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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac


-Solid opening match me thinks. Puts the point across of AMW going over, and just a segueway into the next segment, which, by the way, I dug. I love the idea of Umaga & Big Show as a monster tag team. Itís been done before, obviously not with these two guys, but I love the angle for it. Push them? K thanks. Having them destroy AMW always is a good way to start the mega-push . I am interested to see what you do with the Foley stuff as well. Cactucs Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. Big Show & Umaga for the Tag Titles please.

-While I didnít overly dig the Carlito promo, it was still written very well, and got the point across. Iíd rather see Carlito move onto something new, but a continued JBL program works too. Still a solid promo

-The fact that you made Sabu job to Chris MastersÖ makes me happy. I think Sabu sucks the big one, so for Masters to get the victory, beefy goodness.

-LOL at the SD thing. Anything with Bobby Lashley is a nightmare, not a dream.

-I would definitely like to see RVD get some credible use in this BTB, so if you do that, <3. Naw, great story told with Doane having it in him to take it to the top veterans, although he still hasnít reach that level of being able to get over the hump. Great story told.

-LOL at P3. Iíve never gotten into MVP, so hereís hoping you get me interested in him.

-I really wasnít overly fond of Ross interviewing Angle, and I didnít like Rossí stuff at all. I felt that his dialogue really brought the segment down, TBH. Angle was such class, so Ross just brought it down. While Iím glad to see some possible resolution to the Angle/Austin feud, I do hope Austin retires soon. I just am uninterested in him anymore. He can move out the spotlight, and a newer guy can come up. The beat down on Ross, and then Lawler, served its purpose, and again, Angle was pure class.

-The Heyman/Estrada/Coachman felt like filler. Next.

-Haas goes over Striker, and oh giddy~! Felt like filler at first, but you gave it meaning then, so yay.

-It was made well and clear that the RKO Army would implode, which is awesome. I want to see it. However, one part of this promo REALLY sticks out to me for future reference, and can help start a killer Chris Masters push. Orton tells him that no one in the building could stop himÖ and that would include Orton. That would be KILLER if you followed up on that at some point down the line, however near of far. Great set-up to the end.

-I donít know why, but I felt like Angle being fined came out of nowhere, and came way too soon. A little thing that bothered me, but that was about it. An I Quit match for Backlash is a great way to wrap up the Angle/Austin feud, so long as it is more of a submissions I Quit and not Rock/Mankind I Quit.

-Iím not entirely sure if Iíd like to see a Haas/Estrada pairing. Instead, Iíll take Haas turning it down, and getting a mini-push as a bland vanilla face against Armando and his boys. Although, I literally chuckled when Haas answers with ďwatch itĒ. I have no idea why, but it just proved the point so much.

-I really didnít find the dueling promo between Orton and Edge to be anything special. Solid writing, of course, but meh, just didnít do it for me. It took a nice turn into becoming a more serious affair, a nice elevating step (so long as HBK stays out of the picture). The RKO implosion was good to see happen, and I like that MNM is divided. However, I do have to voice Reney when I say that I donít know if I can buy Kenny Doane or Nitro as faces. Doane, possibly, but not Nitro. Nitro is too much of a boring, bland, uncharismatic and untalented piece of fuck. Doane I could see possibly being successful with the cocky face role. I still want to see Masters turn on Orton then too. You set it up perfectly, whether directly or indirectly.

Still a solid Raw, but what irked me was that, in essence, Charlie Haas vs. Matt Striker was your main event match. Thatís very disturbing. However, the writing was good, execution was solid as always, and I had myself a nice time reading this. Many BTBs I struggle to make it through a whole show because a lot of it comes off as the same old shtick. You donít have that. Youíre shows are very refreshing, and continue to be a great point of BTB. Tip of the hat to you, Mister Mac. I look to continue R&R for you, good sir.

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