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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

AMW are the team at the moment, but wow they're fucked! Big Show & Umaga will face them at Backlash? Ouch. That marks the end of their reigns as champs. I am not keen with Umaga & Show as permanent tag team and them as champs would be odd, but atleast it's a refreshing feud on the scene, after it has been dominated by AMW & MNM for the last while

Carlito/JBL might go one more match methinks. Rofl @ Mickie being called hot. tbh, I do find her attractive sometimes ya know, I just love to hack on you for being obsessive with her. Mickie's next opponent, I wonder?

Masters beating Sabu? Maybe the Arabian Warrior is on his way out? With MVP coming up the ranks and the impending split of the RKO Army, we won't have time for Sabu, unless he stays as a jobber...

RVD thankfully wins. I don't like Kenny, I think you want to push him but he's too meh to be considered much of anything to me. We'll see. RVD for biggers things plz

MVP is almost here, should be a good addition to the IC title scene

Angle promo was best part of the show so far by a country mile. Excellent work here, Angle was spot on and it seems he really wants to make it known he beat Austin at WM. The assault on JR was really wild and this has gotta mean we're gonna see Austin sometime soon, there is no way he'd sit back while this happens. Top segment here, Angle is getting more full of himself with every day

Foley banned? LOL. As if that's gonna stop him from showing up possibly at Backlash to cause havoc. Show is gonna hurt Harris next week. AAE = gold

Haas getting a slight push maybe? Hmm. Striker bores me, good to see him jobbing

This can't go on much longer. Orton is continually signalling out Nitro & Kenny while leaving Mercury and Masters alone. I'm sure he'll keep Melina with him, and the split is most likely gonna happen before Backlash perhaps?

Austin vs Angle "I Quit"? Fuck yes. Austin might be able to get a win in BTB again, that would win shock of the month for the BTB awards tbh. Alot of Angle tonight, I have a feeling he's gonna get an ass whipping next week

Estrada managing Haas? Fuck off. How could you possibly make that work? If it happens, I'll be intrigued to say the least. Haas could do with someone to help him get over

Orton/Edge confrontation was good, not stellar or anything but before we know it they've come to blows and it happened! RKO Army has imploded! Nitro & Kenny helping Edge out worries me as they as faces will suck big time, you can't pull that off easily and neither has a face trait in them really. The end of the Army, the end of MNM and the end of Orton's dominance possibly? Where was Shawn Michaels? Anyways, nice ending to the show which was really on the back burner apart from this and the Angle/JR segment

Good work. Oh and jobber? Moi?


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