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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Thoughts

Backlash was an epic PPV and I am really looking forward to where you go with some of your feuds that you have going. Rematch for the tag titles sounds good and I am interested to see what Coach has to say to Foley. Glad to see AMW retain the belts even though it was Heyman this time that caused the DQ. The beat down after the match was huge for the feud and the double splash on the table by Umaga would have been sick to see. Glad to see Edge let Doane off the hook for losing the match at Backlash, really cements Edge as a top babyface on Raw. Glad to hear Mickie get on the mic and build herself up (as if you haven’t done that enough Mac ) and tell Victoria that she shouldn’t be at Raw. I see this feud continuing until probably Vengeance. Good interaction between Umaga, Show, Heyman, and AAE against Charlie Haas. I see Haas eventually joining with this “monster” faction and he would be good with two monsters on his side. Jindrak is still around? Carlito picking up the quick win was no surprise and JBL’s big celebration next week should be interesting, further escalating the feud between these two. Masters going over Haas was the right move and having AAE come out kind of contradictions my prediction from a few lines ago, and now Haas may seek revenge on Estrada for coming out and making him lose. Foley coming back to Raw should be epic and I’m sure he will cut a great promo next week, leading to his eventual match with Umaga. Gail over Trish two weeks in a row? I am surprised that Trish will turning heel again and I see her leaving Raw soon as you have a very good Women’s division at the moment. HBK’s promo was good even though I don’t see the whole HBK-RVD feud ending soon. Michaels breaking Grisham’s glasses was a nice touch, screw Todd Grisham, what does he ever do? Another AMW-RWC altercation means that they will probably have a match for the World Tag Titles soon, which could lead to a great feud. MVP and Reigns over Eugene and Hacksaw was a no-brainer as MVP should get into some real feuds soon, and his future in this thread looks very bright. This last segment between Edge and Orton was truly amazing. Orton’s BS was perfect for his character and Edge coming out was great. I really thought that Orton was gonna announce Edge as his challenger but then I remembered … HE’S RANDY ORTON!! Orton vs. Lita next week was a huge swerve and I can see Edge getting involved right at the beginning, leading to a huge brawl between Edge and Orton. This was a great edition of Raw as you have continued some great feuds coming off the heels of Backlash. I am looking forward to Smackdown in full, I am assuming it will be posted Friday? Great work as always Mac.


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