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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Review

Very surprising to see that the World Champion didnít open the show. But anyway a good tag team match to kick off the show and good victory for AMW getting back some momentum after losing at Mania. Ouch poor AMW having to face Umaga and Show at Backlash. But somehow I can see AMW getting the victory as I just donít believe that Umaga and Show should be teaming up together and should not be hogging the belts.

Well I thought this feud had ended at Mania, but this promo gives me a feeling it might continue, or your just trying to trick us.

Donít like Masters but better to see him get the victory as I feel that Sabu might be on the fall down now and I have a feeling that he might leave as I canít see what he can do in the future.

Two matches back to back, but one hell of a match here and even though RVD gets the victory you make Dykstra look very strong and I think he is going to be having a big push in the coming months.

Great promo here by Kurt Angle with Angle showing some great intensity beating down JR and Lawler. Looks like this feud will continue if Austin wanting revenge for his friend.

Meh donít care too much about Foley nowadays. Foley is banned from all future events but I see Foley making an appearance someway or another.

Ugh at you squashing Matt Stryker. But it is nice to see Haas get a convincing win and however would be nice to see him get a push.

Interesting promo here and I believe that this is the show where The RKO Army will disband, possible Dykstra/Orton feud in future?

Huge match made for Backlash, Austin/Angle in I Quit match should be epic. Not liking the way the match was announced however and would of rather seen Austin make an appearance and something to happen to lead to a match.

Interesting segment here, Haas/Armando sounds like a very random partnership so not surprised to see it not happening but this could result to Armando bringing in someone to feud with Haas.

Great promo to end the show with the Orton and Edge saga not finishing yet as expected, both men were spot on character. RKO army disbands as I expected and looks a possible tag team feud between the four other members of RKO army. Not surprised to see Doane turn face but Nitro is very interesting as I just can not see him as a face at all. One thing however where the heck was Shawn Michaels? Not even a mention?

Solid Raw coming off a great Mania, only big problem was that the show seemed a little too short with there only being four matches. Look forward to Smackdown
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