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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Much thanks for all of the reviews. I know I've been told I have a couple of more reviews coming in, but Szumi is back and Legend is walking around with my award, got to get going to restore order.

Not into long, drawn-out explanations, so here's a couple of points on WrestleMania.

~ Kennedy won the Royal Rumble. His match goes on last. And even if I didn't believe in that, WrestleMania almost always ends with a feel good moment. No matter how good the Raw main event was, with Orton winning, it couldn't and shouldn't have gone on last.

~ Probably should've went with a different opener. Thought about changing it but decided that Carlito winning was a big enough deal to keep the IC Title Match in that slot.

Originally Posted by DH6
I think I said this like 200 times, but just because it's WrestleMania doesn't mean that people always kick out of finishers.
Yes, it does.

That's pretty much it. If I missed any other questions (and it's possible since I'm typing this after reading the reviews a while ago), go ahead and ask.

Back to business...


Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
WrestleMania 23 was considered a strong success and went off without a hitch. General consensus within the company has the Three Way Dance for the WWE Championship as the MOTN.

Up until two days ago, the WWE had STILL not come up with a finish for the Cena-Undertaker match. Eventually, a compromise was made between The Undertaker and Vince McMahon (whom was pushing hard for Cena to go over), allowing Cena to pick up the visual win before Taker pulled the win out.

The win for SmackDown in the Eight Man Tag Team match was merely the beginning of the push of SD's tag team division. The plan at the moment is to elevate the WWE Tag Team Titles above the United States Championship and right under the World Title.

Mark Henry is not being moved from the SmackDown roster. The angle with Kane will continue on SmackDown, while Umaga and Big Show are involved with Mick Foley on Raw.

Right now, their is a major internal debate on how far to push the new Mickie James-Beth Phoenix angle. Many within the WWE want to keep it strictly innuendo-based, as not to offend any of their sponsors, while Vince McMahon wants to go "balls to the wall".

Though Mr. Kennedy, Edge, Randy Orton, John Cena, and Batista are considered the cream of the crop of their generation, Bobby Lashley and Carlito are considered main eventers on the rise, backed up by their WrestleMania wins for the 'secondary' titles.

There is serious talks of being Chavo Guerrero back to the company full-time. Whether or not it's in a managerial or wrestler role is still up in the air.
Originally Posted by WWE.com
The WWE 'Special Events' schedule goes as follows for the next twelve months:

4/29 Backlash
Atlanta, GA

6/24 Great American Bash
San Jose, CA

8/26 Summerslam
E. Rutherford, NJ

10/6 Saturday Night's Main Event
Chicago, IL

11/18 Survivor Series
Miami, FL

1/27 Royal Rumble
New York, NY

2/16 Saturday Night's Main Event
Las Vegas, NV

3/30 Wrestlemania 24
Orlando, FL
A date change, a couple of SNMEs wiggled in there and a much lighter schedule. Raw preview soon enough.

EDIT: ALL joint branded, imo.

for the week of September 28th


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