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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Bradley's Backlash Review

Just to say, despite this being in recap, the card looks top notch!

I sense King Booker changing to his street self in the near future, still heel though. A very fast paced match from what I saw, the chemistry the teams had was evident, a great match up with a variety of moves for a recap. It seems like it had to come down to Brown intefering as Booker is too cowardly, Booker needs a gimmick change so he can get in on the action. Londrick looked slightly heelish winning with a school boy but this could turn into a damn interesting feud. Your tag division is definitely heating up.

JBL slagging off Mickie? In Mac's thread? OMG. Anyway not exactly the best tactic from JBL to start off with. A great story with Carlito trying to prove himself as one of the big guns in the industry. Not a big fan of the stipulation but at least we are guaranteed a new champion in this match. I really thought Carlito would grab the win after looking so strong throughout but that was THE perfect ending to the match. JBL hitting a woman with a move that has toppled the mightiest of warriors= instant heel heat. Great move and I hope Carlito moves on to bigger and better things.

Another great storyline, and match. Daniels getting frustrated really highlighted how hard it is to put Mysterio away as he is the ultimate underdog and it keeps both men looking strong. A lot of great combinations of counters in to counters, something that makes the CW division so great. A lot have people have moaned about the last part but (and I am not ass kissing here) but it keeps the feud fresh. Otherwise we could have seen Daniels/Mysterio one on one for the next 5 months. Chavo might be a manager anyway and I am looking forward to seeing Mysterio coming out looking insanely strong. Good to see you inciting hatred upon yourself, the sign of a good booker making a decision that infuriated people is what the WWE writers would want as a reaction from fans but would fail to get. Kudos.

Overhyping the biggest match of the century was obviously needed. When I wrote this match it was quite possibly my favourite match I have ever written and thank God you have written this one in full. It seems you pulled out every trick in the BTB book here. All the signature moves were here, there were some massive nail-biting moments here as I genuinely thought you would put RVD over. Weird that you repeated 'OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE' twice in one sentence, one is enough but it was a huge move. The way you incoporate the stamping into the Sweet Chin Music is unbelievable, it really adds to the match, I may have to take it sometime. I think you made RVD looking slightly weak, only slightly, when HBK got a foot on the rope after a 5 star. This match should have been at 'Mania, it really had 'Mania Main Event written all over it. This match could win Match of the Year but people will forget about it but I will nominate it. (Unless we see a hardcore rematch) The ending seemed a bit quick and sudden, I would have liked a bit more build up the SCM but that didn't tarnish what a great match this was. Hardcore match at Summerslam plz!!!

I wasn't massivle in to this match after the spectacle that was the Match of the Century but it still highlighted Lashley's determination and power. I didn't think Regal would win after the majority of the court intefered earlier. I sense an Armageddon '03 moment later in the year when the Court hold all the major titles bar the CW on Smackdown. Lashley countering Henry's finisher with his own was the obvious highlight and that will continue his surge towards bigger and better things. I love the way you can be informal to readers BTW.

OMG I think you jobbed out AMW. Harris' finisher was kicked out of by Show at 1.5? Not a great move and it looks like they were jobbed out throughout. The teaming of Heyman and AAE only spells trouble but at the moment it looks like they are unstoppable. Gail Kim getting owned was nice to see. OMG FOLEY'S HERE! Don't like him intefering twice in two consecutive PPV's and not making a massive impact on the weeklies. I see a 6 man tag in the distance but the tag champs look extremely weak now.

Dissapointed that it is a handicap now, Nitro will obviously be turning heel (again?) Orton acting cowardly doesn't scratch it for me. He should be intense and focused, make it happen plz. Much like Booker he needs a stronger character as Orton is the leading man in your thread but he is cowardly and lets his cronies do his work for him. Maybe I am overreacting but I like a fighting champion. Orton must choose Edge but in a gimmick match to wipe him out once and for all, probably a lumberjack match or something.

Probably the biggest statement I have ever seen in BTB EVER. In two paragraphs John Cena decimated the Rock, it didn't make him look weak because Cena looks intent on absolutely hurting the hell out of people. Can't wait for the imminent 'Taker clash but I suspect Rock/Cena one last time in a full match. (It could be Rocky's last match)

Nice to see Batista go for the kill quickly here. It underlines his pure instinct and the match went at a good pace and was definitely full of action. It was obvious a ref bump was going to happen but I didn't expect Flair to be chased off by the Hardyz and inadvertadely cost Batista the win. Batista won't exactly be happy and I can't wait for Flair/'Tista

This match oozed intensity. Dear God I loved this match. It did feel like one spot after the other, one man trying to outdo the other but there was real history there and I feel this was a fitting tribute to Austin's career. He fighted all the way through his career and he did that here. Maybe he went a little psycho at the end but I guess he wanted a win THAT bad. The Stunner at the end to Vince was FUCKING AWESOME.

Ok, about one hundred and one mark out moments in this PPV and I loved almost all of it, with the exception of the Tag Title match, you still get a respectable

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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