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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I know I owe quite a few reviews to people. I haven't been incredible busy, just a procastinating asshole. Halfway through Legend's NWO PPV.

As I said before, Sunday Night Heat instead of an official preview.


Sunday Night Heat:
Raw’s Todd Grisham and SmackDown’s Kristal Marshall welcome us to the program from inside Ford Field, on top of a stage somewhere in the lobby of the building surrounded by screaming fans. The two hype of WrestleMania a bit, before talking about the pre-show match which will see Raw’s Redneck Wrecking Crew, Cade and Murdoch, team up with Luther Reigns to take on SmackDown’s Chris Sabin and The Mexicools.

WrestleMania Recall - WrestleMania 3 - Hulk Hogan slams Andre The Giant in front of 93,000 strong.

Our announcers talk about the two Interbrand tag team matches before Kristal and Grisham begin to discuss one of five “main-events”, John Cena taking on The Undertaker. We then cut to the final segment of SmackDown this past Friday Night, with Cena choking out The Undertaker with the STFU, forcing The Phenom to cough up blood.

After a commercial break, we see the arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin to Ford Field, carrying his bag, looking as focused and intense as ever. Kristal and Grisham talk about his match with Angle - the second of five “main events” for a bit before cutting to a video package…

- Austin sets the world on fire, winning the 1996 King of the Ring before cutting his infamous 3:16 promo. Stone Cold has his incredible feud with Bret Hart, including the match of the century with Bret at WrestleMania 13. The following year, he captures the Championship.

Jim Ross:
The Austin Era has begun!

- Stone Cold reeks havoc on the WWF during the late 90s, reigning as the biggest and most popular figure in the business with his brash attitude, raunchy way with words, and his often explosive antics, from the beer truck, to the Zamboni, and constantly Stunning the boss.

Steve Austin:
Stone Cold does what he wants when he wants and that’s the bottom line, ‘cause Stone Cold said so!


- While Austin goes on the shelf in late ‘99, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle debuts.

Kurt Angle: I follow The Three I’s - Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence.

- Angle establishes himself as a main event force in wrestling during the year 2000, winning the Intercontinental Championship, European Title, King of the Ring and WWF Championship all throughout.

- Late in the year, Austin returns…

Jim Ross: Stone Cold Steve Austin is back and all hell is gonna break loose!

- Austin comes back in late 2000 and it’s almost as if he hasn’t missed a beat, winning the WWF Championship at WrestleMania 17. Austin has one of the most successful years of his career and even has a couple of close, brutal encounters with Kurt Angle. But in the end, it’s Austin who comes out the ultimate victor in the short-lived but intense rivalry.

- Austin continues to be a top flight superstar and a well established icon of the sport until he retires from wrestling after a modern classic against The Rock at WM19 in 2003.

Jim Ross: Have we seen the last of Stone Cold Steve Austin??

- In 2003 and 2004, with many of the icons of the current generation taking lesser roles and retiring (Austin, Rock, Taker), Kurt Angle does his DAMNEDEST to set himself up as THE man in professional wrestling - and does quite well - putting on classic matches with Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Brock Lesnar, Edge and a host of others, while winning several titles.

Michael Cole: We could be seeing one of the greatest stars to come through these halls in a long time.

- Angle REALLY establishes himself in 2005 and 2006, having a couple of dream matches with Shawn Michaels, before winning the World Heavyweight Championship in Jan. 2006.

- Throughout the year 2006, Angle defeats Mark Henry, The Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, The Big Show, King Booker and Batista, officially making himself an ICON in the sport.

- September of 2006, Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to the WWE!!

Steve Austin:
Stone Cold Steve Austin is back … and I am gonna raise more hell in this ring than ever before … and THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE … CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!!

- In October 2006, Kurt Angle loses the World Title to Batista and fails on several occasions to get it back. Angle grows more and more frustrated, and that climaxes in a confrontation with Stone Cold at the Royal Rumble…

Steve Austin:
I didn’t come back at the risk of ending up in a damn wheelchair to be some curtain jerker or a damn scrub.

Kurt Angle:
You keep messing with me and I’ll be the one to put you in a damn wheelchair, Austin.

Steve Austin:
I suggest you watch your tone. Don’t be threatenin’ me, son.

Angle gets into the face of The Rattlesnake.

Kurt Angle:
I don’t make threats, I make promises.

- Austin and Angle meet in the Royal Rumble match and though Austin hit’s a Stunner on Angle, it’s Kurt who tosses Stone Cold from the ring, eliminating him from the match up. Austin gets his revenge though, sliding back in and giving Angle another Stunner.

- Kurt makes the move to Monday Night Raw and once more, the two superstars have several verbal confrontations. The match is set up for WrestleMania 23, billed as Icon vs. Icon, with Angle calling Austin a washed up, shell of his former self…

Kurt Angle:
Now, it’s {beating Austin} almost something be ashamed of. It’s something to look down upon; beating up a broken down, washed up, fat, out of shape, drunk, old man. Let’s be honest, that’s all it really is, right, Austin?? Beating you is no feat, beating you is certainly no accolade … but that doesn’t mean I won’t revel in doing it six days from tonight at WrestleMania 23.

- Austin retorts.

Steve Austin:
Yeah, I’m older. Yeah, I’m slower. And oh hell yeah, my body’s more worn down than it’s ever been but the fact still remains the same; come hell or high water, bad neck or bad back, Stone Cold Steve Austin is rolling into Ford Field as the same damn son of a bitch that put on a war with Bret “The Hitman” Hart ten years ago at WrestleMania 13!
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the same son of a bitch that gave The Rock three of the most vicious battles that this business has ever seen at a WrestleMania. The same Stone Cold that beat Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. The same Stone Cold that put several whoopins on your ass a couple of years ago. The same Stone Cold that took this business, flipped it upside down on it’s head, and in this ring, rose more hell than ever seen before!!

- Clips of Angle and Austin destroying opponents.

Kurt Angle:
Oh believe me, I’m going to enjoy each and every last second of it. Watching you gasp for air, watching you scream for agony as I pick you apart piece by piece, listening to you BEG and PLEAD for me not to end your career on the grandest stage of them all … right before I snap your ankle into two separate pieces. I’m gonna do more than enjoy that. I’m gonna bask in that feeling. I welcome it with more than open arms; knowing that this whole thing wasn’t just because I wanted to, but because it was absolutely necessary.
I’m gonna love WrestleMania 23 as much as you should embrace it. The end of an era - the Austin Era - but the beginning of a new one, a better one. The end is near, Austin … the end is HERE, Austin. Get ready.

- Austin stunning Angle on the last Raw before WM.

Steve Austin:
So don’t tell me you think I’m washed up, because you ain’t that stupid, you ain’t that naïve and if you are, you’re in for the biggest shock, and biggest ass whooping of a lifetime at WrestleMania 23 … AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LIIIINE -- CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!!

- Final clip of Austin and Angle face to face at the Royal Rumble.

WrestleMania Recall - WrestleMania 18 - Icon vs. Icon; The Rock defeats Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Back from the break, Kristal and Grisham talk about the phenomenal matches for the Cruiserweight and Women’s Championships, with Mickie facing Victoria with the chance to become a yearlong champion, while Christopher Daniels defends the CW Title against Rey Mysterio battle in an incredibly personal match up.

They then talk about another personal match up, in Hunter vs. Rocky. Before we head right into a video package for the third main event, The Rock taking on ‘The Game’ Triple H in a No Holds Barred.

- Quick recap of the long history between The Game and The Rock, from their early battles over the Intercontinental Championship, to their legendary feuds over the WWF Title.

- The Rock leaves for Hollywood in 2002, and Triple H establishes himself as the one and only top dog of the company, racking up World Title after World Title, while managing to defeat the top names in the industry.

Triple H:
There is only ONE - diamond - in - this - business. And, jack, you’re looking at him!

- H runs roughshod as the number one star in the world, carrying the company, from 2002 until 2006.

- At SummerSlam 2006, The Rock returns to the WWE!

- Immediately, the tension between The Rock and The Game is felt as the two share several awkward conversations and staredowns.

The Rock:
The Rock can remember being hit with a sledgehammer several times. The Rock can remember the brutal matches. The Rock can remember the year long feuds. SO, just don’t think you can throw on a DX t-shirt and think The Rock is gonna forgive and forget. The Rock … doesn’t … trust you.

Triple H:
Ya know what Rock? (scoffs) You don’t have to trust me. In fact, tonight, you can just stand on the apron and don’t get involved. Alright? (Rather matter-of-factly) Wouldn’t want you to get your nails dirty, Hollywood.

- At No Mercy, The Rock and Triple H have their most intense exchange yet before Rock’s first match back on PPV.

Triple H:
Rock, I am not in the mood to…

The Rock:
IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!! Every single week, you end up in The Rock’s face. Look, do The Rock a favor. I know its hard but somehow, keep that beak you call a nose out of The Rock’s business.

- Rock has a match up with King Booker. Towards the end, Triple H comes down to the ring and drills Booker with a sledgehammer, allowing The Rock to pick up the victory.

- Though the tension is still quite evident, The Rock and The Game manage to avoid any MAJOR confrontations with one another for the next few months.

- The tension picks back up on the road to the Royal Rumble where both Triple H and The Rock will challenge for Batista’s World Heavyweight Title.

Triple H:
Look at the level of talent that’s out here. I mean, really, I look down and I see a b-list actor … someone who should never be the World Champion … and someone who is past his prime … and I’m just talking about The Rock.

- Hunter and Rock exchange finishing moves in back to back weeks before the Royal Rumble.

- At the Royal Rumble, Hunter looks like he has the victory when he Pedigrees The Rock, but Batista breaks it up, hit’s the Demon Bomb on Hunter and snatches a victory from the jaws of defeat.

- The following SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon names The Rock the number one contender to face Batista in a Steel Cage Match at No Way Out. Hunter complains, citing his Pedigree on The Rock moments earlier in the match. Stephanie retorts with a commentary on H’s recent behavior.

Stephanie McMahon:
You can’t beat The Rock, Hunter.

Triple H:
What in the hell are you talking about? I’ve beaten The Rock’s overrated ass more times than I count.

Stephanie McMahon:
That’s not what I mean and I think you know that. I see you out there, playing to the crowd, mocking The Rock, trying to get these people on your side. But no matter what you do, no matter how many jokes you make, no matter how many DX shirts you wear, you will never be as popular as The Rock and that’s what eats you up inside. Ever since The Rock came back, you’ve been trying to one up him and its not just happening. Its pretty pathetic to watch because deep down inside, you and I both know, its just not you. You don’t give a damn about these people but your ego won’t let you be outshone by The Rock in the ring, on the mic, anywhere … How long is it until you show your true colors, anyway?

Stephanie smirks a bit as Hunter stares at her, various emotions running through his face.

- Hunter remains off television until the No Way Out PPV after Rock’s match with Batista. After the match, Rock gets a standing ovation but that’s soon interrupted when Triple H makes his return after two months and destroys the People’s Champ, slamming him into the cage, hitting a Pedigree on the chair, a couple of nasty sledgehammer shots and then the final blow, a hammer shot, onto the chair, onto Rock’s head.

Triple H: Austin came and went, Goldberg came and went, so did Nash, so did Steiner, so did Lesnar, so did Hogan, SO DID THE ROCK!! The one consistent, the one dependable commodity that this company had to rely on was ME!!
You don’t have to like it but it is the truth - it is the ever-loving truth. I put asses in the seats, I put money in Vince’s wallet, sold out the arenas, elevated the ratings, bumped the damn buy-rates and made this company what it has evolved into to this very day!!!
Through all the utter crap and complete bullshit that I have to go through from the critics and each every one of you idiots, I remained loyal. Every damn place I go, I have to hear about politics, I have to hear about holding people back, but yet, all I do is come out here week after week, for years on end, and put on the best match that you idiots have ever seen and keep you people on the edge of your damn seats because … its … what … I … do. I’m willing to accept the outright nonsense from everyone in this place, because being a wrestler -- being the BEST is what I do.
Yeah, that’s right. Rock decided that he had enough of Hollywood. Just like that. Decided he had enough and came right back to the WWE and … (sarcastically) much to everyone’s surprise, the WWE accepted him with open arms. That I can understand, its simply business. I get it.
But what I don’t get is, how The Rock comes back and is just handed everything on a damn silver platter. Vince plasters his mug all over pay per view posters, all over promotional events. Rocky gets top billing. Rocky gets handed the main events. Rock gets handed shots at the World Heavyweight Championship - MY World Heavyweight Championship.
I’d blame Stephanie, I’d blame Vince, I’d blame management, but the fact is, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of each and everyone of you idiots around the world and here tonight.
This guy takes his ball … goes to Hollywood … gives a big “screw you” to the WWE … basically tells all of you to shove it up your ass … and then he gets bored, comes back and you -- you accept him with open arms?
I wasn’t gonna sit by and let this arrogant jack off come in and take what rightfully belongs to me - my title shots, my main events, my pay per view paychecks, MY DAMN RESPECT!!
So I did the right thing, I did what I had to do -- I took my sledgehammer, walked into that cage, beat his ass within an inch of his life and then proceeded to bust his damn head open! That was a message, that everybody in the back, everybody in the office, everybody sitting on their asses in this crowd and at home needs to understand. THE GAME IS BACK!!

- Hunter challenges The Rock to No Holds Barred Match for WrestleMania 23.

- The Rock returns at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

The Rock:
Triple H, you wanna bash The Rock upside the head with a steel chair, you wanna slam The Rock in the cage, you wanna hit The Rock with a sledgehammer, bashing The Rock’s head wide open, putting The Rock in the hospital, putting The Rock on the shelf, 17 STITCHES in The Rock’s skull, you wanna do all that to please your ego??
Well, The Rock says this, you want The Rock at WrestleMania 23, No Holds Barred match, the match to end it all, the match to end the greatest rivalry in all of sports-entertainment??
After all the Rock Bottoms, after all the Pedigrees, after all the People’s Elbows, all the sledgehammer shots, all the cheap shots, almost an entire DECADE of the two of us fighting at it tooth and nail, 19 World Championships between us and now you wanna end it?? Well The Rock, says … JUST BRING IT, BITCH!!!

- Quick clips of Triple H delivering The Pedigree to the biggest stars ever - Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash and a slew of others.

Triple H:
Just like this damn company, YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME!! Without me carrying your ass you get nothing done! For years upon years, everybody talks about the Rock and Austin Era! Everybody talks about the so called second ‘golden age’ of this company, but the fact is, I CARRIED THIS PLACE!! I GOT THE JOB DONE!! But more importantly than all else, I STAYED LOYAL while you took your ass to Hollywood and Austin took his ball and went home!!
These idiots don’t wanna hear it, because it’s true. I took the WWE and put it on my back for years and years and you stroll your ass in here, years later and think you’re still the big man on campus! At No Way Out, I made it abundantly clear that I still call ALL the shots when I wiped the floor with your ass!!
And at WrestleMania 23, I will finish the job. On the biggest stage of all time, the grandest stage of them all, thousands upon thousands of fans, all there to see the climax of the biggest feud of all time, I will put the final nail in your coffin and cap off your overrated career!! Get your bags packed for Hollywood, Rock, because you get run out of this place in two weeks and there isn’t a damn things you can do about it. WHY!? Because I AM THE GAME!!

- Clips of The Rock hitting The Rock Bottom on many of the same competitors that The Game has defeated as well.

The Rock:
The Rock has had enough of you whining, enough your moaning and groaning. Bitching about crap that happened ten years ago!! The Rock says if you really want a piece of The Rock, if you really think you’re as bad as you say, then you’ll walk your monkey ass down that ramp, step your ass into this ring and get the ASS-WHOOPIN’ OF A LIFETIME!!!
And The Rock suggests that much like the past THREE WrestleManias, you will (starts gagging) CHOKE on the grand stage!! IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLL-LA-LA-LAAAAOW!!! WHAT THE ROCK … IS … COOKIN!!

- Shot of The Rock and Triple H face to face in 1998.

- Fade to a shot of Hunter and Rocky face to face in 2000.

- Clips of some of The Rock’s movies before some clips of Hunter’s “Reign of Terror” starting in 2002.

- And finally, The Rock and The Game face to face in 2007.

WrestleMania Recall - WrestleMania 10 - Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon have a Ladder Match over the Intercontinental Championship and make history (I don’t know how. It wasn’t the first in WWE history).

‘HBK’ Shawn Michaels is interviewed Maria and cuts one of his arrogant promos, continuing his rather heel-tweener role as of late. Maria asks an interesting question, asking if he’ll feel lonely tonight. HBK states that he always has something of his sleeve with his trademark smirk.

After a commercial break, we get clips of people predicting who will win the triple threat WWE Title Match, with it seemingly divided evenly between Michaels, Edge and Orton. Out hosts take us to another VP - the fourth main event of the night.

Three Way Dance Video Package:
Jim Ross:
Three of the greatest superstars in the sport, who will leave with the WWE Title??

- Shawn Michaels captures his fifth World Title at SummerSlam 2006, defeating his DX teammate Triple H and Edge for the WWE Championship.

Jim Ross:
Shawn Michaels!! HBK has done it! HBK is once again the WWE Champion! Once more the Boyhood Dream has come true!!

- Edge regains the WWE Title at Bad Blood in October, defeating Michaels in a Ladder Match.

Jim Ross:
You don’t have to like him but after that performance there’s no doubt that Edge should be respected because he has once again proven that he deserves to wear the WWE Championship.

- Edge impresses the fans, defeating The Undertaker clean twice in a row, getting the crowd on his side. Edge’s Rated R Army becomes somewhat threatened by Edge’s newfound popularity.

Randy Orton:
You guys have got to ask yourselves, who’s Edge looking out for, him … or you??

- At New Year’s Revolution, Edge and Randy Orton are the last two members of a Six Man Elimination Match. The Rated R Army come down and distract Edge, allowing Orton to hit the RKO and pick up the victory and become the NEW WWE Champion!

Jim Ross:
Not this way! Not this way damn it! We’ve got ourselves a new WWE Champion and it’s that damned Randy Orton!

- After the match, Lita is forced to watch as Edge’s group goes to town on their former leader, beating and bloodying him at the behest of Orton.

Jim Ross:
Enough is enough! Edge is bloody mess.

- With Edge on the shelf, Michaels steps up as the #1 contender for Orton’s title at the Royal Rumble.

Shawn Michaels:
Make no mistake about it. At the Royal Rumble, the WWE Championship comes back around my waist!

- At the RR, Orton steals a win from Michaels, rolling him up with a school boy, hooking the ropes and tights for the victory.

Jim Ross:
Randy Orton once again STEALS the WWE Championship just like he did at New Years Revolution against Edge. He’s a no good, lousy son of a b-

- Later in the night at the RR, Edge returns, taking out Chris Masters and using his number 30 entry into the Royal Rumble!

Jim Ross:
Edge is back and the RKO Army -- Edge’s Rated R Army is in for it now!! Edge is in the Rumble!! And he’s doing exactly what Lita said he would, making Randy Orton’s Royal Rumble night … HELL!!!

- Eventually though, Edge is eliminated due to a distraction from Randy Orton!

Jim Ross:
How many more times can Randy Orton possibly stick it to The Rated R Superstar??

- Edge and Michaels form a partnership of convenience, teaming up to take on Orton and his RKO Army on several occasions, while competing in a Road to WrestleMania #1 Contender’s Tournament.

Jerry Lawler:
That damn Shawn Michaels evening up the odds here!

- Edge and Michaels meet in the finals of the tournament but their match is interrupted by Orton, who takes both men out and even goes so far as to RKO Lita!

Jim Ross:
That no good son of a bitch Randy Orton has just screwed up one hell of a match and effectively screwed these two athletes out of a WrestleMania title match!!

- A Three Way Dance between the three men is set for WrestleMania 23.

Jonathan Coachman:
Much like a triple threat, the match will start out with the three of you in the ring, but once the first fall occurs, the remaining two competitors will continue the match. So, Randy, what I’m saying is, if you want to retain that WWE Championship at WrestleMania, you’ll have to outlast Shawn Michaels AND Edge!!

- In retaliation for Orton’s attack on Lita, Edge spears RKO Army member, Melina, the following week on Raw!

Jerry Lawler:
How can you possibly condone Edge’s actions, J.R.?? This guy is out of control!

- Michaels and Edge team up to fend off Orton and the RKO Army but afterwards, HBK super kicks Edge!

Jim Ross:
Shawn Michaels just leveled Edge with that Superkick!! Turned Edge’s lights off! What the hell was that about?!

Jerry Lawler:
Don’t act shocked, J.R. It’s Shawn Michaels, this is far from the first time we’ve seen this from him, ha-ha, you can NEVER trust HBK!

- The Raw before WrestleMania, Edge and Michaels do battle but eventually, Orton lays out Edge with the RKO … and Michaels lays out Orton with Sweet Chin Music.

Jim Ross:
HBK once more coming out on top of the heap!

- Quick shots of all three superstars.

Jim Ross:
It gets no bigger than the Monday Night Raw Main Event - the WWE Championship Match. Three Way Dance, “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton defends the WWE Title against “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and “The Rated R Superstar” Edge with two falls to a finish!

- Shot of all three superstars hitting their finishing maneuver.

Jerry Lawler:
The last man standing after two eliminations leave with the gold, and things have gotten mighty personal with these three superstars. What will be the focus come WrestleMania night? The WWE Championship?

- Shot of Orton with the WWE Title.

Jerry Lawler:
Hogging the spotlight?

- Michaels spinning in the ring before flexing.

Jerry Lawler:
Or revenge?

- Shot of Edge boiling with anger.

“(Echoing) Only time will tell.”

WrestleMania Recall - WrestleMania 13 - Stone Cod Steve Austin puts on one hell of a gutsy performance, blood gushing from his face, locked in a Sharpshooter, before passing out to the incomparable Bret Hart.

Backstage, we see the arrival of King Booker, Queen Sharmell and The New King’s Court, Elijah Burke and Monty Brown, looking rather calm and confident.

Our announcers talk about the United States Title Match between Booker, Finlay, Lashley and champion, William Regal. They then discuss the Intercontinental Championship Match with John Bradshaw Layfield challenging Carlito.

After our final commercial break, we’re taken to a split screen of the World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Ric Flair, and the #1 contender Mr. Kennedy. KK looks rather anxious, moving around his locker room, while Big Dave and The Nature Boy look calm, just another title defense.

Our announcers talk about the World Title Match headlining match and also talk about the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which will see Ric Flair compete with Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Ken Doane, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. Kristal and Grisham then sign off, taking us into the arena for our Heat main event.

In our main event, Raw’s Redneck Wrecking Crew and Luther Reigns manage to defeat Chris Sabin and The Mexicools at 6:11 when Cade & Murdoch hit the Sweet & Sour on Psichosis picking up the pinfall. We’re thrown to our final video package of the night, four our fifth and final main event - the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy.

World Heavyweight Championship Video Package:
- At No Mercy, Batista regains the World Heavyweight Title he was forced to relinquish due to surgery, ending the nine month reign of Kurt Angle in a No Holds Barred Match.

- Soon thereafter, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair joins up with The Animal as his manager and Batista becomes even more dominant, defeating five top superstars (Kurt Angle, The Rock, Triple H, King Booker, Finlay) in the Elimination Chamber at Armageddon and following that up by defeating Bobby Lashley at New Years Revolution

- At the Royal Rumble, Batista defeats Triple H and The Rock in a World Title match, retaining his belt.

Ric Flair:
Y’know big man, I usually would come out here and tell you how great you were last Sunday but beating Triple H for the umpteenth time just doesn’t seem worth it. Ha. The fact is, Triple H never stood a chance. The fact is, The Rock didn’t stand a chance and its about time that they, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and anybody else who’s feeling froggy to realize that there is nobody - NOBODY - who can ever beat this man!! WOOO!!!!!

- Later on RR night, Mr. Kennedy wins the 30 Man Royal Rumble, last eliminating Kurt Angle.

Ric Flair:
Kennedy, you’ve got it all!! You’ve got the look, you’ve got the charisma, you can talk the talk, you can walk the walk, you can wrestle, you’re one of the brightest young stars to come around in a long time and coming from me, that’s as big of a compliment as it gets brother.
So for your own good, for the betterment of your career, for your career to take that next step, take your Royal Rumble win, take your guaranteed WrestleMania main event and … go to Monday Night Raw.
You don’t wanna blow that first big opportunity by going up against Batista, my friend. Trust me, go to Raw, wrestle Orton and whoever wins that tournament and win the WWE Championship because if you stay on SmackDown and try to wrestle Batista at WrestleMania, it only ends one of two possible ways. You get beat … or you get beat and leave in a wheelchair.

- Later that following SmackDown, Kennedy speaks.

Mr. Kennedy:
Flair said, I shouldn’t stay on SmackDown because its quite possible that Batista could beat me, hell, its quite possible that he could beat the living shit out of me at WrestleMania.
No … Flair’s right, he could. Nobody has been able to take the World Title from Batista. Not The Rock. Not Triple H. Not King Booker. Not Finlay. Not Mark Henry. Not Kurt Angle. So, why in the hell would an arrogant, loudmouth, pompous, blonde-haired asshole like myself be able to beat him?
With that said, my decision is made … and it was a pretty easy one. At WrestleMania 23, its gonna Mister Kennedy … STAYING right here on SmackDown to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!!
You damn right I’m staying! What makes me different Flair?! I tell ya. I fear nobody, I fear no man, I fear no Animal, I don’t fear that shaved ape we call a champ and I don’t fear a guy who can raise his eyebrow. Nobody thought I could make it on my own without JBL, but I did. Nobody thought I could beat John Cena, but I did. Nobody thought that anybody could beat Cena twice in a row, but I did. And NOBODY sure as hell thought that I would win the Royal Rumble … but … I … DID!!
The Kennedy Administration has begun. You don’t like it? Ya might as well freakin’ retire because I‘m here to stay. SAY IT LOUD … SAY IT PROUD … MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRRRRR KKKEENNNNEDYYYY!!! KEN - NA - DAY!!!

- After Batista retains the title yet again at the No Way Out, Ric Flair attempts to get into the head of Mr. Kennedy.

Ric Flair:
Batista beat Triple H THREE TIMES IN A ROW and then beat him AGAIN at the Royal Rumble!! HE CRUSHED ROCK IN THE STEEL CAGE!! Batista has come out of No Disqualification Matches, Elimination Chambers, Steel Cage Matches WITHOUT A DAMN SCRATCH!! STILL THE CHAMPION!! AND YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT HIM?!
YOU!? A guy who hasn’t headlined a pay per view in his entire life?! A guy who got lucky by winning the Royal Rumble!? A guy who got lucky when Kurt Angle made a mistake last night?! Kid, this is the big leagues. At WrestleMania, nobody’s asking you to throw Batista over the top rope - WOOO - we’re asking you - YOU - to grab a man who’s 300 pounds, six feet six and pin his shoulders to the mat for three or to make Batista submit!!! Something that LEGENDS haven’t been able to do -- LEGENDS!! And you’re gonna do it?!

Kennedy answers without hesitation.

Mr. Kennedy:
You bet your ass I’m gonna do it.

Ric Flair:
You’re gonna win?!

Mr. Kennedy:
You damn right I’m gonna win.

Ric Flair: Just like you won at last years WrestleMania?

Kennedy rolls his eyes as Flair hits himself in the head.

Ric Flair: Oh, that’s right!! You weren’t even AT last year’s WrestleMania! So not only is this your FIRST pay per view main event, and not only is this your FIRST title match, and not only is this your FIRST WrestleMania - a place where Batista has already been and been successful -- BOTH TIMES -- but you’re gonna step into the ring with the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion OF ALL TIME!!

Kennedy seems to be losing his sense of confidence as Flair almost shakes his head in pity.

Ric Flair: You don’t have a clue what you’ve gotten yourself into.

KK holds his head down a bit, contemplating his situation it would seem.

Ric Flair: You thought WrestleMania 23 would be the greatest night of your life - a dream come true - but make no mistake about it, you are in for the worst night of your life, nothing short of a nightmare! You’ve come all this way … to bomb on the biggest stage ever in front of millions of fans.

Kennedy looks up as Flair grins from ear to ear.

Ric Flair:
(Mocking Kennedy) April 1st … Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan … MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF FANS - WOOOOOO!! - Mister Kennedy chokes … chokes. WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

- The following week, Batista and Kennedy have a staredown and the differential in size and stature between the two becomes all the more evident with KK being regular height, size and weight, while Batista looks like a monster.

Mr. Kennedy:
I don’t fear Batista. I fear no man. I fear nothing. Well, that’s not true. I fear that one day I’ll either wake up and say words like “scuttlebutt” or I’ll be one of those guys who hang around FAR past their prime and stick around to kiss the ass of some shaved gorilla named Batista. Worse yet, I could end up with a million dollar body and a ten cent brain like our illustrious World Champion.
Truth is, Flair shook me a little bit last week. I can admit it. There’s no denying that. Ric Flair laid all the cards on the table. TRUTH, Batista’s a monster, who’s been completely dominant as the champion of this company and has NEVER lost a World Title match. TRUTH, I have never headlined a pay per view or had a World Title opportunity. More truth? I wasn’t even AT WrestleMania 22 last year. And do you know what all that adds up to? Do you know what it means? It adds up … to about … dick.

- The following week at the contract signing, Batista and Kennedy have a huge brawl but it’s quickly broken up.

Mr. Kennedy:
I don’t care how many title matches you’ve won, I don’t care who you’ve beaten, because it wasn’t against me. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just another hurdle, just another naysayer, another skeptic, another critic, another doubter, another IDIOT, who continues to underestimate Mr. Kennedy. But I GUARANTEE you … … (bends down and signs contract) … … that I’m leaving Ford Field, WrestleMania 23, the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!!

- The next week, Batista and Kennedy have another brawl. This one lasts a bit longer though and though Batista overpowers Kennedy on several occasions, KK manages to hang with him throughout.

Ric Flair:
You haven’t earned it, you know you haven’t earned it and when WrestleMania rolls around, you’re gonna be exposed for the overrated talent that you are. Now what do you have to say about that?

Mr. Kennedy:
Get ready to here me say it loud and you bet your ass I’m gonna say it proud! The NEW World Heavyweight Champion, MMMIIIISTTTEERRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDY!!!!!

- Kennedy and Batista staredown from the contract signing.

- The attack from Flair and Batista two days ago, ending with Kennedy knocked out on the outside of the ring.

Ric Flair:
LOOK AT ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! I warned your ass!!! GO TO RAW!! THAT’S WHAT I SAID!! NOW, in two days you will have WASTED your Royal Rumble win!! YOU WILL HAVE WASTED YOUR MOMENTUM!! You will have WASTED your potential!!! You will have WASTED your promise!! Because let me guarantee you, this is as close as you will EVER - EVER -- EVER come to the World Heavyweight Championship!!!
YOU CAN’T BEAT BATISTA!! NO ONE CAN BEAT BATISTA!! AND IN TWO DAYS, YOU WILL FIND OUT JUST WHY HE’S … the World Heavyweight Champion - the GREATEST World Heavyweight Champion of all-time. See you Sunday, you dumb son of a bitch.

- Final shot of Batista raising the World Heavyweight Title over his head, letting out a roar.



WrestleMania 23 - December 2nd

for the week of September 28th


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