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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Backlash Feedback

A very wise choice indeed to kick off the PPV with the WWE Tag Team Championship match. Four quality athletes to pump the crowd up. I was quite surprised to see King Booker bring his team out to ringside. The way you mentioned that Booker and Sharmell were "not even bothering to wear crowns" makes me think that a possible return to Booker T is on the cards. If Booker is indeed now becoming a full time manager, I think that is an excellent decision. I love the chemistry you build between The Hooligans and The Carolina Connection (), with Benjamin and Helms effectively just technically schooling the Champs for the entire contest until Shelton gets Pounced~!!! Man, I love that move. To be honest, we should see it every time Monty Brown comes down to the ring. I was quite shocked that this was the only way that London and Kendrick could beat their opponents {possibly making them look a bit weak?}, but it's a nice way of continuing the feud and adding another team to the mix. Could we possibly see a three-way tag team match at Judgement Day? Would be sweet.

First off I'll just say that I love the 'Stone Cold Moments' that you have littered throughout this PPV. It really gives Austin a great send off. I don't know why, but the "Guerrero says that he knows that … before we cut away" line has me thinking that something ulterior is going to go down in the CW title match later. Hmmmm JBL is awesome. Trashing his own partner is gold, although I know it's hard for you to accept that anyone could trash Mickie James

Obviously not one of the better matches on the card, but the respective JBL/Carlito and Mickie/Victoria feuds have been a lot of fun leading into this match anyway. I was doubly pleased to see that JBL won the title {this is going to be good} and that Carlito came out of the match looking strong, since he wasn't pinned. Bradshaw nigh on killing Victoria was ... pretty darn cool I'm ashamed to say Mickie's monster reign continues, and JBL starts a new one. Could this mean that 'Lito will make the leap to the Main Event? I hope so.

Well, I had Nitro pegged for abandoning his team during the tag match, but I thought that he would actually show up. I can't believe we're going to get a Handicap match.

In case this is the end of the Daniels/Mysterio feud right here, I'll just let you know that it really has been all awesome. Another quality {although recapped} bout between the two, with them both seeming to get in alot of offence. The FA was actually in control when he went for the title belt and Chavo came down. HEEL TURN~!!! Wow, I never though that Rey would drop the belt so soon, and I honestly NEVER thought Chavo would screw Mysterio. I didn't think that you would want to do another Rey/Chavo feud, but that seems to be the only way you can go now. I hope you put a nice, unique twist on it.

RVD has been excellent in the tweener role you write him in, especially with Fonzie by his side. His match with Michaels should really be a showstopper, and I just hope you shock the world and give the win to the Whole Fucking Show. I can see the Batista/Kennedy match getting seriously brutal tonight after what happened on SmackDown to The Miz {}.

Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam
Quality encounter between these two showstoppers, Mac. I love the way this feud has been billed as a clash of egos, with both uber-popular superstars wanting to be the greatest entertainers. Michaels is a quality heel and the slap to the face to kick things off just oozes of classic HBK. I have to say that Van Dam was the showstopper in this contest for the large part though, as he seemed to have an answer for absolutely everything Michaels posed him. The German Suplex counter to Sweet Chin Music was an especially nice touch, although I was a little disappointed to see HBK kick out of the Five Star Frog Splash. I was pretty gutted when RVD went down, but at least he came out of this thing looking VERY strong indeed thanks to a grand total of two Superkicks being needed to beat him. The only really complaint that I would have with this match is that the outcome was always obvious thanks to the domination of RVD throughout. Just please, PLEASE don’t have this as a filler feud for Michaels and demoted Van Dam once again. This has been a subtle, quality, quality feud, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, “KEEP THIS FEUD GOING~!!!” Anyway, great choice with writing this match in full, Mac. ****

So Melina is here, but Nitro is definitely not showing up. Yeah I didn't really see this one coming. This could be a very nice move for Nitro's character as a big-time heel on Raw. I guess with the Handicap Match now being official, we can expect an "overcoming of the odds" by Edge and Doane.

Probably the worst match on the card this Triple Threat, and it contained a few surprises in it. Firstly, Mark Henry was in the action for most of the contest, whilst Regal did next to nothing other than apply the Regal Stretch to Lashley at one point. I also had Regal down as the one who would take the pin from Lashley and end their feud, but no, he actually pins the man you have been pushing the most in Henry. The way Lashley did it, Powerslamming a 400-pound man was a nice touch, and it keeps Bobby on this amazing role he's been on of late. I wonder what is next for the U.S title though.

Everyone else seemed to want Big Show and Umaga to go over in the World Tag Team Championship match, but I have always felt that if you went with such a result America's Most Wanted would look a little bit like jobbers, since they have been dominated in this {awesome} vero one sided feud. This match followed the same plan with Show and 'Mags dominating until FOLEY~!!! Great stuff. AMW looked a little weak needing the DQ to retain, but them and Foley clearing Show and Umaga out of the ring restored their credibility. I'm really looking forward to the inevitable Foley/Umaga, or Foley/Show, or even Foley&AMW/Show, 'Maga& Haas match.

Ah, I thought that what Chavo did earlier probably wasn't a proper heel turn, and this little segment confirmed. I guess it is going to be billed as him doing anything he can to get his job back. Should be interesting. Cena/Rock is going to be good. I can't wait to see how Cena reacts following the Rock Bottom he took on Friday.

Wow, the Rated R Challenge was a bit of a let down after all the chaos these past few weeks. The Handicap Match really didn't help matters, and Masters and Mercury basically dominated Doane for the majority. Edge and Orton didn't do much, and Orton easily pinned Doane. You are booking Orton as an awesome WWE Champion of late, as he is looking VERY strong. What I wonder now is, how will Edge get his title shot?

I'll say it now, this whole thing between The Rock and John Cena was great fun. I wasn't even bothered that the match never happened because the beat down was so cool. Cena is THE MAN in this thread right now {sorry Batista}, and killing The Rock {and The Phenom} just adds to that. The ref having to stop the match was good, and Rocky trying to be defiant was too, but Cena putting him through a table = ratings. I wonder what this current Cena character would be like as a Champion? Probably entertaining as hell.

The message that Triple H leaves Stephanie has me thinking that Hunter could very well be the next challenger to Kennedy’s World Heavyweight Championship. Cena/Kennedy has run its course in this thread, and Batista/KK will likely end tonight. Could be a great feud.

I like the psychology in the World Heavyweight Championship match, as it differs from WrestleMania with Batista being far more aggressive tonight. Not too sure if I like Kennedy getting booed, but I guess he is an awesome tweener champion. Things really picked up towards the end of the match when the ref got taken out and Naitch decided to get involved. The Hardys running down and Flair acting all innocent was quality. I can’t help but think that the manner in which Kennedy picked up the win is hinting at a future feud between Big Dave and Flair. Naitch brought the chair in the ring and it cost ‘Tista. Could be very interesting. One more thing though … Kennedy to start winning some matches cleanly plz

I have absolutely no problem with a non-title match closing the show. Some people might, but they are poor, misguided fools. It’s Austin’s last show after all. I thought it might be slightly more submission orientated, but I guess those days are long behind Stone Cold. Angle going after the limbs of Austin was a nice touch. It sounded suitably Angle beat the crap out of Austin for the most part, even making Stone Cold pass out. I liked that Kurt went after J.R and King, and Steve playing possum was nice. He isn’t Angle’s equal and he knows it. The way Austin finally got Angle to say “I Quit” was quite shocking, since I think Angle has had serious neck problems in the past. Makes sense, and Kurt was never winning in the first place. As Austin’s final match, he had to win. Nice aftermath too with Austin celebrating and Stunning Vince. Perfect way to send Stone Cold off.

Overall this was a quality PPV recap, Mac. A show dedicated to The Rattlesnake, with a quality match {RVD/HBK}, and some great feud enhancement {Cena/Rock}. Top notch, top notch. Has me very much stoked for the Raw aftermath, and did I read that you would be writing things in full from now on? I love
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