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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Wrestlemania Review

I'll start on the video package. This was neatly done. It was cleverly written but I do think it should have been just a little bit shorter. Maybe that's just me. Anywho a very good start to the PPV and now I have this big Wrestlemania feel.

Carlito vs JBL: This was a shocker to open up the show. I mean I think JBL is a little big better than an opener. I have liked the fact that JBL is in this match to try and win the only championship that he hasnt had hold of yet. I really enjoyed reading this match because I could picture everything that was happening. I thought that JBL had a little bit too much offence but this all just made Carlito's victory a whole lot more special. I don't know if I agree with JBL losing but I can now see some good things for Carlito so this is a good thing. It was good to see Carlito spit in JBL's face at the end, but something tells me that this feud is not over. To be honest I hope they both move on to different feuds but I can somehow see it continue.

Money In The Bank: Like Kane01 said it was not suprising to see this match this early on the card. I just don't see why everyone has it so early on. I myself think it deserves a place higher on the card. Anyway the match was very entertaining. It was alot more pacey than the opening match which was a nice thing to read. Ric Flair winning MITB is not my cup of tea. Nothing against Flair but I always think MITB is just a way to get some new talent over. I don't think Flair will get one last championship win even though you do really like Flair. I just don't see it. The spot with Sabu was the best part of the show at the moment. There could have been more spots although the Sabu one was massive so it didn't really matter about any more spots. This was a very entertaining match Mac and MOTN so far.

Fatal Four Way: This was a good choice to go next. This feud has really struck me since the beggining. You made Lashley look strong which was a hint of him winning. I think you basically killed the Celtic Cross finisher by having Lashley kick out of it, although at the same time it gave Lashley a ton more credability. I'm not always a huge fan of fatal four way's but I think you pulled this off pretty swell.

Eight Man Tag: I didn't really like this match. Nothing against how you booked it or wrote it. I just don't usually like matches with more than four men in it. This however was okay and it had it's fair share of good action. Benjamin hitting the T-Bone from the top was awesome and a good way to end the match. Smackdown winning a big match at Wrestlemania is different and I like that. To be honest I have noticed that you are one of the best on the forums that write great entertaining matches.

Daniels vs Mysterio: This is a match I have been looking forward too by the way and it may take over MITB as MOTN. The rivalry has been building up nicely and that's one of the reasons I have been looking forward to the match. That and because of the great in ring skills they both share. I have to agree with Kane01, you have made the cruiserweight division more entertaning instead of just giving up with it. Good to see Mysterio getting the upperhand, although that made me think that Daniels was picking up the victory. Having Rey win the match was a good booking desicion and I really enjoyed the ending. I wasnt suprised either that this match became MOTN so far!

Mickie vs Victoria: I didn't see Mickie winning at all. The return of Beth was good as it keeps this feud rolling with some new faces in it. I didn't like the fact that you booked Victoria to bleed. I just don't see that in a woman's match. It was good to see you be original though so credit where credit's due. I', not usually to keen on woman's matches but you made this appeal to me and you actually gave the match a good lenght.

John Cena vs Undertaker: Telling you this match was entertaining is the understatement of the year. it had it's up's and down's but it was great. You really know how to make the reader feel shocked. For a moment I thought Cena had ended the streak. At first I was like yeah this could work, but then I thought WTF. Then I read on and found out that the match had to carry on. This was a very good desiucion in the booking room. Undertaker eventually winning was no shock after what happened earlier. I think not ending the streak was a good thing to do. Another think I liked from this match is that now Cena is going to be a top flight superstar just like Undertaker because you made him look really strong in this match. I can see big things for Cena now, and it will be interesting too because he is heel.

Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin: I was looking forward to this because of the way you hyped it up. Angle repeatedly trying to leave the ring was very well booked and it was so realistic. The rest of the match was a little slow but it would be with those two guys. I wasn't too keen on the ending, but in a way I also was. I mean it was a great way to keep both men looking strong, BUT, I would have prefered to see a clean finish for a big match liek this to actually see who the better man is. This ending makes me feel that this feud is continuing.

Rock vs Triple H: Another match I was most looking forward to because of the hype you had given it. The match itself was alright. Of course the stipulation added a bit more fuel to the fire. Lots of blood is what I like to see. I wasnt keen on the ending though. I think if someone was to win by using the sledgehammer it would have to be Triple H. However a good match to I think end a good feud. Although I actually wouldn't be suprised to see a rematch somewhere down the line. Another great match Mac.

The monsters match: To be honest the only thing making me look forward to this match is the ending. However you pulled off a good match here as usual. I agree with Legend, it should really have been lower down on the card with it being Wrestlemania. The only things that made the actual match interesting was Mick Foley returning, and Mark Henry turning on Smackdown. This should make for some interesting stuff this week on Smackdown.

Triple Threat: Should have been last Mac. But yeah onto the match. it had it's ups and it had it's downs. mostly uos though. The thing I liked about this match was that I could see everything happening in my mind as I read it. I felt like Orton was going to drop the championship tonight but that just wasn't to be. It would have been great to see Michaels pick up the win and the strap because if I remember correctly he is heel. That is something I would love to see. The ending was superbly done and was a OMG moment for me. Orton retaining isn't that bad i suppose. But I hope Michaels stays in some kind of feud with him.

Main event: The Kennedy era has just begun! Well it was fairly obvious he was going to win the championship. It was a fun match to read but with the fact that I kind if knew who was going to win, it took away some of the excitement. The ending was a nice bit of wirintg too Mac. It was deffinatly not Match Of The Night but it certainly wasnt the worst match.

Overall: To be honest Mac I always feel kind of uncomfatable reviewing your shows because I actually find it hard to ever find something that I didn't like. Wrestlemania was a very nice piece of writing and I certainly wouldn't wana take back the long hours it took to read. I wish you best of luck with the thread and I hope it continues for a very long time. My reviews always suck, but you cant't blame me when the booker is as good as..well you
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