anaconda Vice, no biggie. Kid Kash coming out was good and I see these two eventually meeting in the ring, but not at JD, probably on Smackdown some time in the coming weeks.

BOOKER T!!!: I truly canít tell you how glad I am that the whole King Booker thing is over in this thread. I think that the WWE made a huge mistake by making him King Booker because Booker T was such a better character. The New Breed is a good name and I can see this faction being a big-time force and really getting a push on Smackdown.

Hooligans / Carolina Connection: Nice little promo here that keeps the Carolina Connection as a true tweener team until they are full-time faces. I see them beating the New Breed and having an epic match against the Hooligans in two weeks but hey, who knows what can happen??

Carolina Connection vs. New Breed: Great, great tag team match and this is a very good divison on Smackdown. Glad to see the CC getting revenge early by dominating the New Breed early but the presence of Booker and Sharmell is too much for the CC to overcome in the end. Liked the ending with Helms and Burke on the outside and Booker and Sharmell grabbing onto Monty, keeping him on the top rope. Brown hits the Pounce on Benji and it looks like we have NB vs. Hooligans in two weeks. I see the CC getting involved in the match and causing a triple threat to be made for JD.

Chavo Promo: Very intense stuff here between Rey and Chavo. Chavo talking about his family not knowing why he wasnít in the ring and his excuse for signing a deal with Daniels was a great way for this storyline to start off. Rey still being frustrated and not shaking hands with Chavo - twice is understandable and I donít see the two of them getting along for a while. The Fallen Angel coming on the titantron and talking was a good way to get him involved in the show and I see him and Rey going at it once again at Judgment Day, with Chavo officially turning heel and beating the hell out of Rey. Very good segment and this storyline looks a lot better than it did a few days ago.

Lashley vs. Henry: The three-way at Backlash seems like it was just a little filler for Henry until Kane comes back. Lashley getting the win by DQ was good because it doesnít have him or Henry lose any credibility as The Silverback walks out looking like the monster that he is. Passable match at best but it still seems like Lashley is without a solid feud as US Champ.

Natich and Batista: Awkward little moment here between these two as Batista is not happy after what happened at Backlash. Flair promises not to make any more mistakes and I think that he will keep that promise and not screw up for a little while. Really interested to see how this main event turns out.

Noble and Sabin: Noble defending his wins was good but I donít see him back in the cruiserweight title picture anytime soon. Sabin vs. Noble at JD should be a great match and I see Sabin getting the victory and putting himself back in the CW title picture. Nice little segment to continue this rivalry.

Regal vs. Holly: Nice to see that Regal will be pushed a little bit as he just blew through Holly here. Regal winning with the Regal Stretch was good as it gets him over a heel. Regal vs. Finlay next week should be a great match and the winner will face Lashley at JD.

Long, Henry and Finlay: This was a truly great segment with Teddy once again blaming Stephanie for Henryís inability to get the job done. Loved this line about The White over The Right, BTB classic right there. Finlay didnít back down and had a nice line with the shillalegh to show that he is serious as well. Could we see the debut of Hornswoggle to help Finlay against Teddy and Mark Henry??

Main Event: The beginning with Flair and KK was epic, especially when KK slapped Flair and let out the final ĎKennedy.í The match was very similar to the Backlash match between KK and Batista, with Batista dominating. I knew that Cena wasnít going to help Kennedy when he was in a bad way and Batista pinning KK clean to win the match was somewhat shocking. Flair and Batista celebrating with the title and Cena telling Batista HE is going to be the champ makes me feel that we will see a triple threat at JD, even though I would much rather see Batista vs. KK III.

Overall: This was an excellent show from the opening promo to the main event. Batista was really the star of the show and he finished the night on top after pinning the WHC. Cena getting himself into the title picture is a nice change but I donít want KK vs. Batista to be over yet. I like where you went with some feuds, especially Rey vs. Chavo and the whole Tag Title situation. Regal vs. Finlay next week should be great and Iím sure we will have our main event for JD by the end of next weekís show. 9.5/10


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