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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Smackdown for February 24th:

*opening video and pyro is done*

Michael Cole: We welcome you to Smackdown! We are live from the Wembely Arena here in London, England! Cole and Tazz with you and partner what a night we have for these fans!

Tazz: Triple Threat Tag Team Action for the WWE Tag Team Championships will be the main event as Brock Lesnar and Big Show defend the straps against MNM and the Dudley Boyz!

Michael Cole: Plus, a Money in the Bank qualifying match will take place as Christian takes on Jeff Hardy!

*Longhorn hits and out comes JBL in a suit from his limo*

Michael Cole: We found out this past Monday on Raw, that it will indeed be Triple H taking on JBL at WrestleMania XXII, as these two look to finally settle the score, with the winner taking all type of approach!

*JBL now in the ring with a mike in hand*

JBL: Last Monday, I was right here in London, England, on the B show, Raw! However like I said, London and Raw are both disgusting, vile, stinking places of crap. With your crooked teeth, and stupid accent, this place gets more and more bizarre every time I turn around.

*Heat on JBL*

JBL: Your saving grace, is that you have been graced with the presence of I, myself, the Living Wrestling Legend, The Killer, The Wrestling God, the Longest Reigning Champion in the last decade, John Bradshaw Layfield!

*More Heat on JBL*

JBL: Last Monday, Jonathan Carter wanted to talk some more smack, about how he plans to send Smackdown into oblivion, well Carter, Smackdown, like we did at the Survivor Series and Raw, is going to kick your ass once again!

*Mixed reaction*

JBL: Which brings me to Pinocchio and his nose! Hunter, you knocked me out with the pedigree last week, well at Mania, Iím going to beat you in front of my hometown fans. I may reside in New York, but Iím a Texan. Home to Von Erichís, Shawn Michaels, Taker, Austin, myself, and many others! However, truth be told, I am better than them all.

*Huge Boos*

JBL: I am a future Hall of Famer, future Grand Slam Champion, and soon I am going to be the future, WWE Champion! Hunter, donít hunt what you canít kill! At WrestleMania XXII, I, the Wrestling God, will put an end to the Game, once and for all!

*Longhorn hits once again as JBL leaves the ring to a bunch of boos*

Michael Cole: Strong words from JBL. Iím for one is looking forward to their match at Mania!

Tazz: JBL from Smackdown, so Iím going for him in this match!

Michael Cole: Well when we come back folks, Melina Perez, the WWE Womenís Champion will be facing off against Ivory. Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown folks! Letís send it to Chimel for the matchís introductions!

*Chimel does the introductions*

Match 1-Non-Title:
Melina(c) v. Ivory

Well balanced match here as both divas are very skilled and put on a great match for the fans. A lot of chain wrestling moves are seen, and quite some false finishes are used. Melina nails the Paparazzi for the win at the 7:03 mark!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Melina! MT-7:03

*Melina goes to leave, but Rawís Victoria and Molly Holly come through the crowd and attack Melina. Victoria almost connects with the Widowís Peak on Melina, but Jillian comes down and even the score. After a couple of moments, Jillian and Melina clotheslines Victoria and Molly out of the ring. Jillian and Melina then celebrate and look on at Victoria and Molly as they argue with the two as they head to the back!*

Tazz: Melina picks up the win, and looks to get some what of an advantage, her and Jillian, before their Interpromotional Tag Match at Saturday Nightís Main Event!

Michael Cole: Well when we come back, weíll see Chris Jericho taking on Billy Kidman, in Match 2 of their Best of Seven Series to crown the new Undisputed US Champion!

Tazz: Weíll be right back!

*Commercials- 3 Minutes*

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown!

*Chimel does the introductions*

Match 2:
Chris Jericho v. Billy Kidman

Both men put on an even better effort, than in their first match. Going all the way to the limits, in this one. Both men use a lot of Cruiserweight Action in this match, with neither man refusing to quit. After 17 minutes of going at, Jericho gets the victory with the Walls of Jericho on Kidman, and Kidman taps out at the 17:23 mark!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Chris Jericho! MT-17:23

Michael Cole: Chris Jericho picks up the win, and this series is all tied up at 1 all.

Tazz: Kidman, donít worry, you still got this.

Michael Cole: Well folks, when we come back, Carlito will be having an edition of the Cabana, with special guest, his WrestleMania XXII opponent, The Masterpiece, Chris Masters! Stay tuned!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*Cool hits and out comes the Television Champion, Carlito to a mixed reaction*

Michael Cole: Folks, during the break, GM Teddy Long announced that next week, in Madison Square Garden, in NYC, Match 3 of the best of seven series will take place between Chris Jericho and Billy Kidman!

Tazz: Big news from the GM!

Carlito: Finally, the Cabana is back!

*Huge Pop

Carlito: Thank You. Now, before Carlito introduce you to my guest for the evening, let me just say that, while heís big and muscular, heís a meathead. Heís a fool. Heís basically, an idiot. Look at me, Iím Chris Masters, and Iím the Master of the Masterlock! I have my big muscles, yet I wish I was as cool as Carlito!

*Laughs and pops from the crowd*

Carlito: Carlito appreciates it every much! Carlito asks are you tired of waiting for the slow and foolish, Chris Masters!


Carlito: Ladies and gentlemen, here is The Crap-A-Piece, Chris Masters!

*Masterpiece hits and out comes Chris Masters to basically little reaction, but soon into boos from the audience*

Carlito: Welcome to the Cabana, meathead!

Chris Masters: CarlitoÖ

Carlito: This is Carlito show. You sit and listen, and Iíll ask the questions.

*Huge pop*

Carlito: Now, Carlito asks, why do you think, that you can beat me for this Television Championship?!

Chris Masters: Iím the Masterpiece, Carlito! Iím the best! You know it, and everyone knows it, that once I locked in that Masterlock on you, Carlito, itís all over! You will tap and you will quit, and at Mania, I will become the new Television Champion!

Carlito: Well itís funny you say that. Now Carlito, may be cool, but he also knows how to shut people up! Now, earlier this evening, Carlito went to Teddy Long, and requested and received for next week a request to face you in the Master Lock Challenge in MSG!

*Huge Pop, but then some boos as it wonít be done, here tonight*

Chris Masters: What, you scared, Iíll destroy you right now!

Carlito: Of course not, itís just that the Garden is a better place, to have you suffer defeat.

Chris Masters: Well how about this!

*The two brawl, but at the end, Carlito connects with a chair shot to Masters to a huge pop from the crowd. Carlito then gets the apple, and spits it the face of Masters to another big pop*

Carlito: Chris, now thatís cool!

*Cool hits again and the champ leaves to a big pop*

Michael Cole: Carlito just laid out Masters with that chair!

Tazz: Well Carlito better be ready for Masters and the Challenge next week from NYC!

Michael Cole: Well when we come back, Christian will be facing Jeff Hardy with the winner going to Money in the Bank at Mania! Weíll be right back!

*Commercials- 3 Minutes*

Tazz: Welcome back folks!

*Chimel does the introductions*

Match 3:
Christian v. Jeff Hardy

A lot of action is seen in this match, as both men look to have great chemistry in this match. The crowd though seems split, as half are chanting for Christian, while some are chanting for Jeff. Finish comes when Edge comes through the crowd and nails a spear on Jeff, while the ref is not around, and Christian scores with the THIR and gets the three count, at the 11:29 mark!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Christian! MT-11:29

Michael Cole: Thanks to Edge, Christian going to Mania!

Tazz: But wait, here comes Matt Hardy!

*Both the Hardys and E&C go at it, like in the Attitude Era. Finish sees Matt nailing the Twist of Fate on Christian, and Jeff nailing the Swanton Bomb on Edge. The two then pull out the ladders, and nail the leg drop and swanton bomb, respectively to Edge and Christian. Both Matt and Jeff climb the ladders and pose, as the crowd is on their feet*

Michael Cole: The Hardy Boyz are taking over, and Edge and Christian better be ready! Matt meets Edge at Mania, and Jeff faces off against Edge at SMNE, and Christian is in the Money in the Bank Match at Mania!

Tazz: Itís crazy out here.

Michael Cole: When we come back, we will hear from the WWE Champion, Randy Orton!

Tazz: Donít move!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*Burn in My Light hits and out comes the WWE Champion, Randy Orton in a black suit, with the belt on him*

*Randy gets into the ring and is handed a mike*

Randy Orton: Last week, right here on Smackdown, I pinned Booker T in the middle of this ring. 1-2-3!

*Boos from the crowd*

Randy Orton: Booker, you see just like that, and it was over. You know what? Thatís exactly whatís going to happen Booker at Mania! At Mania, Booker I am going to humiliate you, just like I did last Friday. Only difference is itís going to be in front of your wife, your family, and your hometown people! Booker, you donít deserve to be in the same ring as me! I can care less if youíre the five time WCW Champion! This isnít WCW! This is the WWE! I am the future, while youíre a washed up has been. Just like your brother Stevie Ray. But Iíll give him benefit of the doubt. He knew that it was time to go. He left, and it was all good. However, no you wanted to hang around Book. You just didnít know when to leave! Well at Mania, Iím going to make it real clear for you. I am going to make sure you have no choice to leave, or Iím gong to beat it into you right in front of your family! Now can you dig thatÖ

*Dig It hits and out comes Booker T and the two immediately go into a brawl. The two continue to brawl, and brawl, until they get on the announce table. Randy goes for the RKO but Booker counters it. Booker then nails the Book End on Orton right through the Smackdown Announce Table!*

*Booker gets a mike*

Booker T: Now can you dig thatÖ Sucka!

*Dig It hits and Booker holds the WWE Championship up and stares at Orton who is still out*

Michael Cole: Itís a mess over here folks! The WWE Champion, Randy Orton was just Book-End by Booker T through our announce table!

Tazz: Itís getting extreme!

Michael Cole: Well when we come back folks, our Main Event will take place, when MNM and The Dudleys challenge Brock Lesnar and the Big Show in a Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match!

Tazz: Donít miss it!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

*Raw Rebound is shown*

Michael Cole: Folks, donít forget next week we will be live in Madison Square Garden! The contract signing between Randy Orton and Booker T will take place as well!

Tazz: Itís going to be a rocket buster!

*Chimel does the introductions*

Main Event-WWE Tag Team Championships-Triple Threat Tag Team Match:
Brock/Show(c) v. MNM v. Dudley Boyz

Excellent main event with all three teams giving it their all. Brock and Show dominate most of the match, but the finish sees the Dudleys nailing the 3D on Show. Brock nailing the F-5 on Bubba! And MNM nailing the Snapshot on D-Von, and Johnny Nitro gets the 1-2-3 at the 23:12 mark, and we have new WWE Tag Team Champions!

Tony Chimel: The winners of the match, and the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM! MT-23:12

Michael Cole: What a match!

Tazz: We have new tag team champs!

Michael Cole: Now all of MNM have some gold with them!

Tazz: What a night! Weíll see you from the Garden next week! Goodnight from London!

*Show ends with MNM celebrating with the Tag Team and Womenís Titles around their respective waists*

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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