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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Good Mania highlight video for the Raw Brand.

AMW v. MNM-Good match to start the show with, as these two teams look to be the top two tag teams on the Raw brand, over the next few months in this thread. Not surprised that AMW retain their championships though. However, it looks like a possible MNM split will be taking place soon, if not on this edition of Raw in this thread. Great announcement from Coach for the World Tag Team Title match for Backlash. Not surprised that Show and Umaga get the title match against AMW, as they won their match at Mania, and it also gives Coach some more heel heat. Great booking with this segment.

Carlito's Segment-Great segment from Carlito here. Carlito looks like he is going to have a breakout year in this thread. The Cabana with Mickie James on next week's Raw should be great, and probably be the segment where James' opponent for Backlash, is announced.

Sabu/Masters-Decent, and like you mentioned in the match summary, a passable match between the two. Good booking on having the commentary team put over Sabu following him being in the MITB at Mania, the night before in this thread. Masters picks up the win, which is expected. Hopefully though, this doesn't turn into a feud between the two.

The Main Event for the upcoming Smackdown looks like it is going to be off the charts! With that said, I wonder what is going to happen to Batista in this thread, since he is no longer the World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown.

Van Dam/Doane-Surprised to see this match given such a decent amount of time. However both men, despite wrestling in MITB at Mania, wrestled a great match. Also, despite Van Dam winning and showing a sign of respect to Doane following the match, I have a feeling that this is going to be a big year in this thread, for Doane.

MVP is coming to Raw in two weeks, along with the "Porter Posh Playgirls. Great booking and creative name for the name of the stable for the three divas. Hopefully Porter recieves a decent push in this thread, upon his debut.

Seems like me and you have booked similar promosI must admit, that this promo was great as it accomplished two things. It gave Angle even more heat on himself, and it sets up the face to face between Angle and Austin, of which I have a feeling is going to take place on next week's Raw in this thread. Excellent promo man. Great booking.

The promo with Heyman, Coach, and Estrada was great, as all three men were in character. Foley being banned from all Monday Night Raw related events was excellent booking. However I have a feeling that at Summerslam, Foley will be facing one of them, though I have a feeling it will most likely be Umaga. Grisham joins The King for the remainder of Raw. I have a feeling that JR won't be on Raw next week in this thread, to sell the Angle Lock from Angle.

Hass/Striker-While this match was not a squash match, this was always Hass' match to win.

What a segment man! The RKO Army is breaking up tonight here on Raw! At first I thought, it would be the Raw after Backlash, but the way this show has been booked so far, I got a feeling that the RKO Army is going to break up, by the end of this show!

Excellent promo from Angle. IMO, the only other person in BTB, who has written Angle this well as a heel, is myself. This promo was excellent. Angle being fined 50 grand from Coach was good, but the announcement of the I Quit Match between Angle and Austin at Backlash is great! I have a feeling that following this feud between Austin and Angle, that Austin will be retiring in this thread. The face to face between Angle and Austin on next week's Raw should be a classic.

Interesting, yet good segment from Hass and Estrada. Hass joining with Estrada's and Heyman's group can be a good way to give Hass a push in this thread, IMO. I'm interested to see how this storyline turns out in this thread.

Great promo from Orton and Edge. Orton was great on the mic, as well as Edge. However like I predicted, the RKO Army has broken up! While it looks like Nitro and Doane will be getting a push in this thread, respectively, I have a feeling that Doane will be getting a huge push in this thread. Also, it's almost a guarantee that Orton will defend the title against Edge, at Backlash.

Overall Comments: Excellent show man. The show had feuds continued, some ended, and some others were continued. However I am surprised that the Women's Champion, Mickie James was not on this show. Also, I'm surprised that JBL, was not on the show as well. Looking forward to Smackdown, and next week's Raw. Also, looking forward to the feedback/and/or review from you, for the last Smackdown or Raw posted in my thread.
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