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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Monday Night Raw; April 30th, 2007

A video package plays hyping Backlash last night, showing clips of the mixed tag which saw JBL become IC Champion, HBK beating RVD, Edge & Doane losing to Orton and his army, Foley making a surprise appearance and taking out Umaga and Big Show, and most importantly, Austin winning his last match in the WWE, defeating Kurt Angle in a hellacious ‘I Quit’ Match.
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the program and after telling us that Kurt Angle will not be there tonight, recovering from injury, our commentators inform us of what’s on the plate for tonight - a World Tag Team Title rematch, AMW defending against Show & Umaga; Trish Stratus taking on Gail Kim in a rematch from last week at the request of Stratus; An announcement from Raw GM Jonathan Coachman regarding Mick Foley; And WWE Champion Randy Orton naming his title opponent for next week’s Raw.

The first match of the night sees The Big Show and Umaga take on America‘s Most Wanted in a World Tag Team Title rematch from Backlash. Fresh off of a DQ win thanks to Mick Foley, Show and Umaga are on a rampage, crushing the champions for the majority of the contest. Eventually though, Harris and Storm even things up with their speed advantage and unique chemistry. The finish comes when The Wildcat goes up, ready to hit the Death Sentence on Show … but Heyman shoves Harris off of the top rope, causing the disqualification at 8:42.
After the match, it’s beat down time, with AAE and Paul E. sliding a couple of steel chairs into their two monsters. Umaga and Big Show lay waste to AMW, wearing them out with several chair shots, before following up with their respective finishers. AAE picks up a mic from ringside and says this is merely a message to Mick Foley, before Big Show leaves the ring and pulls out … a table! Show rolls the table into the ring and sets it up, before putting Harris on the table. Show then lifts Storm up and puts him on as well, while Umaga scales to the top turnbuckle. The crowd watches on in awe, as UMAGA LEAPS OFF, and FLATTENS BOTH SUPERSTARS through the table!! Estrada and Heyman evilly glare at the damage in the ring as both Umaga and Big Show tower over their broken victims.


Elsewhere backstage, Edge and Lita sit in their locker room, looking quite a bit upset about last night’s loss in the six man tag, and subsequently, the further destruction of Edge’s title hopes. Soon though, Ken Doane walks into the locker room. He immediately attempts to apologize for coming up short at Backlash, but Edge somewhat forcefully cuts him off, standing up to his feet. The Rated R Superstar then … lets Doane know he has nothing to apologize for … unlike Johnny Nitro. Edge says Doane got his ass kicked last night, but kept fighting in an attempt to help Edge win the match, and for that, the two of them are even. Edge and Doane shake hands before we cut away.

After a replay of the events which kicked off tonight, we return to the backstage area, with Maria standing by with the Women’s Champion Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. After one stupid question from Maria, Beth quickly shoves her out of the way and Mickie cuts a promo by her lonesome, reflecting on her retention of the title last night in the Intergender tag match. The champion mentions that Victoria isn’t here tonight due to damn near being decapitated by JBL at Backlash. Mickie continues on, bringing up her year plus long title reign, before stating that she looks forward to seeing if Victoria can even make it to the arena next week.


Backstage, The Big Show, Umaga, Heyman & Estrada walk down a hallway when they are confronted by Charlie Haas. Haas begins to tell them how disgusting their actions were tonight, but just when it looks like Umaga and Show have heard enough, Heyman intervenes and lets Haas know that it’s actions like the ones perpetrated earlier tonight which get you ahead in this business - by being mean, by being nasty, by taking crap from no one … by sending a message to any and everybody in that locker room. The group then walks off, leaving a contemplative Haas behind.

The second match of the night sees the now FORMER Intercontinental Champion Carlito take on the returning Mark Jindrak. Carlito beats MJ rather handily, running through his arsenal before finishing him off with the Backstabber for the three count at 3:35. After the match, Carlito grabs his apple from ringside and proceeds to spit it into the face of the downed Jindrak, clearly frustrated with losing his title without being pinned last night.
Carly prepares to leave the ring but soon … the NEW Intercontinental Champion JBL appears on the titantron. Coming to us from his mansion, JBL lets Carlito that he has the first invite to JBL’s first annual ‘Golden Grand Slam Celebration in Support of America’s Wrestling God and Intercontinental Champion’ next week right here on Monday Night Raw. Layfield lets Carlito know that ‘that’s cool’ before heading off to big-time heat, leaving a steaming Carlito.


In a hallway, Trish Stratus and Gail Kim have a friendly chat, discussing their match last week, which saw Kim prevail, with a rollup, over the former six time Women’s Champion. Stratus thanks Gail for giving her a rematch this week, before the two share a handshake. Cut away and back to ringside.

In the third match of the night, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters of the RKO Army takes on Charlie Haas. Throughout the decent contest, Ross and Lawler talk up Orton deciding who he’ll name the number one contender tonight, as well as the recent goings-on between Haas and Estrada & Heyman. The finish of the actual match comes when Haas plants Masters with a release German Suplex and prepares to lock in the Haas of Pain … but AAE steps out onto the stage. Estrada yells down at Haas and Charlie eventually turns around, asking him what he wants. The referee also becomes distracted and doesn’t see Masters hit a low blow on Haas! Masters then gets back up to his feet and locks in The Masterlock!! Haas struggles for a bit but it’s not long before he passes out at 7:57.


Inside of his office, the general manager of Raw, Jonathan Coachman, sits in his office, facing the hard camera, ready for a speech of sorts. Coach rambles on for a bit, before he gets to his topic - Mick Foley. Coach says despite his previous statements, he is lifting the ban on Foley from all Raw events and challenges Mick to show up to Monday Night Raw … because Umaga and The Big Show have something to address with him. Coach finishes with ‘Have a nice day’ before we cut back to ringside.

Our fourth match sees Trish Stratus take on Gail Kim in a rematch from last week. Just like the previous week, it’s Gail who picks up the win, this time countering a Trish flying cross body off of the top, into a rollup for the three count at 6:43. After defeating the six-time former Women’s Champ for the second week in a row, Gail helps Stratus up to her feet and once again, offers her friend a handshake. Frustrated, Trish simply leaves the ring and storms back up the entrance ramp, receiving quite a few boos from the crowd.

Backstage, Todd Grisham stands by with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels who looks as smug as always. Fresh off of a clean victory over RVD, Michaels lets it be known that he’s done with ‘Mr. Overrated’ RVD and is throwing his name back into the WWE Title picture, and doesn’t much care who else wants a shot. Michaels takes a couple more cheap shots at RVD before HBK states that he’ll be paying special close attention to Orton’s WWE Title announcement later on tonight, before attempting to walk off. Grisham stops him, however, and asks him whether he deserves another title shot, after being eliminated first in the WWE Title Match at WM 23. HBK shakes his head in disgust, takes the glasses off of Grisham’s face, drops them to the ground and then steps on them. Michaels’ smile soon returns and he walks off with his trademark strut.


Backstage, with their ribs taped up, America’s Most Wanted hobble through a backstage area. They’re soon confronted by The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Cade and Murdoch soon ‘congratulate’ AMW on managing to retain their titles by a couple of DQ finishes two nights in a row, while the RWC continues to win their matches in impressive faction each and every week. Harris takes the time to remind the good ole boys that they managed to beat the RWC a little while back and wins like THAT are why they hold the gold. AMW then walk off, leaving an angry Cade & Murdoch behind.

In a tag team match, the newest Raw superstar, MVP (along with Layla, Kelly & Brooke), teams up with his bodyguard, Luther Reigns, to take on Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. After the usual antics involved in a Eugene match, the match ends when MVP hits The Playmaker on Duggan, picking up the clean pinfall victory at 6:00. With that victory under his belt, Porter makes the ‘it’s over’ sign with his hands, effectively putting this feud behind him with his playgirls clapping.


After our final commercial break, the WWE Champion, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton, makes his way down to the ring to a thunderous amount of heat, accompanied by RKO Army members, Chris Masters and Joey Mercury. Orton and company step into the ring and Orton grabs a microphone from the ringside area. The Legend Killer talks a bit about his ongoing ‘One Man Dynasty’ which did nothing but pick up steam last night at Backlash, because now, he calls the shot on who his next opponent is, for next week’s Raw. The champ mentions that he really only feels two people could even pose a challenge for him, those two being … the two men next to him, Chris Masters and Joey Mercury. The crowd showers Orton’s BS in heat, before Randy states that he feels it would be unfair to choose one over the other, so therefore, he needed to think outside of the box.
The crowd soon lets out a thunderous pop as the music of The Rated R Superstar plays, and soon enough, Edge and Lita make their way out from the back and towards the ring. Masters and Mercury get side by side with Orton, causing Edge to let out a smile, before he grabs a microphone. Edge gets straight to the point, stating that more and more he’s begun to respect the abilities of Orton, even though completely despising him as a person. He’s been impressed with Orton’s victories over himself, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, amongst others, but says that if he really wants to be something, he needs to take Edge on one on one, so they can prove exactly who the better man is. Edge then reminds Orton that he can make that happen next week.
Orton nods a bit, and says that while he doesn’t like Edge … or even respect him, he respects the WWE Championship, he respects what it represents, and that’s why he only defends it against the most deserving. The fans and Edge seem to be quite appreciative of Orton’s comments before Randy continues. Orton says that’s why next week, he’ll be wrestling someone who’s been at the major events, someone who’s been at the WrestleManias, the SummerSlams, the Survivor Series, the Raw main events, a multi-time champion, and someone who’s been part of this rivalry since the beginning.
The crowd gets up to its feet as Orton and Edge come nose to nose, before Orton brings the mic up and says that next week, he’ll be defending the WWE Championship one on one … against Lita.
Orton lets out a shit-eating grin, while Edge looks at Lita with shock, before turning back to Orton with a look of fury. The fiery-headed diva looks ready to crap her pants as she stares at the arrogant and callous WWE Champion, in for a fight for survival next week here on Raw.



Current Card for WWE Vengeance:
Date: June 24th, 2007
Location: Toyota Center; Houston, Texas
Event Music: Fuel; Gone

***No Matches Yet Announced***

for the week of September 28th


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