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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DH6's Backlash Feedback

~Didn't know that writing recapped PPV's was hard, so I'll stick with writing full. Also, I don't mind that you're writing in recap.

Good for King Booker and company to be at ringside for this match, because it makes it far more interesting to see if they'll do anything, which I highly doubt they won't. Match was written well for recap, and Hooligans retaining was a smart choice, imo, since they just won the titles. Hooligans bring in some decent ratings, which is all you can ask for. Surprsised that Booker and his group (not sure what they're called) interefered in the match. Didn't think it would happen, but could lead to a future feud.

Nice choice of segment here, with Rey and Chavo. It seemed suspicious when Chavo said: "I know that." What made it suspicious was the ... Don't know if you meant that, but it seems like Daniels will bring Chavo back anyway to help him. That's just a feeling, but don't know if it will actually happen.

I wasn't exactly looking forward to this match, tbh. Definitely an interesting match, guaranteeing a new champion, but just wasn't too sure about it. The match writing was pretty realistic, and you certainly know how to write a match (Faces gain control, heels gain quite a bit on control, faces come back, and it turns into back and forth a little near the end). Thats standard match writing, imo, and you've got it down pat. I completely forgot about Beth Phoenix until she prevented Carlito from getting in the ring. Glad Victoria got her foot on the rope here, because it would've been bad for Beth to stop Carlito from entering, not JBL. It was a solid finish, and made things really different with JBL pinning Victoria. This may also put her out of action for a little while. It would be a good way to do so, because it would also get her away from the title scene, and allow a new challenger to be brought into the mix.

Nitro hasn't showed up yet? Makes one think that he won't show up for the match, and it will be Handicap. Chances are Nitro will screw Edge out of the victory.

~Like the SCSA moments you're showing, since it is his final match.

This match I knew would be good, because Chavo's career is involved. Want Daniels to win so Chavo doesn't come back, but I can't see that happening, tbh. I'm hoping you get rid of Allison Danger, because I don't really think she needs to be there. The upside to her being there is that having a Cruiserweight with a manager makes the CW division look stronger. Lots at stake, so I was marking. I was surprised when it said 'At the twelve minute mark'. I thought that the match would go twelve minutes tops, but I guess I was wrong. Great that you showcased their talents with the high-flying moves, and it certainly would have been quite the match to see. Chavo attacks Rey? Certainly shocking, and then Daniels signing the contract for Chavo was also interesting. I sort of thought that it would happen, but wasnt too sure. Definitely disappointed that Daniels regained the title. Almost might have been better for Daniels to retain at WrestleMania. Chavo Heel Turn = Ratings. Chavo is better heel than face, so hopefully you work with that.

Liked that Van Dam got interviewed, especially since you're really hyping up HBK/RVD (well, I would call it hyping because you are writing it in full). Also good to see Flair/Batista arriving, but if Batista's in the World Title Match, he probably would have arrived earlier to prepare for his match.

I know this match is going to be big, and that's why you're writing it in full, but I feel it would have been better to write SCSA/Angle in full, since it's Austin's last match. This is just my opinion, but it's a match in full, so I'll shut-up and read. The slap was absolutely perfect, and immediately made me want to read on. Good for Michaels to get out of the ring when RVD was getting some offense, since he's being built more like the heel in this match-up. Good for Van Dam to hit the Plancha early in the contest, because it really got everyone excited for the rest of the match. It would've been much better for Michaels to control the middle portion of the match. It seemed as if Van Dam was getting most of the offense, making him look extremely strong and making Michaels look extremely weak. I'm glad Michaels got some offense in during the middle portion, but it wasn't a lot. Realistic when Michaels kept taking Van Dam down and kipped up. I knew that he wouldn't connect with Sweet Chin Music, and the go-behind followed by a German Suplex was a creative counter. Really surprised that the Five Star didn't get it. Van Dam still has a chance to win, though, possibly with a roll-up or some other pinning predicament. Sweet Chin Music two times was actually realistic, because that sort of thing always happens. Definitely gonna be MOTN, because it was done in full, and because it was awesome.

Nitro not showing up to wrestle is odd, but can't wait to see what transpires. Then Melina runs into Edge? That was good, and I liked it.

I liked how the weakest SmackDown! Match came on the card before the weakest Raw Match. Good for Regal to start on the outside watching Lashley and Henry fight, because he's the weakest of the three. I don't really like the three people booked into this match, so I wasn't that excited reading it. Turned out to be better than I thought, but the styles together weren't ratings, imo. Good that Regal got in the ring shortly into the match, because having him on the outside too long would make him look weaker than he should look. Smart move for Henry to dominate the opening part of the match, since he is the monster like character in the match with some momentum. Great for Henry's momentum finally to be stopped, and having the champion be the one to do it was the wise choice. I didn't exactly enjoy the match because of who was in it, but hell, it was still really realistic and wasn't as unenjoyable as I expected. Lashley retaining the title was no surprise to me. Lashley covering Henry after he dominated looked bad, but knowing you, I assume it's a booking decision, leading to possibly Lashley/Regal match down the road.

Yes, Todd Grisham got stared away by Kurt Angle. Kurt seems pumped. At one point in time, I actually thought that Kurt would win, but I don't think he will.

Upset that the two weakest matches on the card were back to back, as this would disappoint the fans greatly. Harris/Storm gain control over Big Show in the opening? That was pretty unrealistic, imo. I know that you probably wanted to write the match realisticly, with the face team getting an advantage, but that kind of writing doesn't work against Big Show/Umaga. Even more unrealistic for Estrada and Heyman to be the reason for Show/Umaga getting the advantage. Big Show & Umaga are so monster like that they wouldn't need a distraction to gain the advantage. Big Show its Gail Kim?! Unexpected, but it made Kim more like Lita back in the day, which I liked. Mick Foley comes out?! I was shocked, but it brought this match off the ground, and gave it some credibility. Can't wait to see what happens between Show/Umaga and Foley after what happened.

Seemed as if Chavo was uneasy, which I wasn't too sure about. He would either want to be with Daniels, or not. Also good for Cena to be interviewed, since he does have one of the biggest matches on the card. Looking forward to that bout.

This match definitely had the most interesting stakes of all the matches, which made the match that more exciting. Can't really see Orton winning and picking his own contender, but if he had to, I bet he would choose Edge so he could get another piece of Edge. Good planning to build up an Edge/Orton clash, and have Mercury/Masters beat down on Doane for a good part of the match. This was realistic. Realism = Ratings, imo. Good for Edge to get the big tag, but it would've been better if Edge and Orton both got the tags at the same time, because it would've hyped their clash better. Don't like 'TLK'. I know it stands for The Legend Killer, but some people wouldn't know that, and would get lost right then and there. Edge will probably be mad at Doane for tagging himself in and then costing them the match. Orton's win is shocking, but I have a feeling that the Orton/Edge feud will continue for a few months and end at SummerSlam.

Glad The Rock got interviewed as well, as this makes it fair game between Cena and The Rock.... until Cena attacks The Rock during his entrance. Good for The Rock to get busted open before the match. Obvious now that Cena would win, but if The Rock won, he would look like Superman more than John Cena in real life, which is incredibly hard to accomplish. A stoppage of the match was a good way to end, and this feud could also carry onto SummerSlam. The aftermath attack basically meant that The Rock will be out for a while, but hopefully he'll return and face Cena at SummerSlam.

Really looking forward to Kennedy versus Batista, because I just knew that Batista would job again, which makes me extremely happy. Not the biggest fan of Kennedy, but Batista not winning the World Heavweight Championship makes me happy. Didn't like Kennedy playing the heel role in the beginning. Just didn't seem realistic to me. Good for Batista to 'ground and pound' him on the mat, as this is realistic for the heel. Great for Kennedy to come back, but with pinning predicaments.. not really realistic, imo. I guess you're not all that big on realism from what I hear, but you still need it most of the time, whether you like it or not. The Hardys coming out was alright, but I wanted this match to be without interference. I guess interference is a good way to make Batista lose, without being a clean win. A clean win without any interference would definitely make Batista look weak. Great that Batista went over after the Chair Shot, as a rematch could come in the future, possibly No Holds Barred.

It's finally time to witness The Rattlesnake's last match. As I said earlier, it probably would've been better to do this match in full since it's Austin's last match, but fuck, you're allowed to do whichever matches in full you wish. An I Quit Match was a good choice, because it would be hard for Austin to go out on a good wrestling match, even though he had a great one with Bret Hart. Anyways, I Quit is probably the best choice of match you could pick, so great booking decision. Not going to give a lot of comments on this match, because I'd like to get it up before I have supper and watch Super Bowl. Anyways, great finish with Angle quitting, and I can only picture the ovation Austion would've received. All of the superstars coming out, and since Austin loves to give Vince Stunners, one final one was the best possible decision, imo.

Overall, you continue to impress and prove why you're Number One in the Mega Standings, and win Thread of the Month. Every match had a flaw or two, but no match will ever be perfect, imo. I can't wait for SummerSlam, because there seems to already be some great matches in the works. Another excellent PPV, Mac.

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