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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

Apologies for the lateness, Mac (and for "walking around with your award" ) Damn internet

~ Definately the show I have anticipated most for a long time. I tend to love the fallout from Wrestlemania, and your fallout should be something to behold Edge and Michaels aren't here tonight? That makes me sad I very much doubt if it stays that way though. Edge and HBK wreak havoc during Orton's speech plz and a Wrestlemania rematch at Backlash

~ I mark for shows kicking off with matches, but they have to either be awesome {Helms/Benjy-Hooligans} or have a title on the line, hence why I loved this opening. AMW only just really won the belts from MNM so it was not very surprising to see them retain. Miscommunication from Nitro, Mercury and Melina? I smell a second split for MNM, possibly with Mercury sticking with Orton and Nitro going solo. Not sure about Melina though, as you've played on her split loyalties to both Randy and Johnny well of late. You said in your news and notes that you were looking to build the WWE Tag Team titles up to the level of and even surpassing that of the U.S title. That sounds pretty awesome, but judging from this opening segment from Coach, you will be doing the same with the World Tag Team Championships. Playing AMW off against major heels like Coach, Show, 'Mags, AAE and Paul E. will do wonders for their status as MAJOR faces. I've been wondering for a while if you would turn Show/'Mags into a fully fledged tag outfit, and I'm fairly sure they will be awesome. The beat down afterwards just solidifies ANW as the underdogs, but I think that Harris and Storm will still retain at Backlash ... thanks to Mick Foley? Match stipulation plz

~ You got be sussed a while back: I love Carlito. He's fairly awesome as both a heel and a face, so I was pleased to read in your news and notes that he is a Main Eventer in the making. Great promo from 'Lito here to give the Champ some exposure. Judging from Grisham's constant references to JBL in this interview, you will be continuing Carlito's rivalry with Bradshaw. I can see JBL attacking CCC next week to set up the rematch.

~ Another decent match up. It looked as though you were officially ending Sabu's mini push by having him lose cleanly to Masters, but you kept referring to Sabu's injuries, so that made up for it. Good win for The Masterpiece though; I hope he really picks up the pace in his role as Orton's enforcer of late.

~ Sounds like a crazy Main Event for SmackDown! Rey/Lashley/Rock/Undertaker is pretty much guranteed to be awesome, but it does seem a little strange - I mean, wouldn't Batista want his rematch? Also, 'Taker is in a feud with Cena that should last a while, same with Mysterio with Daniels. The Rock's match with Hunter seemed to be quite a conclusive feud ender, so it will probably be him getting the win - Big Dave interference though?

~ Wow, another match already? The first half of the show has definately been action heavy, that's for sure, but a great match between these two awesome workers. RVD picks up the win with a roll up, but the nod of respect afterwards just keeps on hinting at the Doane face turn. I'm still uneasy about it personally, but anything to give him a push I guess. I hope Van Dam steps back up to the Main Event scene as well soon, where he belongs.

~ If you do great things will Porter, I will pay you

~ Wow, what a promo from Kurt Angle. I had a feeling that you would pull something special out of the bag with this interview. After his Wrestlemania match with Austin, you mentioned that Angle was looking at Stone Cold with a confused look on his face. Perhaps this is because Angle is confused as to why Stone Cold just won't give up. Anyway, you played off that well here, making Kurt a bit more of a nut than he has been recently, obviously pissed off by not making Steve tap out. Having J.R do the interview only added to the ferocity of the interview, and the aftermath damn sure confirms that Angle-Austin will be continuing. I always mark when interviewers get their ass kicked, and Angle beat them both up, so I love him even more. If Bret Hart had been a bit more of nut in '97, I would have said that this feud between Austin-Angle is achoing the greatness of Hart-Austin to perfection. Great stuff

~ More AAE and Heyman? You're definately spoiling me with this show, Mac. Great segment between three awesome heels here, with AAE stealing the spotlight as perusual. With Folet banned from Raw, I can definately see him making an appearance at Backlash to screw Show and Umaga out of the title. As much as I hate to admit it, Chris Harris is getting squashed next week; I can't see any other outcome.

~ Grisham on commentary. He sucks HAAS IS GETTING PUSHED!!! Don't get my hopes up for no reason, Mac sir. Haas is awesome and has been jobbing in this thread for a long time. I hope this is the start of something great for Charlie.

~ Great backstage segment between the RKO Army. I love these little tension builders between these guys. Orton has been made out to be such a pompous jackass that Mercury and Masters almost look quite dumb for wanting to stick with him. Orton never really insults them though, only Nitro and Doane. That will probably be built on as him being nervous of their talent or something. I though Melina was pretty much dating Orton now? I guess not. Her position in the Army is really quite an interesting one. I loved the stare down between Doane and Orton towards the end; you are really pushing Kenny as an equal to Randy. Given all of this exposure you have been giving to Doane, it's surprising that you haven't really pushed him yet. Hmmmmm....

~ Darn, Angle has been top notch tonight. I'm glad we're getting to hear from him again intimidating Maria. Oh baby, an I Quit match at Backlash? That is fantastic. I can see that being as brutal as Austin-Hart at Wrestlemania 13, but I wonder, will you replay the ending of W'Mania with Stone Cold passing out again, or will you have Austin win and make Angle say "I Quit"? Because I'm fairly certain that you will NEVER make Austin say, "I Quit".

~ Yes, Estrada is the coolest manager the WWE has produced in a long time, and this little segment with Charlie Haas certainly intrigued me. Is AAE offering his managerial services to Haas? If so, Haas' push could pick up steam with a heel turn, or he could possibly rebel and still gain momentum. Either way, you've got me interested.

~ Great promo from Randy Orton. Everyone complains about his matter-o-fact delivery, but I think it works really well, and you used it well here, together with his pompous attitude. I knew at least one of Edge or HBK would make an appearance, and it was very well-timed for a post-Wrestlemania Raw. I'm so glad that you have stopped having Edge as a crazy psycho face, as that was quite dull. Edge is much better as a cocky face, so I should start enjoying him after this. Interesting that Orton-Edge may well be in the works for Backlash. I wonder what this means for Michaels? Great, explosive aftermath with the RKO Army finally imploding. Doane and Nitro have turned face? I think they will be tweeners in reality, although having them stand with Edge in the ring, whilst Orton, Mercury and Masters stands on the outside leads me to a different conclusion - a stable war. The RKO Army versus The Rated R Army

Overall this was a great show coming off the back of a brilliant Wrestlemania, Mac. Very match-orientated tonight, which does me just fine. I love the situations surrounding the WWE and World Tag Team Championships, but I have to say, Angle's segments really stole the show. I won't comment on HBK's lack of appearance as others have, since I know he was back in San Antonio () and you no doubt have something up your sleeve. I was a little disappointed by the lack of Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Victoria and Trish Stratus etc. But I'm sure that will be made right on Carlito's Cabana next week

Happy Christmas
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