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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

sXe_extremist's Backlash Review

Opening: Nice, simple touch. Sets the tone for a great night.

WWE Tag Titles: Surprised to see this match open the show, but given the action involved in the match, it's got the crowd firing from the opening bell for the PPV. King's court interfering to a pinfall was an odd choice, to continue a 3-way program I'd of preferred a double DQ or something so both champions and challengers saved face. But, I believe you've recovered the face value of the challengers by having them lose via outside interference, to prolong the feud.

Mixed Tag Team Match: One of the matches I was looking forward to, one of my favourite male wrestlers, and my favourite diva, ended up with all the gold. Mickie's reign is epic, and to lose in a tag match would not be logical, so glad that JBL got the win. The clothesline on Victoria elevated his heelishness and showed the length he'll go to for championship glory. Carlito can now run the 'I wasn't pinned' angle to get the rematch. Mickie should now move into my place...erm, onto a new challenger since this feud with Victoria is IMO finished.

Cruiserweight Championship: I felt this way too soon for Rey to lose a title he only won a month ago, especially with Chavo's interference, but it does give us some positives. Daniels can resume the legacy he was building as CW Champion before the Mania roadblock, maybe even move up towards the US title. And it also asks why exactly did Chavo attack Rey? If Rey had won, he'd of gotten his job back anyway. Something smells fishy, and I like fish, so will keep interest in this story

HBK vs. RVD: Great match, and I'm glad it was written in full. RVD needed the big win to re-establish himself, but Shawn was looking to bounce back to victory from Mania's disappointment. RVD went with Shawn, and almost got the W, but Shawn's resilience got him through in the end. Shawn's post-match attitude was surprising, and I wonder where it's leading. Rematch plz.

US Triple Threat: Something about this match didn't really interest me. Whether it was the lameness of Lashley, or general dislike of Henry, I'm not sure. I found it very strange that you had Henry take the fall, considering how Teddy has built him up to be a badass. This now leaves the door open for Regal to get another shot, since again, he wasn't pinned.

World Tag Titles: I'm not a fan of DQ's in title matches, but in this instance, it worked a treat. Foley gained a measure of revenge on Umaga, and I feel they must meet in singles action soon to prevent the feud from growing stale.

Rated R Challenge: Nitro no-showing raises all sorts of questions. I was surprised that Orton got the clean pin over Dykstra, whilst Edge falls short again. Honestly, I hope Orton selects someone new to the scene, maybe Nitro? (a pre-match deal of sorts), because I'm starting to tire of the Orton/Edge feud. Orton's proved the victor in the feud, Edge can now pursue other challenges

The Rock vs. John Cena: Great way to put over Cena's ruthlessness and new determination of taking out the big names. Loved how the ref ended the match by stoppage rather than having a pin/submission, because it opens the door for rematches down the line. After taking out both Undertaker and Rock, I'm wondering if Cena made some form of deal with Triple H (given that phonecall). I'd like to see Cena face the champion soon.

World Heavyweight Championship: Great match between the two, maybe a little better than Mania. Flair running from the Hardy's after dropping the chair in the ring, then smiling, leads me to think Flair's turned his back on Big Dave, and will now manage Kennedy (since he ended Dave's run). Who knows, maybe something to do with his MITB aspirations??

I Quit Match: For such a big-time match, I'd of liked to seen it typed in full, but wow, the recap was amazing. Both men beating the hell out of one another was great, exactly what the match type calls for. Austin targetting the neck was great psychology, and one last Hell Yeah! was very nostalgic. Angle seemed hesitant to quit, only saying so to preserve his neck. I really liked how the lockerroom emptied to have a beer bash with Stone Cold as he departs, and that one last stunner to McMahon, wow, you really captured that special moment (same with Austin handing Rock the beer at Mania).


Overall: Amazing PPV, even in recap form, to think of what it'd be like in full...

The match results leave so many possibilities, new feuds etc, that it's going to be exciting to read the next Raw/SD to see the general direction.

Esquisite work, very well done, 93/100.
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