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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Raw for February 20th:

*Highlights of Bret Hart returning to the WWE last week on Raw is shown*

*Opening video and pyro is shown*

Jim Ross: We welcome you to Monday Night Raw, live from the UK, here in London, England! Jim Ross here with you and Iím joined by Jerry the King Lawler! King, what a night we have for you fans, and what a week itís been for the WWE.

Jerry Lawler: Thatís right JR. Bret Hart has returned to the WWE and will be facing the winner of tonightís Heavyweight title match between Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle! Plus, the return of both Matt Hardy and Edge, who are returning after missing the past month due to injuries being taken from their involvement at the Royal Rumble.

Jim Ross: Plus, tonight, the first Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, will take place, when Batista takes on the Man Beast and current European Champion, Rhyno!

Jerry Lawler: I canít wait!

*Hitman hits and out comes Bret Hart to a thunderous ovation*

Jim Ross: What an ovation to the legendary future Hall of Famer, Bret the Hitman Hart!

*Bret chants hit the arena as Bret is now in the ring with a mike in his hand*

Bret Hart: First off, I want to say thank you.

*Big pop*

Bret Hart: Now, this past Saturday, I was informed, that I am going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, which will take place on Saturday, March 25th, 2006. The night before WrestleMania XXII.

*Huge pop*

Jim Ross: What an announcement!

Bret Hart: Though, I said that I may never step back into the squared circle here in the WWE again, here I am. This, my fans, is personal. Itís been almost ten years, since I was last in the WWE. Last Monday, when I was in that ring, face to face, with the man who I was screwed out of the title from, I felt a lot of things. Rage, aggression, and a whole list of other feelings. However, Shawn, whether you win or not tonight, let me make one thing perfectly clear: Iím going to make your life a living hell!

*Huge pop*

Bret Hart: You see, when I left the WWE in November 1997, I went down to Atlanta, and down to WCW. Was it beneficial for me? Well, letís see. I won the World Title, I was in the New World Order, and that idiot Goldberg ended my career!

*Boos at the mention of Goldberg*

Bret Hart: Following that, I had a stoke that basically and nearly to not be able to walk or do any basic things, that I was formerly able to do, like get back in the ring. So I sat at home in Canada, and in Italy, and I watched. I watched how Vince and the WWE made fun of the situation in Montreal. I watched how Shawn and Vince acted about the situation. I even read Shawnís book! What do I think of it! Itís complete garbage.

*Huge pop*

Bret Hart: You knowÖ

*Medal hits and out comes Kurt Angle in a suit, to a big pop, and the ďYou SuckĒ chants as well*

Kurt Angle: If it isnít the legendary Bret Hart!

*Huge pop*

Kurt Angle: Bret, itís good to see you. And just to let everyone know, I have been informed that I, myself, will be inducting you Bret, into the Hall of Fame!

*Huge Pop*

Kurt Angle: Bret, I respect you, and admire your passion for the business. Itís great to see you. However, after I beat Shawn tonight, and win back my World Heavyweight Championship from him, and become the six-time Champion, I would like nothing more, than making you tap out at WrestleMania!

*Big pop as both men look each other in the eye*

Kurt Angle: You see Bret, I am the Wrestling Machine! Thereís no person who can outperform me on a big time stage. Shawn Michaels, used to hold claim to that fact, but I made him submit to the Angle Lock last year at Mania!

*Huge Pop*

Bret Hart: Kurt, while you have proven yourself to be the Wrestling Machine of this era, I am the Excellence of Execution as my late great friend, Gorilla Monsoon put it! If me and you meet at Mania, then I will have no problem than making you tap out to the Sharpshooter just like I made Shawn Michaels tap out last week in Montreal!

*Big pop*

Kurt Angle: Bret, while you are an eight time World Champion, let me say this. I am the best there is, the best there was, and the best that will everÖ

*Heartbreak hits and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels to a bunch of heat*

Jim Ross: This is going to get very interesting!

*Michaels enters the ring with a black suit on and a mike in his pocket*

Shawn Michaels: Last week as you all know, I tapped out to the Sharpshooter, from the returning Bret Hart! Tonight, though, I defend my title against Kurt Angle, in a rematch from No Way Out! Kurt, you claim that you outperform me on big match stages?

*Huge boos*

Shawn Michaels: Well let me tell you something. I won the Royal Rumble as entrant number 1, one of only two people to ever do that! I have beaten Bret Hart right in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania, and if it happens, I have no problem doing it again! I am the Showstopper, I am the Main Eventer! Bret, Kurt, you both better realize, that I am the top man in this business! Bret, Iím going to make sure, your return is the worst decision youíve ever made!

*Huge boos*

Shawn Michaels: And Kurt, hereís a preview, of our match tonight!

*Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Angle grabs Michaels and nails the Angle Slam. Angle then locks on the Angle Lock on Michaels. Michaels taps out, and Angle lets go, and Michaels rolls out of the ring. Angle then looks at Hart*

Kurt Angle: Bret, realize this. No one, beats the Wrestling Machine!

*Medal hits as Kurt and Bret have a staredown as JR and King put over what just took place*

*We cut backstage and we see Lita*

Jim Ross: Folks, we know Edge is making his return here later on tonight, but coming up next, six women tag match, will take place as Lita, teams up with Victoria, and Molly Holly, to take on Alexis Laree, Trish Stratus, and the WWE Womensí Champion, Smackdownís Melina Perez!

Jerry Lawler: Folks, itís next, and you donít want to miss it!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks, and hereís a look at what just took place!

*Small clips are shown*

Jim Ross: Well tonight, Bret Hart will find out who is going to be his opponent come March 26th for WrestleMania!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 1: Six-Women Tag Match:
Victoria/Molly/Lita v. Alexis/Trish/Melina

Alexis immediately goes for Victoria for her assault to her following last weeksí match between the two. Molly and Melina actually have good chemistry as both divas work incredibly well with one another. Lita and Trish go at it, and put on some good moves, as they have in their past meetings. Finish of the match, comes when Victoria goes for and connects with the Widowís Peak on Alexis, and Melina comes from behind and scores the three count, with a rollup at the 7:59 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winners of the match, Alexis Laree, Trish Stratus, and the WWE Champion, Melina Perez! MT-7:59

Jim Ross: Melina just scored the upset over, Victoria and her team!

Jerry Lawler: Melina, better keep it up, because Victoria will be ready come Mania!

Jim Ross: Well Iíve just got word, that Victoria will be teaming up with Molly Holly to take on Jillian Hall and Melina at Saturday Nightís Main Event, in an Interpromotional Divasí Tag Team Match!

Jerry Lawler: Well thatís big news!

Jim Ross: King, Todd Grisham is standing with the European Champion, Rhyno, who in a few moments, will be taking on Batista, for a shot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

Todd Grisham: Thank you JR. Rhyno, tonight you have a chance, to get into a match, with the chance of winning a contract for a guaranteed World/WWE title match for anytime within the next twelve months, all the way to WrestleMania 23, should you wait that long. The man who stands in your way, from getting into that match, is the former World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! So, what are your thoughts on the match?

Rhyno: Well, Todd, Batista is much more powerful than me. However, itís not the first time, Iím facing someone who is more powerful than me. In ECW, it was just the same. Now, I have the chance, to get into one of the most craziest matches in recent memory. But the prize is worth it. A guaranteed shot for the World Heavyweight or WWE Championship for the next year at anytime! The thing is, once I hit the gore on Batista, itís all over, except for the 1-2-3! Itís time!

*Rhyno leaves as we see the Animal walking down the halls*

Jerry Lawler: Well folks, that match is up next!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks. Letís send it to Lillian for the next match!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 2:
Rhyno v. Batista

Very exciting match with Rhyno holding his own against Batista. Batista even has trouble getting control in the match. Finish of the match comes when Rhyno goes for the gore, heís hit with his belt by Muhammad Hassan. Batista doesnít know what happened, and nails the Batista Bomb on Rhyno and scores the three count at the 9:05 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Batista! MT-9:05

Jim Ross: Hassan just laid out Rhyno with his European belt!

Jerry Lawler: Batista didnít know a thing about it!

Jim Ross: Well no matter how you look at it, we have our first participant in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

*We cut backstage and see Edge talking with Lita*

Jim Ross: When we come back, Edge returns with the segment show, ďThe Cutting Edge!Ē

Jerry Lawler: You donít want to miss this!

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks!

*Metalinglus hits and out comes Edge to a mixed reaction*

Jerry Lawler: Edge is finally back!

*Edge gets in the ring*

Edge: It feels good to be back!

*Huge heat*

Edge: Welcome folks, to the Cutting Edge!

*More heat on Edge*

Edge: As you all know, last month I was the victim, of the Side Effect from Matt Hardy! Through the Sound System in the arena!

*Huge Pop*

Edge: I suffered some burns, a brutal head injury, I was out of action for the past month. Matt, damn it, youíre going to pay. You know what, letís bring out the man, who is the guest on the Cutting Edge, Matt Hardy!

*Huge pop as Live for the Moment hits and out comes Matt Hardy to a huge pop*

Matt Hardy: London, England, Matt Hardy is here!

*Huge pop*

Edge: You little punk! You nearly killed me last month! But more importantly, you cost me my shot at headlining WrestleMania!

*Huge Pop*

Edge: You cost me my shot at once again becoming the World Heavyweight Champion!

*Huge Pop*

[COLOR]Edge: So, youíre going to pay! Youíre going to pay dearly!

Matt Hardy: Okay! So, what do you want!

Edge: I want you at WrestleMania!

Matt Hardy: My pleasure! I have no problem Edge, ending your undefeated streak at WrestleMania!

Edge: Matt, Iíve beaten your ass twice at Mania, I have no problem doing it a third time!

Matt Hardy: Why, this time itís just me and you!

Edge: One more thing. ThisÖ

*Edge nails a right and both men start brawling. Matt gets the advantage and goes for the Twist of Fate. Edge counters and sends Matt to the ropes, and nails the spear on Matt. Edge then grabs a chair and puts under the face of Matt.*

Edge: One more thing Matt, it will be a Hardcore Match! Hereís a preview!

*Edge nails the one man con-chair-to on Matt. Edge has an evil wide smile on his face as Matt is out cold and Metalingus hits once again throughout the arena*

Jim Ross: Oh my god, King! Edge just nailed the con-chair-to to Matt Hardy, and these two will meet in 34 days at WrestleMania XXII, in a Hardcore Match!

Jerry Lawler: This is going to be one hell of a match, and it will be personal!

*We see Shelton Benjamin heading to the ring*

Jim Ross: Well when we get back folks, Shelton Benjamin will be facing The Rock. Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

Jerry Lawler: Weíre back here on Raw, and take a look at what just happened!

*We see a clip of what just took place*

*We cut to Matt being attended by some of the doctors in the back*

*Edge comes in*

Edge: Matt, at Mania, Iím going to humiliate the living hell out of you. Matter of fact, I just spoke with Theodore Long, and he has granted me an Interpromotional match with your brother Jeff Hardy, at Saturday Nightís Main Event, next month. You and everyone else, will see why I am the Rated R Superstar!

*Edge nails a stiff cheap shot, knocking Hardy down as him and Lita kiss in front of Matt*

Jim Ross: Oh, thereís going to be hell to pay, for Edge!

*Lillian does the intros*

Match 3:
Shelton Benjamin v. The Rock

Excellent match with both men exchanging moves with one another. Rock nails the spinebuster, but Shelton comes right back with a belly to back Suplex on the Rock. Rock goes for the sharpshooter, but Shelton counters. Shelton then nails the T-Bone Suplex on Rock, and scores the three count, with his feet on the ropes, at the 16:02 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, Shelton Benjamin! MT-16:02

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin used the damn ropes to get the victory!

Jerry Lawler: A win is a win, though JR.

*We cut backstage and see Jonathan Carter heading to the ring*

Jim Ross: Looks like the GM is on his way out here.

Jerry Lawler: Weíll be right back!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*The Way I Am hits and out comes Raw General Manager, Jonathan Carter to a bunch of heat*

*Jonathan speaks from the ramp*

Jonathan Carter: Why thank you, as much as I hate being here in this stinking, vile, dirty, second rate country, I am here anyway!

*Huge heat on Carter*

Jonathan Carter: You can hate me all you want, but damn it, Iím the one who is putting your butts in these seats. Since I took over, last November, I have delivered week after week. At the Rumble, Kurt Angle and Muhammad Hassanís World Title Match, was one hell of a match and was better than Orton/Daniels from Smackdown. Then at No Way Out, Michaels/Angle, Triple H/Rock, Austin/Kennedy, Styles and Benjamin/Naturals!

*More heat*

Jonathan Carter: The fact is, Theodore Long, you will never be better than me! Smackdown will never be better than Raw. At WrestleMania, in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Raw will be victorious! London, as much as Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels have both crossed my paths, they have you fans in the seats, and ready to see a fight! Raw is going to kick Smackdown ass all the way to oblivion!

*Mixed reaction from the crowd*

*Carter gets ready to leave, but is confronted by JBL*

JBL: You say, youíre going to kick Smackdown to oblivion. Well, just like these stupid minded, slow thinking people here in London, Raw is just like them!

*Pop from the crowd*

JBL: Carter, youíre dealing with the self wrestling god, the man who has the longest reigning championship run in the last decade, I am what I say I am. I am JBL, John Bradshaw LayfÖ

*Triple H clocks JBL with a chair in the back. Triple H then picks up JBL, and nails the pedigree on JBL right on the top of the stage*

Triple H: Bradshaw, you want me at Mania! You got me!

*Triple H does his pose over a fallen JBL*

Jonathan Carter: Like I said, Raw is going to send Smackdown into oblivion!

*Triple H heads to the ring*

Jim Ross: Well when we come back, Triple H will challenge Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Weíll be right back.

*Commercials-4 Minutes*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, and next week Raw will be live from Madison Square Garden in New York City!

Jerry Lawler: I canít wait!

*Lillian does the introductions*

Match 4: Intercontinental Championship:
Triple H v. RVD(c)

Excellent match, as both competitors put on so far the MOTN. Triple H scores the pedigree but RVD kicks out at two. The match continues, with more near falls. Finish comes when RVD counters a Suplex, into a kick from off the top rope. RVD then nails the Five Star Frog Splash, on Triple H! RVD gets the three count, and wins at the 12:22 mark!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, and still the Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam! MT-12:22

Jim Ross: What a match!

Jerry Lawler: Somehow, someway, Rob Van Dam is still the Intercontinental Champion!

Jim Ross: But will that remain the same for Shawn Michaels!

*We see Shawn getting ready for the match. We then cut to Kurt who is doing the same*

Jerry Lawler: The big match is up next!

Jim Ross: The World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Shawn Michaels defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle, in a No Way Out rematch! This is going to be good!

*Commercials-3 Minutes*

*Lillian does the introductions*

Jim Ross: Folks, weíre staying with this, until the end!

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship:
Shawn Michaels(c) v. Kurt Angle

As always both men put on a five star performance. This one almost tops their match from No Way Out! Michaels and Angle give their all, with reverse finishes, suplexes from off the top rope, and submissions galore. Finish comes with Michaels nailing Angle with the Sharpshooter, and Angle tapping out, after nearly 2 and a half minutes in it. Michaels is still the champion, after the 23:49 match!

Lillian Garcia: The winner of the match, and STILL the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels! MT-23:49

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels is still the World Heavyweight Champion! What a match! What aÖ

*Hitman hits and out comes Bret Hart to a huge pop. Bret gets in the ring, and goes face to face with Michaels. The Way I Am hits and out comes Raw GM, Jonathan Carter to a huge amount of heat. Carter gets in the ring and gets a mike*

Jonathan Carter: Well, well, well! I have three big announcements! At WrestleMania XXII, it will be Shawn Michaels taking on Bret Hart for the World Heavyweight Championship! At Saturday Nightís Main Event, it will be Kurt Angle taking on Bret Hart! Finally, in the main event of Saturday Nightís Main Event, it will be Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and The Rock taking on Smackdownís WWE Champion, Randy Orton, the 2006 Royal Rumble winner Booker T, and John Cena!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Jonathan Carter: See you guys, next week in Madison Square Garden in NYC, for the contract signing!

*The Way I Am hits as Jonathan leaves*

Jerry Lawler: Like him or not, Jonathan Carter has been on the ball since he came here to the WWE and more importantly to Raw!

Jim Ross: Goodnight from London!

*Show ends with Michaels and Bret not taking their eyes off each other, with Michaels holding the World Heavyweight Championship over his head*

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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