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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Backlash Review

Tag Title Match
This would have been a great match to watch, especially as you gave it 15 minutes to progress. King Booker and his cronies coming down added a bit of interest, as I have no clue why he came down, might of forgotten something from a previous Smackdown. Was glad to see the Hooligans retain as I would rather see Benjamin and Helms in singles competition. Hopefully there is another match between the two teams in the future where you write the match in full.

Mixed Tag Match
Would of rather placed a Singles match here, as not so keen on two tag matches in a row. Anyway away from the old man moaning, this seemed to be a pretty entertaining match. Loved the ending with JBL owning Victoria big time. Bit of a shame that Carlito didn’t own Mickie with the Back Cracker however . Hopefully Mickie’s reign does end soon, as I would like to see Victoria or someone else with the belt for a while.

Cruiserweight Match
Seemed to be just as good as their Mania match, and again I am loving that you are giving Cruiserweight matches eighteen minutes because that is unheard of. Holy shit at the ending, never saw the Chavo heel turn but I am not so keen on Daniels winning the title straight back after Mysterio only held the belt for a month. Looks like a Chavo/Rey feud will build from this, but I am interested to see who moves onto face Daniels.

Fantastic to see you write this match In full, as for me this is a dream match and is a big shame that we never got to see these two feud, as it could of made a great feud with some fantastic matches. Great back and forth action, and I was hoping throughout that RVD would get the shock win. As soon as HBK kicked out of the Frog Splash though I knew that HBK would win. Loved the ending to the match with HBK hitting two Sweet Chin Music’s to RVD, which makes RVD look reasonably good after getting to his feet after the first one.

US Triple Threat
By the far the weakest and least interesting match of the card, so was glad to see you keep the match reasonably short. Throughout was hoping Regal would win the title, but always knew Lashley would retain the title. Impressive win for Lashley hitting a 400 pound Running Power Slam, and thank god this one is out of the way.

World Tag Title
This was a very nice intriguing match, and was glad to see AMW not get completely buried and dominated by Show and Umaga. Good to see AMW retain the titles, and was expecting Foley to come down to make the save. Am looking forward to a possible Foley/Umaga match in the future, but I couldn’t care less about Big Show tbh.

Rated R Challenge
Handicap match looked to be a very good entertaining match. Was shocked by the result as I expected Edge and Doane to overcome the odds since they were a man down. Expect Orton to pick one of his fellow Rated RKO members to face him now, but I am more than sure that Edge will get his title shot sooner or later. Good decision to see Doane get pinned as it keeps Edge strong despite losing.

Was a big disappointment that this match never truly happened, but this was very smart booking as it keeps Cena looking very strong after his attacks on Undertaker and now Rock, and keeps everyone waiting for the Cena/Rock match to finally happen, which I expect to see happen on a bigger stage like Summerslam. Cena looked fuckin badass here, and am loving the way you are using Cena, best I have seen in BTB.

World Title
Was less interested in this match than for Wrestlemania, but this match seemed to be just as good despite being even more predictable than Wrestlemania which is saying something. Flair’s bit was good, but was very shocked to see the Hardy’s come down to help Kennedy, which may mean that there will be a Hardyz/Flair and Batista feud after Backlash which I am not keen on, as It would ruin how good you have made Batista look over the past months. No surprises that Kennedy won, but you made Tista look reasonably good with Kennedy having to use a chair.

Was very surprised not to see this in full seeing you did RVD/HBK in full. But however was a fantastic match, by far my favourite of the night. Angle and Austin beat the Holy hell out of each other and I had no clue whatsoever who was going to get the win. Great ending to the match and loved that Austin got the victory. Ending to the show was very nice with superstars coming down to applaud Austin, and Vince gets Stunnered which would be a markout moment.

Overall a brilliant PPV, which could of nearly matched Mania if it had been in full. I am interested to see how both Raw and Smackdown goes after Backlash. Great work Mac 9/10
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