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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

FINAL Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:
Date: April 1st, 2007
Location: Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Saliva; Ladies and Gentlemen

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/Ric Flair
vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Mr. Kennedy
My Pick:
Mr. Kennedy
It feels very much like a set up of old. An unstoppable Champion with a 6 month reign on top faces a challenger who is seemingly inferior to him in every way and has accomplished little outside of the Rumble victory. I see it as a harping back to HBK in '96 or Stone Cold in '98. This is when they really break through the glass ceiling. Batista has been built up as DOMINANCE personified thus far, but I just think that's to make Kennedy's victor all the more momentus. Plus, Big Dave did destroy KK on the last show before Wrestlemania, which is always a good indication I don't see this feud ending here either, but for me, it's Ken Kennedy all the way.

WWE Championship Match; Three Way Dance:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Ortonw/Melina
vs. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels
vs. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edgew/Lita
My Pick:
Randy Orton
This is a tough one to choose. All three men have been billed as equal in the recent months leading in to Wrestlemania. At one point Orton is on top, but then it can quickly change to HBK or Edge as well. Right now it's HBK, but I think he'll be eliminated first from the contest. After all, the real personal feud is between Edge and Orton, and I expect those two to close it out. I've gone for Orton, as I think having Edge win the title back at his first shot would be rather anti-climatic, after all the retoric about his great comeback from NYR. I can definately see him winning the belt at a later PPV from Orton, perhaps Backlash, Vengeance or even SummerSlam, as this feud still has miles to go, and plenty of gimmick matches to utilise. Also, Orton's reign has been quite short if you think about it. Not even 4 months since NYR. I think he'll keep it a while longer.

No Holds Barred Match:
‘The Great One’ The Rock vs. ‘The Game’ Triple H
My Pick:
The Rock
Another VERY hard one to choose. On the one hand, you obviously love Triple H and he will most likely be around in this thread much longer than The Rock. However, it was Triple H who really insigated this feud with one of the most brutal assaults ever. It might spoil Rock's return if he were to lose, but then again he has been slightly on top in the feud since SNME. This is Hunter's match (No Holds Barred), so therefore it would seem that Rocky will overcome him, the biggest face on the biggest stage.

Icon vs. Icon:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle
My Pick:
Kurt Angle
It all makes perfect sense now. This is 2007. Ten years ago in 1997 it was Wrestlemania 13 and Austin broke into the Main Event by facing the greatest technical wrestler of his era, Bret Hart. Austin lost to the better man, but he never gave up, and it made him break in to the business. Now, ten years later, Austin faces the greatest technical wrestler of THIS generation, Kurt Angle, and it would be just perfect for him to bow out of the business in the same way he entered it in '97. This time, instead of the Sharpshooter from Hart, Austin will pass out from the Ankle Lock from Angle. This should be awesome.

One On One:
‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker vs. ‘The Boss’ John Cena
My Pick:
The Undertaker
EVERYTHING you have done up to this point has indicated that Cena will be going over in this feud. However, Cena has absolutely dominated this feud thus far, as he eliminated 'Taker from the Rumble, he cost him a title shot, and punked him out week after week on SD. All 'Taker has done is cost Cena a match with Sabin. We have all understood that Cena is THE MAN so far, but I think having 'Taker lose as well at 'Mania would make him look like a bit of a bitch. So, I think you've been stringing us along, Mac


Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. John Bradshaw Layfield
My Pick:
I think the build up you have been having for Carlito has been really great, pushing him towards the Main Event. Having him lose to JBL might spoil that slightly. I don't expect CCC to hold the strap much longer, but I see a big win coming for him over a former WWE Champion.

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger vs. Rey Mysterio
My Pick:
Christopher Daniels
It really SHOULD be Mysterio in terms of how the feud has gone. Daniels has pretty much ruined Rey's life up till now, but I think this feud is more about putting Daniels over and passing the torch.

Women's Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Victoria
My Pick:
Mickie James
You LOVE James. This is her 1 year anniversary of winning the title. Victoria has absolutely dominated the feud so far. May Mickie's reign continue and be long and prosperous.

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
William Regal vs. King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay
My Pick:
This is tough. This is really tough. Lashley has held the title recently. Regal has held the title for a wild. King Booker is too big for the belt. Finlay seems to be an unpredictable and awesome choice.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
RVD vs. Matt Hardy vs. Ken Doane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sabu vs. Ric Flair
My Pick:
Ric Flair
No one else has enough build in this match. RVD hasn't been billed as as World Champion material, neither has Sabu, Doane, or even The Hardys. Matt is a possibility, but I think Flair is the only real possibility. I don't think Flair SHOULD get it, since MITB is for youngsters, but he is the easy options.

Monsters Collide:
Raw GM Jonathan Coachman’s Big Show & Umaga(w/AAE & Heyman)
vs. SmackDown! GM Stephanie McMahon’s Kane & Mark Henry
My Pick:
Kane & Mark Henry
Another very even feud, but the only real indicator was SmackDown! where Umaga and Show ambushed Kane. That would seem to shift the balance, although Umaga would seem to be your favourite. Kane gets it for me though.

Eight Man Inter-Promotional Tag Team Match:
America's Most Wanted & MNM vs. Hooligans & Helms/Benjamin
My Pick:
America's Most Wanted & MNM
Not a lot of build into this, but of late the feud between The Hooligans and Helms/Benjamin has picked up steam, whilst the one between MNM and AMW is slowing down. I love Helms/Benjamin, but with Kane and Heny winning (I think), Raw will even the odds slightly.

Such an amaing PPV, Mac. I canno wait until December 2nd. I'll be setting aside a lot of time for this read
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