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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

WrestleMania Review

**Bare with me, this is my first time reviewing one of your shows, but I have read them in the past. If I'm clueless on some stuff, please inform me**

Opening Video Package
I enjoyed reading the opening video package. You wrote it out pretty good, and it made a lot of sense. I think it was wise to end it with Vince since he was the creater, but maybe ending it with a champion or an over face would have done the job as well. (10/10)

Intercontinental Championship-Carlito vs. JBL
I liked how the show started off with the Intercontinental Championship. This was a good choice for the opening match, and I'm glad that you had the fans give Carlito a good pop. JBL overpowering Carlito in the first lock up was expected, and the slap was a great way to put him over as a heel. When you say a 'playful' slap, I'm pretty sure you mean a slap that's just toying with him, because if you do, then that's realistic. That's JBL, just playing with his opponent and smiling during it all. The slap back was predictable, but was a good way to put Carlito over as a face. The crowd ate it up perfectly, as they would in real life. I'm not sure if "Are You Serious" was the right thing to say. I mean, JBL would probably just look pretty furious, and charge at Carlito, only to get taken down. JBL gaining control bugged me, because I was hoping Carlito would own the first few minutes. However, with the heel in control at first, it could lead to a solid back and forth match. I liked how Carlito started to build some momentum, but was sort of stopped by JBL. This makes JBL look like a strong heel, which is what he is. JBL rolling under the ring was quite realistic. You expanded that and made it much more exciting to the fans, rather than just having JBL deliver a thumb to the eyes. I think that you're having Carlito look too weak, because JBL owned Carlito for quite a bit of the contest; a little too much to my liking. When JBL began to climb the ropes, that was the signal that Carlito would start to build some momentum. It was original to do it like this, but hell, it's realistic, it works, and I sort of like it. And then a Superplex to JBL was a bit unrealistic, since it would involve a lot of strength. It made it even more unrealistic after you just made Carlito look weak for a couple of minutes. Maybe if they both fell or a Hurricanrana or something. People think that a Hurricanrana doesn't involve any strength, so that's why it would work. Exposing JBL's ass was a little unexpected, but it put Carlito over with the crowd; maybe the gay crowd I almost thought the School Boy had it, and it would be a great finish to continue on with the feud, but I'm not sure if you want that. You put Carlito over by having him kick out of the Power Bomb, which also made him look stronger than he had before, which I liked. The finish was reasonable, and good. Made sense with Carlito countering JBL's before using his own for the win. Great way to put him over. I liked how a face won the opening contest. This just amps up the fans quite a bit. (8/10)

First Promo
The first line of this promo wasn't the greatest. I would like it to sound like Raw and SmackDown actually hate each other, and want to put on a better card, but Stephanie acted like it didn't matter, and that Raw is full of a lot of class. That just didn't click with me. I liked that right when Coach said intelligence, Maria walked in. That was priceless and perfect. I liked how Stephanie started to act more defensive for SmackDown, and how SmackDown was better than Raw. I could tell Coach was in character, but I can't say the same about Stephanie. I liked how they bragged about their superstars, though, but they should have fought back a little more. (8.5/10)

Money in the Bank Ladder Match-Matt Hardy vs. Ric Flair vs. Ken Doane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu(w/Bill Alfonso)
I didn't agree with the Hardyz entering one after another, but heck, it's entrances, so who the fuck really cares? A big way to kick off the high-flying action with the Suicide Dive and Plancha. Doane diving was sort of surprising, but not really. I liked it though, because it suited the match. There were a lot of times in this match when I could feel the intensity and action building, which I enjoyed. The Twist of Fate off the top of the ladder was extreme, and it made me think of the Matt Hardy from the Attitude Era, when he did all of those Extreme Moves. The Hardy face off was realistic, and I'm sure that the crowd would have been leaning more towards Jeff, since they seem to be so over with him. A Steel Chair was okay, but bringing a table into the match was a little overboard. I mean, yeah, anything goes, but you might as well of done a Money in the Bank TLC Match, and just involved more tables and chairs. The table was involved rather quickly, and I was hoping that it would just sit there and be forgotten, and then someone fell into it, causing people to be like "Oh yeah, there was a table there, too bad for him." I didn't like how the EMT's came down, I mean, EMT's never come down when people fall off of ladders through tables, so why was this any different? I liked how Sabu stuck with the 'every man for himself' concept. It would suck if they just stuck together throughout the entire match-up. It was unnecessary for Flair to hit Alfonso, because Alfonso hadn't done anything to Flair. And moments later, another table? Unrealistic, and I know you want to impress the fans, but don't have a ladder match with all these chairs and tables. What a way for Doane to crash through the table. If EMT's were to come down, it should have been for Doane, because if he was going for the Leg Drop when he went through the table, he could have seriously injured his leg. A Whisper in the Wind to Van Dam on the ladder was pretty creative, and would be a site to see. The finish was just sudden, and didn't have the build I would have liked. It just happened, out of nowhere, out of the blue, which bugged me. None-the-less, putting the briefcase on Flair was an excellent choice. (9/10)

Second Promo
I'm happy that MVP is coming, and that Layla, Kelly and Brooke will be with him. Hopefully after a while, they won't just be posers, and will have some toughness in them and fight. This promo was a little short, but it was because MVP isn't even there, so you don't have much to work with. (9/10)

Fatal Four Way Match for the United States Championship-William Regal vs. Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker vs. Finlay
Quite realistic to have Regal quickly get out of the ring and have the others fight it out as he watches. I didn't exactly agree with Finlay and Booker teaming up, but it's a good way to have Lashley brought down to size and taken out for the time being. I felt that Booker and Finlay should have been in control for a little longer. It seemed like they isolated him for like a minute, and then he's back. I didn't really like how Booker's proteges caught him like that. It just didn't seem that possible. I know that when somebody lands on another standing person, they actually are caught and then fall backwards, but still, I think it would have been more realistic and sensible to just have them all tumble down. I know that you had to have Lashley dominate for a lot of this match since he's really over with the crowd, but it made him look stronger than he really is, and at the same time, it made tough people like Regal and Finlay look weak. Good job having him go into the ring post. A good way to 'eliminate' him from the match for the time being, and it made sense that his momentum cost him. I felt like Lashley recovered a little too quickly. Another minute would have been good, but Lashley is a power house, so it wasn't that surprising for him to recover so quickly. It was sensible in way because it is fatal four way, and people get knocked down, so other people need to get up. I liked khow you described Lashley's move over the top rope, because it's not really in form (I believe the one you're talking about is the same one he did at Vengeance 07). I thought that the Celtic Cross would do it, but it's WrestleMania, and people kick out of everything at WrestleMania. I was a little shocked with Lashley winning the title. I thought that after he owned more than 50% of the match, a heel would steal the victory, and Lashley would feud with him. (8/10)

Third Promo
This promo was short, but what's wrong with that? That's right... NOTHING! There are promos and segments on the show that are meant to be short, and need to be short, so I`m sort of sick of people always going on about promos being too short. It was fine, Batista and Flair had great character. There was a mix-up in words here, (correct me if I`m wrong) but Flair said we`re going out for a night on the time, and I think it should have been night out on the town. Just a little mix-up in words, but it didn`t really change much. (8.5/10)

I`m not sure if showing Kennedy was the right thing to do. I just didn`t buy it, and it seemed pretty unnecessary to me.

Interpromotional Tag Team Match-Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Gregory Helms & Shelton Benjamin vs. Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Chris Harris & James Storm
I knew that before this match even started, it would be quite interesting to see the turn out because of the teams that were forced to team up. There was some great back and forth action in the beginning, between Harris and Helms, which was quite entertaining. There isn`t much to say about the opening few minutes, because it was some good back and forth action, and there wasn`t really any flaws. The Crossbody from Kendrick was a nice way to make the match not so bland. I wasn`t really sure about a thumb to the eye of somebody who is running. Not very realistic, because it would be sorta hard to line it up if they were moving. It took a while to get all 8 guys involved legally in the match. It should have been done within the first few minutes. At this point, that match has still been somewhat bland. There should be numerous double-team moves and such, and heck, even triple or quadruple team if your creative enough to do something like that, which would be hard to get them all in the ring at the same time. But the point is, it`s basically been a series of singles matches, so it hasn`t exactly been entertaining. It was pretty realistic to have Melina trip London. Smart decision, and I knew that she would be involved somehow. Melina and Gail Kim clapping was a little odd. I can see Gail Kim clapping, but that just doesn`t suit Melina. The contest got more exciting after a T-Bone Suplex reversal and a connecting Sliced Bread #2. These spiced things up a bit. After these two moves, there were big moves coming from every direction! That's excitement, and the crowd would have ate it up and been like "Oh!" every 5 seconds! Awesome job! The finish just came, but it was pretty spectacular, with a T-Bone off of the top rope, I guess when there's moves from every direction, knocking everybody out of the ring, then you know the finish is coming. A great way to put SmackDown over. (7/10)

Fourth Promo
I liked how Daniels was very objective and wanted to get it across that he caused the rebirth of the Cruiserweight Division. This promo had great intensity. I loved it. (10/10)

Cruiserweight Championship-Christopher Daniels(c)(w/Allison Danger) vs. Rey Mysterio
The video package really showed us their rivalry, but was a bit lengthy. I wasn't totally in favour of Mysterio toying with Daniels, because Mysterio would be more focussed than that because he wanted to get revenge for Daniels forcing Chavo to retire. However, it was okay in a sense that he could get into Daniels head and throw him off of his game so that he could win the title. I liked some of the moves you used in the match, like Daniels dropkicking Mysterio in mid-air, or the suicide dive. These were great WrestleMania material. I'm glad that the match was pretty back and forth for the most part, because that's how Cruiserweight Matches are mean't to be. I was shocked that Mysterio kicked out of the Last Rites. I don't know, it just didn't seem very realistic. I know it's Mania, but still, I don't think Rey Mysterio would kick out of that. I liked how Danger grabbed Mysterio's leg to help Daniels. I was hoping she would get involved, and I expected it sometime near the end. Mysterio then kicked out of the Death Valley Driver, which was astonishing. It would have made sense for Danger to basically cost Mysterio to crash and burn, and then Daniels pick up the scraps and finish him off. Be careful of having Mysterio look so strong, because he is an underdog when you think about it. The Three Amigos was great to use, and I'm glad he missed the Frog Splash. In a way, it would have been great for him to win with the Frog Splash, but I think it was even greater for him to miss it. The match got really awesome when there were so many near falls. I mean, the crowd is probably counting and then right before the three count there is a kickout. Talk about excitement. Just be careful that you don't have them kick out of each others finishers. Maybe one finisher, but not all the finishers. I expected Rey to pull out the victory, but hell, it was an entertaining match none-the-less. (9.5/10)

WWE Women's Championship-Mickie James(c) vs. Victoria
The video package really showed what the match was all about. Going into this match, I was expecting Mickie to pull out the win, since you're the biggest Mickie mark on the Forum. I loved how you described her with all those great adjectives. It was good for Mickie to go to the outside of the ring to take a breather after Victoria hit a couple of moves on her in the early going. I was surprised that Victoria did a plancha. I know that sometimes he pulls herself over the top rope to get into the ring, but I've never seen her do it to the outside on top of somebody. There was a spot here where you got Mickie mixed up with Vickie, but I understood what you meant, so it wasn't a big deal. All of the near falls got quite interesting, with big move after big move. You're good at doing that, and it's enjoyable to read. I found a couple of mixed up words while reading this match, so just watch those very minor issues. After Victoria kicked out of the Mickie DDT, I figured that Victoria would walk away with the title. That was good to have Mickie leave the arena because she's done it in the past. Trish and Gail coming out was great too, and it kept the match going. The finish turned out to be pretty good, with Beth returning and helping Mickie. Just a couple of minor mixed up words, but it was an overall decent Women's match. (9/10)

Fifth Promo
This is going to be interesting to see if Edge will go for the WWE Title or destroying Orton. I predict the Title, but that's just me. (9.5/10)

Undertaker vs. John Cena
Like the other matches, this video package was great. John Cena should have entered first, so that Undertaker's entrance might have gotten into his head, and Cena would look all scared in the ring. Undertaker trying to finish Cena early with the ChokeSlam was a great way to open the large moves, but it was pretty obvious it wouldn't connect. I liked how the opening saw a lot of strikes and clotheslines and such. It's good to start off a match like that, especially between these two powerful strikers. Going for the Five Knuckle Shuffle would've got the most mixed reaction in history, so that was great match writing on your part. I didn't agree with him hitting the FU right after the Five Knuckle Shuffle. It just didn't seem right, and Taker should have escaped, and gone for a big move. That's just me, but having him kick out of the FU was great, and it put him even more over with the crowd, if that's possible. This match had some great moves, like reversing Old School, the Leg Drop to the back of the Head, and even the Dragon Sleeper. Cena sold the Dragon Sleeper pretty good, I thought. The slap was perfect, and went along with the storyline perfectly. I don't think the crowd would side with Cena because he had an impressive showing. All of the back and forth action before the Chokeslam were great, with counter after counter. The Chokeslam was good because it got the crowd's hopes up for Taker's streak to continue. It wasn't good to have Taker kick out of the FU twice. That was bad booking. It just seems highly improbable, and it just didn't flow right. Cena "winning" with the STFU was a great way to give him credability, and you showed that he had guts. As soon as it showed that Taker's foot was on the bottom rope, that was the signal that the streak would continue. This match was great though, and I truly enjoyed the spectacular finish. I'm not sure if delivering the FU to the ref was necessary. (9.5/10)

Kurt Angle vs. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
The Stunner early was not the brightest idea in my humble opinion, but I guess it was a message to the crowd that this match would have big moves all over the place. I'm not sure if having Angle keep on exiting the ring was a good idea, but it put him over as a heel. In a sense, it also made Austin look stronger, which is great since he's over with the fans. I liked how Kurt hit some suplexes in the early going of the match. It's his style, and it's a good style too. It was great for Angle to pick a body part of Austin like that and work on it. It was even better that it was the leg, because that's easy to work on, especially for someone like Angle. It was also good because Austin is getting old and his legs would appear weaker to the fans. Austin going for the three German Suplexes was very unlike him, and it didn't go along with his tough style. A German Suplex causing Austin's neck going into the Exposed Turnbuckle was a little over the edge, but would be quite the thing to see. Austin getting busted open made him the Underdog, which was great against Kurt Angle. Angle hitting the Stunner on Austin was a good way to put him over as a heel. This match turned into a "Steal your opponent's Finisher Match," which is a great way to get the crowd into it, but it wasn't the greatest idea. It just didn't seem like Austin would hit the Angle Slam. I could picture Kurt hitting the Stunner, but Austin hitting the Angle Slam is a little unrealistic. I'm glad that Angle finally hit his own finisher, but knew it wouldn't get the three count. At this point, I was expecting Austin to apply the Ankle Lock to Angle, but it was Angle who locked in the Ankle Lock on Austin, and got the excellent finish. That was a great way to push Kurt into the WWE Title picture. Hardly any spelling errors in this match, so that was great on your part. (8.5/10)

Triple H vs. The Rock
I was really looking forward to this match, because I knew that it would involve excellent wrestling and great use of weapons. The video package was far too long in my opinion. You try and jam too much stuff into your videos, but there's just too much. The interview with The Rock was great, and he was in excellent character if you ask me. Trips and Rocky going into the crowd would have got the fans in the ringside sections more into the match. I'm not sure if a PowerSlam is even in Hunter's arsenal, and just because it's WrestleMania doesn't mean that you give him a move like that. It just doesn't suit his style imo. The first weapon was a ring bell, which was unexpected, but awesome. You usually expect the first weapon to be a chair, but to kick things off with something like a ring bell notifies you that this match will be deadly. At this point in the match, I sort of felt that Triple H would pull off the victory, and get pushed into the main event scene. I also thought that Triple H would give Rocky a beating, but then he would fight back. The Rock was doing great of having the crowd behind him, and making Triple H a better heel. Wow, a Rock Bottom through the announce table. A little overboard, but hell, it's WrestleMania and it's No Holds Barred, so who gives a sh*t? That was one way to get the crowd into the match, as if they already weren't. Hunter recovered much too fast from the Rock Bottom. It just didn't seem possible, and it was quite unrealistic. You should have gave him another minute or so, and then have him hit a big move. Now I began to think that this would be like your other big matches, and that whoever lost would get the standing ovation. I figured Rock would no matter what, but maybe Trips would if he didn't win, which was seeming clearer now. When they both had weapons in their hands (Steel Chair and Sledgehammer) and swung, Triple H should have lost his weapon, because it would put The Rock over much better, and the crowd would love to see Triple H get all intimidated. Kicking out of the Pedigree and a Steel Chair Shot while you're bloody is just plain unrealistic. This is only my humble opinion, and my opinion may mean sh*t to you, but this is just too unrealistic, and I don't care whether he's the biggest face or not, nobody will kick out of that. Triple H knocking the referee back out was dumb, and even Trips is smart enough to realize that if he hadn't knocked him out in the first place, he would've won the match. The momentum shift was great, and Rock was hitting moves after moves towards the finish. I think that the Game should have been reversed somehow, and then the Rock gets the finish. It woul dhave given him a little bit more credability. (9/10)

Sixth Promo
I feel the rest of the members turning on Orton and leaving. That would be great. These guys were in good character, so this segment was great. (9.5/10)

Monster's Collide Match
I liked how Kane came out overpowering Umaga because it put him over better, but it seemed a little unrealistic against someone with so much monster build as Umaga. Going into this match, I figured that it would be a little boring, since it was just all these big fat guys going at it. There was some pretty good teamwork going on here from Kane and Mark Henry, and the crowd getting behind SmackDown was a good booking choice on your part. It was predictable that Raw would win, since SmackDown! had already won, but none-the-less, I kept reading. It was also good for Raw to sort of control Kane for a couple of minutes. Mark Henry turning on SmackDown! was perfect, and priceless. It set up a Kane vs. Henry feud, and it was just something that sort of spiced up the match a bit. Then Mick Foley coming out was even more priceless, and that got the fans more excited. This match was definitely boring, but I truly appreciate your efforts to make it more exciting, so I give you heaps of credit. (7/10)

Three Way Dance
The length of this video package was reasonable and great. I guess having Sensational Sherri come out was so that each wrestler would have a female valet. It was surprising and unexpected. Sweet Chin Music right off the back was unexpected, and it set the tone, stating that this match would be nothing short of exciting. I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet, but you use really good adjectives...very descriptive, and that's a good thing in case you were wondering. I liked the Edge/Michaels staredown, since they're both the faces in the match. The Figure Four was a good move to use, because it put Michaels over with the crowd even more. It would have been better to do it on Orton later on in the match, because firstly, Orton sells it really well, and secondly, he's the heel, and Michaels is the face, and it just would've been better. Orton leap frogging was a little unrealistic. I know that he can do dropkicks, but I don't think he can leap frog. Having Edge break up a pinfall was bad, because it's an elimination match, so there's no point to breaking up the pinfall. It would have made sense for Edge to leave it, and possibly have Orton eliminate Michaels so that Edge would be left to have Orton for himself. The moves kept coming, with that Doomsday Device, which they did by accident. This match would definitely be epic to witness in person. And then Michaels hitting the Elbow Drop to Orton and Edge through the announce table... wow, unbelieveable. That would have been crazy. However, at this point, Melina had not interferred, so that was bad booking. She should have helped Randy get the advantage somehow. Michaels getting eliminated first was no shock to me, as it left Orton and Edge to square off against each other. Michaels put on quite a clinic and showing, and you wrote him good. I liked the hype for the fight betwee Orton and Edge. I also liked the back and forth punches, with Edge gaining the advantage. That would have gone over with the crowd well. The Edgecator was definitely a surprising move to go for, since I haven't seen it in a while, but I like it, and it's also creative, so have him keep using it in the future, and maybe build up as a finisher. "Completely Ape Shit?" Haha, that gave me a laugh. There was a lot of near falls, and I mean a lot. Even near falls from an RKO and a Spear. A little unrealistic, even for WrestleMania. But the finish turning out to be a Super RKO by catching him... that was crazy! This match was definitely epic. (10/10!!)

Seventh Promo
This promo sent chills and shivers down my spine, and made me wanted to cry of happieness (strange, I know). This was one of those WrestleMania moments that will always, and I mean ALWAYS be remembered. I loved it. (10/10)

Hall of Fame
You gotta love the Hall of Fame, because everyone who is inducted truly deserves it. (10/10)--[not sure how it couldn't get 10/10]

World Heavyweight Championship
The video package was great, even though it was long. However, I liked it's length because this match is the main event. I liked how Batista used his power right at the beginning, to send a statement to Kennedy. It was also good for Ken to surprise Flair and Batista with some moves of his own. It was good for Flair to interfere, especially so early into the contest. I expected Flair to interfere early, because it was realistic and good booking. I don't think the Spinning Kick really suits Kennedy. Yeah, he can flip off the top rope and what not, but I don't think that is his kind of style, even though he used it in OVW. I'm not sure if Kennedy hitting a low blow was the greatest idea. Batista should have dominated Kennedy longer after that suplex on the steel ramp. It just wasn't good match writing if you ask me. I liked how Kennedy went for the Figure Four Leg Lock. It gave him the character that he thought he could do whatever he wanted because he hit some moves on Batista. Flair getting busted open was unrealistic, and just plain dumb. It's not like he's one of the wrestlers, he's a manager for goodness sakes and he got busted open. This was bad booking, because why waste time on busting the manager open? I felt that the Kenton Bomb should have been later in the match, and then get the victory for him, not do it sort of near the end, and have Batista kick out. The show was getting so unrealistic at this point. For what seemed like every finisher, there was a kick out. Very unrealistic, and bad booking, and I don't care whether it's WrestleMania or not. Ric Flair hitting Kennedy with the Low Blow was perfect, immidiately followed by the Demon Bomb. This was a perfect combo that would be a great way to end it, but after I read that Kennedy kicked out of this, I knew that he would win. Kennedy getting the win with a roll-up would be bad, but getting it with a roll-up from the Bret/Piper match was great. This match had some weak spots, but overall it was well done. (9/10)

Out of all of the shows I've ever read on this Forum, this is the best one I've read so far. There were a couple of spelling and grammer errors, but I don't really care about those. I think I said this like 200 times, but just because it's WrestleMania doesn't mean that people always kick out of finishers. However, and excellent show! Also, I liked the ending video package.
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