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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Renegade Reviews Wrestlemania

Opening video was good, nothing mind blowing, but who cares, it's just a video...

Carlito vs JBL
Eh not a fan of this one opening up the PPV. Decent match but couldn't really get into it like you should with an opener. Carlito seems to be on the verge of becoming an upper midcarder maybe, or atleast having a long reign with the IC title to go over a name like JBL is a big move for him. JBL really did go to work on Carlito in this match and CCC didn't look like he'd take it until the end as he fought well. Nifty finish to the match, but still, this shouldn't have opened the PPV. Solid match. ***

Steph/Coach do what they should do and put their superstars over, I think it'll be an even split, RAW wins one and SD! wins one. Good promo, both seemed in character, as did Maria and provided her usual ditzyness

MITB Ladder Match
Whoa, this is on EARLY! Very much. Shocking to see Flair win the match, not happy with that as he's way old and doesn't need a title match at what, 58? I think, he gives it to Batista after 'Tista loses to Superman tonight. As far as the match went, it was tops. Some nasty spots, all well crafted and nothing too insane thankfully. Van Dam was easily the MVP as far as spots and deserved winners go, and the Hardyz added their flair to the match too, taking the brunt of the punishment. Would've loved to see Sabu get a bit more extreme, but still, everyone played their part and made a good ladder match. ****

MVP is coming, sweet. With some new hotties (Layla & Kelly) and some prawn (Brooke). Seems good to me

Lashley vs Finlay vs Regal vs Booker
Solid match, not the best four men to mix up a Fatal 4 Way with but it turned out to be better than thought. Was not expecting to see the title change hands to anyone except Booker, so it's caught me off to see Lashley win it, pinning Booker to do so. I was expecting appearances from Monty Brown & Elijah Burke to help Booker to victory, but it's not to be as they show up in vein and Lashley picks up the win. Regal didn't really factor much towards the end of the contest and won't be happy at the loss, but the Lashley era in the US Title division begins here and we'll see where you go with it. Solid match, but not all too enthralling. ***1/4

Batista taking Kennedy too lightly. Can you make it any more obvious that Superman is gonna win tonight?

AMW/MNM vs London & Kendrick/Shelton & Helms
This was pure entertainment. Fast paced, the speed didn't let up towards the end of the match. There was a great scramble with everyone involved just before the ending, I loved it. Shelton & Helms especially looked impressive and certainately look to be ready to be pushed as the next tag champs on SD! by you. Very enjoyable match. ***1/2

I like how you write with Daniels, nice promo covering all of his traits in the Fall Angel personality. Looking forward to this match

Rey Mysterio vs Chris Daniels
This was a great match. Really wasn't expecting it to be so good, but definately a MOTN so far. Both men gave it their all and you could see Rey really wanted the win and he got it. Daniels long, illustrious reign is over but you can bet this feud is not done just yet. Rey's pin on Daniels wasn't described the best way possible but I understood what you were getting at. Great match, makes me wonder why this didn't open the show because it would've set a much better platform to go from. ****

Oh about the build up and entrance for Mickie, go fuck yourself tbh

Victoria vs Mickie James
Nothing you could've done would've made the result seem any less obvious. Mickie mark, Mickie wins. Beth Phoenix is back? Meh. Just another way for Mickie to keep her title forever, honestly, I don't like it. She has to lose it soon, otherwise the Women's division won't have any credibility left. OK match, nothing more than can be asked for from a Womens match. **1/2

Hmm Edge with a decision to make. Does he annihilate Orton or go for the title. Bit of both would be my choice

I'm sorry, but Cena any audible cheers against Taker is criminal and totally unrealistic...

Undertaker vs John Cena
I almost cried. Seeing Cena come up with what I thought was the win, was a travesty. However, thankfully we have the match restarted and Taker does keep his streak alive, THANK GOD! It was a very good match and Cena looks very strong despite losing tonight because now he's got the right to claim he has been the closest to beating Taker. Not liking the fact Cena could get such a mixed reaction, no matter where he was, they would boo the shit outta him against Taker. Taker kicking out of the FU and Cena likewise with the Chokeslam made them both look the part, but as said earlier, thankfully Taker is still the man at WM and Cena is jobbed. ****

Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle
I am really hoping for something different than Austin "running out of steam" finish, which is all the range for him at WM these days. Austin taking a page out of Angle's book with the German's was a nice touch, and ouch, Angle suplexes Austin into the turnbuckle! That would kill. Austin is still going, looking very good for a shock win here as he kicks out of the Stunner and then the Angle Slam, big. Ending hurt Austin, his energy drained and he fades out but with that happening in Taker/Cena in the last match, it doesn't sit too well seeing it twice in back to back matches. Still, Austin isn't squashed and it was a very good match here, maybe propelling Angle back to title contention? ****

Rock promo was good, little short but I'm not fussy on length so all good. He sounded perfect

The Rock vs Triple H
What a fitting way to Rocky to end the match with the Sledgehammer to Trips and then a People's Elbow. Trips will fume after being put down with his own weapon. Rock Bottom through the table was nuts! Rock's comeback was extremely short lived at the end and the fact he pulled out two DDT's in a matter of minutes wasn't the best piece of originality, but the ending was with a PE onto the steel chair, unique ending and The Rock does beat The Game at Mania. Tops match, if a little one sided to Hunter. ****

It's only a matter of time, before the RKO Army, crumbles

Kane & Mark Henry vs Big Show & Umaga
O boy this was a train wreck. Poor Kane. Henry turning on SmackDown! was a surprise, but the fact that Kane was fucking mauled was even bigger considering he's not normally made to look so weak. MICK FOLEY IS BACK! Holy crap, the ending was worth it, the match was sloggish and slow but what else can you expect. I didn't look forward to this match at all, and I was right to be a little happier when Foley returned to beat down Umaga. I was actually expecting a Foley/Umaga Hardcore match at WM a while ago, it would've been a much better option tbh. **3/4

Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Randy Orton
Top match. Really was a sensational contest from top to toe. Had it all that it deserved to have as one of the main events. Each man looked so strong in their own right, for instance it taking 2 Spear's to get rid of Michaels makes HBK look incredibly strong despite being eliminated first. The ending was just as good with an innovative Super RKO, I can see it happening in my mind, visualising Edge crashing and burning, being caught in mid air for the crowd to mark out like a bunch of rowdy buggers. Orton somehow keeps his title, but I don't think he'll hold it much longer. Superb match, regardless of what you feel, should've been the ME imo. But not to be, but what a match. ****1/2

Nice touch with Austin & Rock having a beer together in the locker room, really was. A true Mania moment, and GTFO if that is their final Mania moments, I'll rofl. Guys like them never "fully" leave the WWE in one way or another, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in some role next year. Still, a top moment between two of the very best

HOF was solid. Good introductions to the section

Mr. Kennedy vs Batista
We all know you love Kennedy. It's odd to see someone pushed so quickly, so hard, without really having the proper build towards this kinda push in BTB. But I had the feeling, this was Kennedy's night to shine and having him winning the RR almost cements his title is already with him before the match. I am not a fan of the instant rise he has made, because it seemed so rushed, but I cannot argue you have done everything you can to make him seem like a permanent ME/Upper Card fixture in this thread. The match was not a spectacle, but it was decent nontheless. I always saw the result in my mind, and after it all is said and done Mr. Kennedy makes it a Mania he'll NEVER forget. Seemed a tad short for the final match but got really intriguing at the end. Made for an enjoyable if not brilliant finale. I have a feeling that we'll see this feud go onto Summerslam before it's all over. I also can see Flair handing over his MITB to Batista so he gets another chance after his rematch clause. That is unless you want Flair's final match to be a title match, which could well happen as I know you mark for Naitch. Anyways, Kennedy's story begins, and while I'm not the biggest fan, it shall be an interesting ride with guys like Rock, Trips, Batista, Booker and others to face. ***3/4

Overall, a memorable Mania. The opener was not the best way to start things, but your second part of the card brought this home in shining colours. Be proud of this Mac, top work.


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