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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Bradley's condensed 'Mania review- I am not being lazy, Mac knows why it is in brief so we'll just keep it at that.

The opening video package definitely caught the essence and theme of the show 'I'm ready.' It certainly feels like a big time event with all of the usual highlights thrown in from WM 3 etc but it still makes it feel special, Vince sounded quite corny but other than that it was actually very good.

Carlito vs. J.B.L
Good to see King list the names JBL has beaten, if Carlito wins this then he is over BIG TIME. You increased the odds of Carlito being a big star by having him receive a standing ovation! The cocky little slaps at the beginning was a good way to get over both characters. JBL used his experience to get the upper hand, which I also liked but I didn't like it going too slow, which it did with the sleepers etc. Whenever Carlito got momentum going it was just too short but JBL nearly getting the win (as there weren't that many near falls) was good and he cheated all of the way through and used his physicality to his advantage which is a good trait. Carlito got a little flurry of moves in, I feel it came a little too late and JBL taking that massive risk was very uncharacteristic but for a feel good moment I would rate it very high but it was still above average and I loved the ending, even if it did seem a little predictable.

I really did love this segment, a lot of witty banter between Coach and Steph and underneath that hard exterior I am pretty sure they have respect for each other. The intelligence line was gold with Maria having her head in the clouds but I felt she wasn't needed and a serious interviewer could have done the job. Shame WWE don't really have many of those.

Money in the Bank
Interesting match up here, I pick Doane to grab the briefcase. The two tag teams face off, interesting, yet bold move as I thought you would wait until the end of the match for that. Doane getting the upper hand on Flair is a good start for Ken as you show he can be big. Nice to see him take out 4 people, quite clever when you think about it so it doesn't make it a massive clusterfuck. Interesting interactions between RVD/Sabu and Hardy/Hardy further getting across the point that they will do anything to get the top prize. I didn't like how Doane was the jobber for the rest of the match, getting hit with steel chairs etc, it just didn't seem right because he could have been used a lot better. Good to see everyone in with a chance and Flair still being the Dirtiest Player in the Game and there were somne sick, brutal moves in the match. You didn't go OTT either and Flair winning opens up a whole host of opportunities. Good match.

Mac, I have to go now and I didn't want to leave you with nothing so the next part of my review will be up later on. You can hold me on that. It will be edited in.

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