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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

SD! Review

Opening of the show was a bit confusing with having The Miz come out. However this perfectly set up a Mr. Kennedy interruption. Having The Miz interact with the new World Heavyweight Champion must mean something for him in the new future. I am sure you would not place him in a promo with the champ unless it benefited him, or you could have just used him because there was no one else. I did like Miz’s intensity throughout the promo, and you can tell her really wants to be taken seriously (maybe get rid of the fohawk?). You right Kennedy as a face perfectly. Now I don’t if I’m right on this but Mr. Kennedy hasn’t been a face on WWE TV before, but if he were I am sure this is how he would be. For a second I thought The Miz was going to go over Kennedy on that attack, sending a message, but not at all. Kennedy then sends a message to the entire SD locker room, good stuff.

I wasn’t sure about Sabin going over Noble, but the attack after the match sufficed it. Noble is a great in ring worker, and has the ability to be a great cruiserweight in the WWE. And personally I have always though he worked better off as a heel. I find it odd that the Cruiserweight Champion is being placed in a match among WHC contenders, but I know Mysterio does not have a chance in this match anyways.

Triple H leaving Smackdown? This may very well be a way for you to get Triple H back over on RAW and if so it is pretty creative. I like the interaction between Stephanie and HHH, and a little bit of cheap shot with that Michaels remark, but oh well.

Henry all for his own? Damn right. I don’t why but I like Mark Henry and hopefully this leads to a push. Nice way to end the match so neither monster had to do the job. Henry getting the advantage on the attack goes perfectly with his short promo before hand, and this man in the mask makes me wonder.

This tag team pairing of Benjamin and Helms is brilliant. Both are incredible wrestlers and have tag team wrestling background. A solid match up it seems, and a beautiful finish. Having The Hooligans watching added to the announcement by Styles during the match, and that match should be terrific.

Amazing promo by Batista and Ric Flair. Both showed fire and intensity throughout the entire promo and the two working as heels together reminds me of Evolution. Flair is genius on the mic and you picked him apart perfectly with the WOOs. I was excited to see the Hardy Boys come out, and then take it to both Flair and Batista. However I really can’ fathom either Hardy brother legitimately taking out The Animal. This promo was great tbh, very good job.

It would’ve been great to read this Rock promo written out, but nonetheless I still laughed at the remark about Lashley. I think that a Rock-Kennedy feud would be money, especially on the mic, I drool thinking about a promo between the two.

I see this Pounce on Booker to start some problems between the two. However not right away, eventually I see Brown breaking away and becoming his own star. William Regal steals one, and I love it. Regal can wrestle with the best of them and I have always enjoyed his matches.

Good back and forth action in the main event, and it was great to see both Regal and Daniels interfering. The Undertaker picks up a sold win, but there is no way Kennedy is loosing the championship anytime soon. The WHC contendership is heating up though with Rock, Taker and Batista! SD is one hell of a show.

Not much to say on the recapped parts, but obviously I know you can write. The promos were done perfectly and I see some big things in the future of SD.
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