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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Wrestlemania Review

Great opening video setting the scene for tonightís PPV. Was very well written and you was able to get a lot of wrestlers onto it.

Carlito v JBL
Firstly got to say that this wasnít the greatest choice of match to open Wrestlemania, as for Wrestlemanias you usually go for good fast paced matches to set the scene for the rest of the show but the majority of this match was very slow. Also it was a bit one too sided for a Wrestlemania opener as it was basically all JBL until late on in the match. However was a pretty solid match, which was helped a lot by the exciting closing stages to the match and good to see Carlito picking up the victory as JBLís career is winding down and his can get much better as he is still young. Nice aftermath with Carlito getting the final say in the feud spitting in JBLís face. **3/4

Nice promo here mainly used as just a way to hype the Raw v Smackdown matches. Mariaís bit was little sudden but was nice in terms of comedy with her not realising the tension between Coach and Steph

Money in the Bank
Not surprising to see MITB on this early as in everybodyís Wrestlemaniaís it seems to be the second/third match of the night. The match was good and the spots it had in it were good especially Sabu falling from the ladder inside the ring through the table on the outside which has always been one of my favourite spots to see. However I thought there probably would have been at least one or two more spots with the ladders. Looks like Ric Flair is going to get one last title win in your thread possibly around Summerslam, not too keen on Flair winning despite being a big fan. As I just donít feel that he should be winning the big one at his age now and I would rather of seen someone new like Matt Hardy or Kenny Dykstra get the win. But anyway will be interesting to see what you do with him and the MITB. ***

MVP is coming on Raw and that means that big things are popping and little things are stopping lol.

US Title
Good match here, fatal four ways are always good as you can keep the match at a good exciting pace throughout most of the match and that was the situation here. Throughout the match I had a feeling that Lashley would pick up the victory as you made Lashley look very good during the match and you gave him some of the bigger spots like the Plancha over the top rope. I actually thought that Finley had gotten Lashley when he hit the Celtic cross so that was a bit of a disappointment that he kicked out. Good victory for Lashley, but I do think that he recovered far too quickly from that Celtic Cross at the end of the match. But however best match of the night for me personally so far ***1/4

Lol Flair was great during this promo and you got the cockiness of Batista to perfection here as he feels that Kennedy has got no chance.

8 Man Tag
Great fast paced match here and was very exciting throughout. Was very hard to predict which team was going to get the victory throughout as both teams hit some moves from their repertoire and both looked good. It was great to see you give this match a lot of time as well, as usually lower card matches are usually kept very short on Wrestlemanias. Fantastic ending to the match with Benjamin hitting the T-Bone off the top rope and picks up the victory for Smackdown. From I now think that Team Raw will win their match in the Monsters tag team match. ***1/2

Chris Daniels promo was excellent, well on character and hyped the next match superbly. Good segment afterwards with Rey and the cruiserweights, as Rey will be fighting to get revenge for them.

Chris Daniels v Rey Mysterio
Fantastic Cruiserweight match, definitely the best Cruiserweight match I have read on a Wrestlemania in BTB and would definitely be the best if it happened in real life. I was very surprised at the start to see Mysterio dominate a lot but as the match got on Daniels got into it and we got some great wrestling between the two. It seemed as though Daniels hit every move he could to beat Rey, but he just couldnít beat him. Great ending to the match with a great counter for the Angels Wings, was pretty obvious that Mysterio was going to get the win but it is good to see him with the title. Great aftermath aswell, just comes to show what a great job you have done with the CW division making it look very credible. Match of the night so far ****

Mickie v Victoria
Great video package beforehand. It was a good Womens match with by far the two best Womens Wrestlers. Showed a lot of Physicality with Victoria bleeding which is unusual for Divas. Got to say I am sure that the Steel Steps have been overused in this show. Back onto the match anyway lol. Good ending to the match with the interference but very surprised Beth returned, and very surprised she didnít kick any ass on her return which made for a pretty weak return. However SHOCK HORROR at Mickie winning. But I have a feeling that this feud hasnít ended, because it ended with interference. **3/4

Another short promo here but did itís main objective to make Edge think about if he wants to kill Randy Orton or win the title more.

Cena v Taker
Very interesting to Cena getting some pops from the crowd as I would be pretty sure that the majority would support Taker because he is Taker but anyway. I thought that this was a great match right up there with Mysterio/Daniels, you did an absolutely perfect job of making John Cena look strong while keeping Undertakerís undefeated streak. The ending of the match was perfect with the trade of trying to hit their finishing moves and Cena getting in the STF-U. Cena gets the victory only for it to be overturned and Undertaker keeps his streak. As I said you did a great job of making John Cena not lose any creditability. Looked like you might have a face turn for Cena after Mania when you had him have a standing ovation, but attacking the referee doesnít make me think that will happen now. ****

Steve Austin v Kurt Angle
The match started off very slow, but as it got on the match got better and better. Was a very intense match as both men showed a lot of intensity throughout. The match was great and the only real big complain was that I thought that the German Suplex into the steel ring post was a bit unrealistic at this time because of Austinís bad neck. Match reminded me of a lot of the old Stone Cold/Rock matches as both men traded finishers which was nice to see. Fantastic ending to the match with shades of Wrestlemania 13, I remember using this ending for an Angle/Rock match in last years BTB match tournament and I got told that is unrealistic for Rock to pass out from the Ankle Lock. So I should complain about that in this match but I love the ending and once again you made both men look very strong with Austin having to pass out to lose. ****

Was wondering when you would have a Rock promo during this show. Good hype for the next match with Rock using his typical lines.

Rock v Triple H
I would mark if we saw three back to back matches like these three you have put together in real life. Another fantastic match and we have a new MOTN. Showed a great story with Rock showing his never say die attitude and Triple H inflicting a lot of pain on Rock. Was a very gruesome bloody match which is what you would expect from a No DQ Match. I thought the ending was great way to finish it off with Rock hitting HHH with a sledgehammer after he got hit with it earlier on in the match and hits the Peopleís Elbow to get the victory. ****1/2

Another short promo which is good as Wrestlemania is about the matches. Looks definitely like the RKO army will split up after Mania after all of these arguments.

Monsters Collide
Even though it was my least anticipated match of the show, you still did a good job with the wrestlers you had in It to give you some props. Not too keen on how late this match was, but I suppose I can see why as you can split the big matches apart. Damn Mark Henry to hell for screwing Kane . Came as a bit of a surprise really but can lead to future feud. Nice aftermath however with Smackdown Superstars coming down only to get eaten for breakfast. Mick Foley coming out was a huge surprise and he clears the three monsters. **3/4

Triple Threat
Firstly big surprise that Sherri is coming out with HBK but I can understand why as he gets some back up just like Edge and Orton do from Lita and Melina. Was mayhem straight from the go with HBK hitting Edge with SCM. Was a fantastic all action match, was great to see a big spot from HBK hitting the elbow drop through the table. Despite HBK looking strong he is eliminated first thanks to two spears. Not an surprise that he is out first as the big feud is between Edge/Orton but you made him look strong by having him go out with two spears. Was a great ending to the match between Edge and Orton as both men had opportunities to get the victory making it very hard to predict who would win. Man thought Orton had it with the RKO but not to be. The favour returns with Orton kicking out of the Spear what a match. Holy shit at the ending with Orton catching Edge in mid air with the RKO and gets the clean victory. MOTN here, was a fantastic match and will be interesting to see if the Orton/Edge feud continues ****3/4

Rock/Austin segment was promo of the night and you didnít need to have both men say a word. Very powerful promo seeing that this could be their last WMís.

HOF segment was good, you made just a few changes to the lineup. Was good to see Terry Funk in there.

Batista v Kennedy
I am against the fact that this is main event, the other Raw match to me sounded more like a Wrestlemania main event but letís see how this match goes. Not a surprise to see Batista look strong in the early going looking at the booking into this show, Flairís involvement was good which is weird seeing as I am not too keen on people interfering in the main event of Wrestlemania, but it helped tell the story of the underdog Ken Kennedy very well. Great ending to the match with the replay of Hart v Piper at WM 8. Ken Kennedy is champion which is no surprise but is great to see. Was actually a very good main event better than the match should have been but still not as good as the Raw Main Event and Rock v HHH. ****1/4

Overall was a fantastic Wrestlemania right up there with the best. The first half of the show was pretty good, but from Taker/Cena onwards the show was fantastic. Proves why you are the best booker at the moment. Overall I would give this a 95/100
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