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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Review

The show opens up with AMW gaining a win over MNM in a tag team title match. A necessary win for the champions. It was great booking at the start of the show to have Coachman come out and punish them for losing by making them defend against Big Show & Umaga at Backlash. AMW then get laid out. I'm looking foward to this feud, hopefully AMW find a way to retain the belts.

The next promo by Carlito is a pretty decent one, he will be interviewing Mickie James next week and JBL isn't here tonight. Not sure what will come of the Cabana next week but I expect JBL to retaliate somehow and get a rematch against Carlito, possibly at Backlash.

Chris Masters picks up a win over Sabu, not much to note here seems like a sort of filler match. Possibly a bigger push for Masters in the future?

It'll be good to see what you do with MVP when he comes in, along with P3 (Kelly, Layla & Brooke). Pairing MVP with the girls is interesting and makes me wonder where you will take it.

I loved the promo by Angle here it was really classic Kurt. Not sure if you'll be going with Austin against Angle at the PPV and I'm not sure if its the best idea but after the attack on JR, I think it's heading to a big rematch. We'll see after Austin's announcement next week.

Very interesting promo here with Orton and his group. Looks like there might be some sort of turn set to happen, maybe Doane breaking away, I'm not entirely sure yet, we'll see after the next few weeks.

Another good Angle promo, I now see that there will be a rematch between Austin/Angle at Backlash, I like the "I Quit" Match stipulation, that was great booking too.

The interaction between Orton & Edge in the last promo was quite good, shocked to see Doane break off from the group so quickly but I've not been a regular reader of the show so you may have been building it. The whole group imploded as you said, I can't wait to see what comes of this next week.


I've read many shows from many people over the years here, you remind me a lot of Wolf Beast with the way he writes.

I realize it's a very late Raw review but I wanted to get one up anyway, so I can try and keep track of each show. I'll write up a Smackdown one for you later on though. Keep up the great work.
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