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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

KOM's Backlash Review:

I agree that writing a recapped PPV can be tougher than writing a full one. I was going to write my Uncensored PPV, originally in recap, but it was turning out to be more of a challenge than writing it in full. So I just decided to write the whole event out in full, in the end.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: I'm surprised to see this match open the show. However the King's Court makes their presence known in this match. While I'm disappointed that Helms and Benjamin didn't win the match nor the titles, I'm interested to see how the feud between them and the King's Court continues.

I won't comment on the Chavo/Rey segment, until I review Mysterio's match.

Intercontinental/Women's Championship Match: Good way to get both feuds onto the PPV with a match. There was really no surprise in the outcome of the match, even though I thought that Mickie would get the winning pin over Victoria, rather than JBL. JBL as the NEW Intercontinental Champion, is what's up though!

I wonder what's going on with Nitro, since he isn't in the arena as of yet.

Cruiserweight Championship: Great match until Chavo ruined it, IMO. While Rey and Chavo work well in the ring against each other, I'm not sure another Chavo v. Rey feud will work. However I'm interested to see how you plan to make this feud, different from the other feuds that they had against each other. With that said, two back to back title changes, tell me, that no more titles will be changing hands at this PPV.

Michaels/RVD: Since this is the only full written match on the card, it should be great. Great way to show both wrestler's different styles. The flow in this match was well booked, IMO. However the ending, really made RVD look weak. If there was a couple of more moments of back and forth wrestling between the two, it wouldn't have made RVD look so weak. However, even though Michaels won the match cleanly, I hope this feud does continue in this thread. ***.5

United States Championship: Great match, even though it was kind of short, especially given the spot it was given on the PPV card. With that said, not surprised that Lashley won the match. However, with the recent push of Henry, I thought that Regal would have taken the losing fall, instead of Mark.

Kurt seems ready for the I Quit Match, and I can't wait to read how this match turns out.

World Tag Team Championship: At first I was surprised that this match was placed this late in the show, but given the recent push of Show and Umaga, it makes sense. Foley makes his presence known, as he causes the match to be stopped, and Show and Umaga get the DQ win. However it has made the feud between Show and Umaga vs. Foley and AMW, even more better, IMO.

Handicap Match: Well unless Nitro wasn't in this match, because you plan to turn him into the John Morrison character, I'm really confused, as to why he wasn't in the match. Also, I'm kind of surprised, that Orton went over in this match, cleanly as well. Hopefully though you continue the storyline and feud, between Orton and Edge, in this thread.

I sure hope that you have Chavo cut a promo on Smackdown, that gives some real meaning into the upcoming feud between himself and Mysterio.

Cena v. Rock: I'm not surprised that you had Cena completely whip the hell out of The Rock, before the match, and have the match stopped. In a way this puts Rock on the shelf, and has Cena as the top heel on Smackdown, before Taker and Rock, make their individual returns to Smackdown, respectively. Hopefully Rock v. Cena II, takes place at Summerslam in this thread.

World Heavyweight Championship: This was really the MOTN so far! What a story told in this match! I'm not surprised that the Hardys got involved in the match, after what happened to them, thanks to Flair and Batista, on the last Smackdown! The ending of the match was perfect. The ending of the match, raises more questions, than answers. Honestly, I think this is a great way, to start the break up of Flair and Batista, as a team. Great booking man!

I Quit Match: This was the MOTN now! Excellent match, just as I thought it would be, even in a recapped form. I must admit that, the ending was reaching an over the top level, but I'm glad that the match ended, before it got even more out of control! What a match, and the ending was an excellent way to end the in-ring career of Stone Cold Steve Austin in this thread.

Overall Comments: Great show, despite that the show was written in recapped form. I assume that your announcement concerning Judgment Day, will be that, it will be written in full, or at least, a very extended and detailed recap. All in all, once again, great show, and looking forward to the upcoming Raw and Smackdown, as the build up to the Judgment Day PPV in this thread begins!
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