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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw for February 27th:

*Highlights of last weekís show is shown*

*Opening Video and Pyro is done*

Jim Ross: With just five days away from Saturday Nightsí Main Event, we welcome you to the Worldís Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, and we welcome you to Monday Night Raw! Iím Jim Ross and Iím joined by Jerry the King Lawler! King, what a night, itís going to be!

Jerry Lawler: You said it, Ross. What a main event. Kurt Angle and Bret Hart, who will be facing each other this Saturday Night, will team up to take on Triple H and the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels!

Jim Ross: Speaking of Michaels and Hart, the two will be signing the WrestleMania contract tonight. Itís so big, that both Raw GM, Jonathan Carter and WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon, will be overseeing the event.

Jerry Lawler: WrestleMania is less than four weeks away, and the crowd canít wait for it.

*Glass Shatters hits and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin to a huge pop*

Jim Ross: What an ovation for the Rattlesnake!

*Austin does his signature salute to the crowd before getting a mike*

Stone Cold: Cut the music! I said cut the music!

*Music is cut*

Stone Cold: Two weeks ago, I came out here and I said a few things. I mentioned how big of a career I have had. I mentioned how at WrestleMania, I won the title three times. I spoke on how, I carried this company on my back, during the Attitude Era, and I spoke on how I want to face and end the undefeated streak of The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXII!

*Big pop*

Stone Cold: Well Deadman, I gave you two weeks. I know youíre back there, so lets stop with the game playing, and come on out.

*Nothing happens*

Stone Cold: Taker, listen to me. This isnít about titles, it isnít about none of that. Itís about your streak, and how youíre 13-0. Why, thatís because youíve never stepped in the ring at Mania with the Rattlesnake. The man that whipped Shawn Michaelsís ass all over Boston, eight years ago. The man, who beat the living hell out of The Rock twice and beat him for his title! Taker, when I look in the eyes of you, I see nothing more, than a guy, who pretends that he is invicible, and canít be touched! I see a fool. I see someone, who is scared to go one on one with the Rattlesnake! I see someone whoÖ

*Graveyard Symphony hits and out comes The Undertaker in classic Taker style to an enormous pop*

Jerry Lawler: JR, this place is going wild for the Undertaker!

*Taker gets in the ring, does his thing and gets a mike*

Stone Cold: So Taker, what itís going to be?

Taker: Austin, me and you go back a long ways. Me and you fought back in 97, and at 98í at Summerslam, right here in this very arena, me and you went through hell and back, for the WWE Championship! In the end, you were the victor. Me and you fought in 99, and this time I walked away with the title. You see while I respect you a lot Steve, the fact is that I am undefeated at Mania. It doesnít matter who you are, I will defeat you at Mania. Steve, you want me at Mania, you got me!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Jim Ross: By gawd, itís on!

Stone Cold: Taker, at WrestleMania, your streak will indeed rest in peace!

*Mixed Reaction*

Taker: Really?

Stone Cold: Yeah!

Taker: Austin, at Mania, I will remain undefeated, and you will RestÖIn.. PeaÖ

*Austin kicks Taker in the midsection and nails the Stunner on The Undertaker in the middle of the ring, and the crowd is in disbelief. Austin leaves the ring to a mixed reaction*

Jim Ross: Iím shocked! Stone Cold just stunned The Undertaker!

Jerry Lawler: I hope, Steve knows what heís doing.

*Todd Grisham is with Raw General Manager, Jonathan Carter*

Todd Grisham: Jonathan, last time you were here in this arena, you were escorted out of here by security in handcuffs. Tonight, you and Mr. McMahon will be overseeing the contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. My question is, how on earth do you plan, to keep everything under control, especially after what just happened to The Undertaker from Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Jonathan Carter: Well, Todd tonight is going to be a crazy night. The Tag Team Titles will be decided when AJ and Shelton defend the titles against Chris Benoit and Rob Van Dam!

*Huge Pop from the crowd*

Jonathan Carter: However thereís not much I can say. Itís wild and crazy and unpredictable unlike the ďBĒ show, Smackdown! Teddy Long, realize this, Raw is the dominant brand! At WrestleMania, Raw will be the brand that reigns supreme!

Jim Ross: Well when we come back, Molly Holly will be facing Lita!

Jerry Lawler: I canít wait!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks, and letís send it to Lillian!

*Lillian does the intros*

Match 1:
Molly v. Lita

Great opening match as both divas who are well experienced put on a performance that the Garden crowd wonít forget though. A lot of chain wrestling and the finish of the match sees Molly nailing a jumping leg breaker slam from off of the top rope and Molly gets the W at the 8:14 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Molly Holly! MT-8:14

*Molly gets up and leaves the ring, as we cut to the back and we see The Coach with RVD and Chris Benoit*

The Coach: Iím the Coach, and Iím with Chris Benoit and Rob Van Dam!

*Huge Pop*

The Coach: Now guys, you two were opponents at No Way Out, and tonight youíre partners. Rob, this arena has great history for you, as you won the World Heavyweight Championship, about two years ago at WrestleMania XX! Tonight though, can you two coexist and become the new Tag Team Champions?

Chris Benoit: While I did lose to Rob in my hometown at No Way Out, that was then and this is now. Tonight, Iíll put my problems with Rob aside and Iíll go out and make either Shelton or AJ tap and become the new champs!

Coach: Rob, any words?

RVD: Well, Coach, just like Chris, tonight is about the belts. Weíll settle our problems later! All I know, here in NYC, R-V-D is leaving here as one half of the NEW World Tag Team Champions!

The Coach: Well good luck, guys!

*Both men leave*

Jim Ross: Well folks, that match is up next!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

Jerry Lawler: Welcome back to Raw folks, live from Madison Square Garden!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 2-World Tag Team Championships:
AJ Styles/Shelton Benjamin(c) v. Benoit/RVD

This match is the champsí toughest defense since winning the belts, as they are mostly dominated throughout the most part of the match. However the champs do get some offense going, and is able to quickly get back in the match. Finish comes when RVD who just getting back to his feet, accidentally pulls Benoit, which leads to Benjamin nailing the T-Bone Suplex. Styles nails the 450 from off of the ropes, and gets the victory at the 17:49 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winners of the match, and STILL the World Tag Team Champions, Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles! MT-17:49

Jim Ross: Styles and Benjamin get lucky once again and are on a roll as they remain the champs!

Jerry Lawler: But looks whatís going on in the ring.

*RVD and Benoit are talking, and Benoit is furious. Benoit shoves RVD and the two begin to brawl. RVD gets the advantage and floors Benoit with a kick. RVD goes up to the top and goes for the Five Star Frog Splash. Benoit moves, and RVD eats the mat. RVD gets up and is put in the crossface by Benoit. After a couple of seconds, RVD taps out. Benoit then gets up and the MSG crowd is going nuts for Benoit. Benoit then picks up RVDís IC belt, before dropping it back down*

Jim Ross: My gawd, itís insane here tonight, with partners going crazy on each other.

Jerry Lawler: Calm down, JR.

Jim Ross: Well when we come back, a special Interpromotional Tag Team Match will take place, as you can say weíre going to have a blast from the past if you will as Matt and Jeff Hardy will team up and face Edge and Christian! Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Jim Ross: New York City has been on its feet all night, and itís about to get even louder here tonight.

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 3-Interpromotional Tag Team Match:
The Hardy Boyz v. E&C

Itís 2001 once again as both teams work like magic in the ring, and provide the Garden the MOTN. Matt and Edge brawl throughout the ringside and both teams fight in the crowd. After a bunch of spots, and 16 minutes of pure tag team action, Jeff Hardy nails the Swanton Bomb on Christian and gets the three count, and Matt and Jeff are the winners of this match at the 16:09 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winners of this match, Matt, Jeff, The Hardy Boyz! MT-16:09

Jim Ross: What a match! Matt and Jeff Hardy put on hell of a performance, and The Garden is on itís feet!

Jerry Lawler: Trust me, neither Edge nor Christian is going to take this lying down!

Jim Ross: Well folks, when we come back, we will have the contract signing between the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels and his challenger, the future Hall of Famer, Bret the Hitman Hart!

Jerry Lawler: Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*No Chance hits and out comes WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon*

*The Way I Am hits and out comes, RAW GM, Jonathan Carter to a big pop*

Jonathan Carter: Well, itís that time, folks. Itís time for the contract signing for Mania, for the World Heavyweight Championship. Well, since these two have so much personal problems, Vince and I are out here to keep order.

Vince McMahon: So without further ado, please welcome the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship, Bret the Hitman Hart!

*Hart Attack hits and MSG goes nuts for Bret Hart as he makes his way to the ring*

*Bret gets in the ring, and sits down at the table*

Jonathan Carter: And now introducing Bretís opponent, the Showstopper, The World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. WrestleMania himself, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

*Break it Down hits and out comes HBK to a bunch of heat. Michaels gets in the ring and refuses to take his eyes off of Bret.*

Vince McMahon: Alright, gentlemen, you two have both read the contracts along with your lawyers earlier on, so lets get down to business. Bret, since you are the challenger, I ask that you sign first.

*Bret goes to sign, but then drops the pen and picks up the mike*

Bret Hart: Madison Square Garden! New York City, how are you guys doing tonight?

*Huge pop followed by ďBretĒ chants*

Bret Hart: Yeah, it was right here, in MSG, on March 20, 1994, where I fought my late great brother, Owen, in one of the greatest steel cage and WrestleMania matches of all time. It also was the night where I beat the late great Yokozuna to become the WWE Champion!

*Huge pop and ďOwen chantsĒ are heard*

Bret Hart: Shawn, at WrestleMania XII, me and you wrestled in what is considered one of the best wrestling matches in the history of not only WrestleMania, but in wrestling period. Shawn, you beat me, but now, itís personal. Itís personal, and Shawn, in four short weeks, right in your backyard, Iím going to beat and humiliate you, Shawn. Shawn, Iím going to make you feel the pain I felt for the past nine years. I am going to make you feel what itís like to be screwed. To be a case of controversy for years and years. Shawn, Iím not going to stand here or sit here for the matter, and talk a bunch of crap. At WrestleMania XXII, Iím going to kick your teeth down your throat, and leave Houston, as the new World Heavyweight Champion!

*Huge pop from the crowd. Bret looks at Shawn and then signs the contract*

Jonathan Carter: Alright Shawn, now is there anything youíll like to say?

*Shawn now has a mike in hand*

Shawn Michaels: Jonathan, yes there is? Now, Bret, itís been nine years, but yet you canít let the past be the past. Typical Canadian! Bret, youíve shouldíve stayed home in Calgary and held onto what left of your pathetic career. Bret, at Mania, I am going to do worst than what I did in Montreal. I am going to destroy you, right in MY OWN backyard! I am going to unleash a side of the Heartbreak Kid, that you nor anyone else has ever seen in their lives. And it all begins tonight in this ring, in the Main Event. Bret, itís been three and a half years since Iíve been the champ. Well, son, the Heartbreak Kid is the champ once again, and I have no plans of losing this belt anytime soon. At WrestleMania, you will see why, I am the Heartbreak Kid, The Showstopper, The Main Eventer, Mr. WrestleMania himself, The Five Time WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels!

[I]*Michaels then signs the contract*[/I

Vince McMahon: Well folks, the match is on! At WrestleMania XXII, the Raw Main Event will be Shawn Michaels defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Bret Hart!

*Immediately Bret knocks over the tables, and Shawn throws the chair out of the ring. Both men get right into each other faces, as security is now in the ring, with Carter and McMahon looking on. Both men look at each other, and Shawn goes to spit in the face of Bret, but Bret ducks and takes down Shawn. The two are now brawling, as security soon break it up. But Bret breaks through and knocks down Shawn again. The two continue, as security struggles for about a minute before finally getting order, between one another.*

Jonathan Carter: You know what, I canít have MY WrestleMania Main Event destroyed. Effective starting next week, live on Raw, from the Continental Airlines Arena, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Shawn Michaels you are prohibited from touching Bret Hart, unless itís involved in a match. Bret, the same applies for you. This will be enforced until the match at Mania. If you fail to comply, Shawn, you will be stripped from your World Heavyweight Championship! Bret, if you fail to comply, you will be stripped of your title shot at WrestleMania, and if you both fail, not only will you two suffer the aforementioned consequences, you both will be suspended for four months, without pay! Now, get out of my ring!

Jim Ross: What an announcement from Jonathan Carter, as now the stakes have been set even higher!

Jerry Lawler: Well when we come back Ken Kennedy will face off against Muhammad Hassan, with the winner going to Money in the Bank at Mania!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Folks, big news! Weíve just received word during the break, that Dusty Rhodes has accepted the Nature Boyís request, and the two will meet at WrestleMania!

Jerry Lawler: This will be one hell of a match!

*Lillian does the intros*

Match 4:
Ken Kennedy v. Muhammad Hassan

Kennedy is so over with the crowd, as Hassan is basically booed throughout the entire match. Decent match, but is rather short, as Kennedy wins with the Green Bay Plunge at the 8:05 mark!

Mr. Kennedy: The winner of the match, MrÖ.KennedyÖKennedy! MT-8:05

Jim Ross: So Ken Kennedy advances to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and joins Batista and Smackdownís Christian!

Jerry Lawler: Well JR, the contract signing was done, but coming up next for the first time ever, Kurt Angle and Bret Hart will be teaming up to face Triple H and the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels in tag team action.

Jim Ross: Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

*Smackdown Rebound is shown*

*Lillian does the introductions*

Main Event:
Hart/Angle v. Michaels(c)/HHH

Great tag team action as all four men work very well in the ring. A lot of brawling and technical wrestling as Michaels and Hart go all out against one another. Trips and Angle brawl as well. Finish sees Smackdownís Randy Orton coming through the crowd and nailing the RKO on Michaels. Hunter then comes back and nails the pedigree on Orton. Hunter turns around and is decked with the Clothesline from Hell from JBL. JBL poses around until heís nailed with the Rock Bottom from The Rock. Rock goes for the Peopleís Elbow, but heís hit with the F-U from John Cena! Cena gets up and is nailed with the Angle Slam from Angle. Angle then makes the cover on Michaels! 1----2--------3!

Lillian Garcia: The winners of the match, Kurt Angle and Bret Hart! MT-22:00

Jim Ross: My god, the carnage here is unbelievable.

Jerry Lawler: Angle and Hart are just looking at one another, as this Saturday, for the first time, these two will meet in the ring!

Jim Ross: Weíll see you this Saturday Night in Indianapolis! Goodnight from the Garden!

*Show ends with everyone down except Bret and Angle who stare off against one another*

WWE News:

SNME Card will be finalized this Friday on Smackdown. There's a big possiblity that the Interpromotional Six-Man Tag Team Match will open the show!

SMNE will be two hours long, with the matches written in full.

WrestleMania XXII will be five hours long.

The next WM Commercial will be shown during SNME.

There's a good chance, that some matches will be announced for Mania at XXII.

Expect a JBL promo.

The Early Buyrates are in for No Way Out-405,000.

Smackdown Preview for March 3rd:

Just one night before Saturday Night's Main Event, Smackdown comes to you live from Madison Square Garden! What kind of mood will Randy Orton, Booker T, John Cena, and JBL be in, after what happened on Raw on Monday Night! Also the WWE Championship contract will be signed also. Match 3 of the Undisputed United States Championship series will take place as Y2J takes on Billy Kidman! Finally, the next MITB Qualifying Match will take place as The Miz takes on Matt Capotelli. All this and much more on Smackdown!

Smackdown will be posted most likely, tomorrow night! 1!

*PS* Renegade, come on, man. I need you to judge that match. 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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