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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown Feedback

Last show before 'Mania? Oh hell yeah

~ Once again, it seems as though you really are leaving nothing to chance in terms of your Wreslemania feuds. EVERYHING has been hyped to the max (with the possible exception of MITB), and the Monster's Collide match has really picked up pace in the last few weeks. Four splendid mic workers in Steph, Estrada, Heyman and Coach all going at it? It was top notch. As you would expect, Estrada kind of stole the show, but doesn't he always. I guess Steph refusing their challenge was just a litte reminder that she is a tweener and doesn't always do what the fans want. Still, great to see Kane and Mark Henry come out anyway, although I still laugh everytime I see that tag team. Henry as a face/tweener is mark out worthy The brawl in the ring was great fn, especially when Cade and Murdoch (WOOO,Push plz ) got involved and helped beat the crap out of Kane. Coach and co. get one over on Steph and co. the show before Wrestlemania? Oh, this almost gurantees a victory for SmackDown, although previously I had been quite sure that you wanted Show and Umagao go over. Ahhh, you taunt me, Mac.

~ Hell of a match to kick things off with. This feud between The Hooligans and Benjamin/Helms is really starting to entertain me. Last week they had what would have been a MOTY had i been written in full ( ), and tis week they get to team up against four equally talented guys. Great booking heading into an 8-man tag match that has suddenly kicked into gear. I love the way how you continue to keep Shelton and Helms looking really strong and The Hooligans as slightly araid of them. Makes for a very exciting tag division. I would have thought that Benjamin or Helms would have taken the pin this week, but I guess it keeps the Champ looking strong too. Also, stop jobbing out Kash and Noble

~ Ha ha, I'm loving King Booker and his New Court already. Good interview from the Book Man, and he seems to have the momentum heading into Wrestlemania at the moment. I like all of the four guys in the match, so whoever gets te title is fine by me. I can't wait for Monty and Elijah to start getting some mic time as well.

~ Awww, I'm kind of disappointed that we didn't get to have Kennedy/Flair one-on-one, but the other part of me thinks that you are saving that for a World title feud when Kennedy wins the belt () and Naitch wins MITB (still not sure). Looks as though Big Dave wants to put some hurting to KK ahead of W'Mania, which should make for a fun filled evening. I have to disagree with Renegade though, as I'm actually quite enjoying the way you are pushing Chris Sabin. It's always nice to treat a young star in such a way. He should be in MITB in my opinion.

~ Very interesting segment between Hunter and Stephanie. Ever since Hunter has turned heel he has been one of the most entertaining things in this thread. I expect him to feud with Kennedy at some point for the gold after Wrestlemania. Great announcement for the Main Event tonight, which kind of makes up for not getting Flair/Kennedy. Sabin will probably take the pin though ( ).

~ Good match between the United States contenders and the New Court. Ha ha, I kind of knew that Regal was not turning face any time soon. I really love the way you have been presenting him and Finlay lately, as unpredictable tweeners, makes for a very exciting mix. Lashley gets POOOUUUNNNCCCEEDD for the scond week in a row, and Booker pins him. This may be hinting at Finlay or Lashley getting the title. It's up in the air yet again.

~ Rock and Kennedy in the same room? Too much damn charisma for me, Mac Great banter between the two, and Rocky really makes Batista sound like an absolute beast. WHEN, yes I said WHEN Kennedy beats Batista for the title at Wrestlemania, it is going to be huge. Feud between Rock and Kennedy please? I was surprised to see Rock and Hunter get a stare down, I thought they might get into a brawl. Brilliant tension between the two. Their match at Wrestlemania is going to steal the show.

~ Wow, The Hardys just owned Flair? That was wierd. Flair was simply awesome in this segment, simply awesome. He is one of the most entertaining guys you write. No real surprise to see Matt and Jeff turn him down, and hopefully they cotinue their face turn. Matt carried the Hardys bits, which makes sense, since he can actually talk. It could very well come down to Matt and Flair in the MITB match.

~ Oh man, I had completely forgotten about the Mysterio/Daniels feud. Ha ha, how could I? Quick squash for Rey Rey before Chris cuts a nice promo, building on the 'Chavo factor'. Rey's retort was good as well. This might just edge out the Hunter/Rock feud as the most personal, due to the way you have built it up so well.I've said it before and I've said it again, **** please

~ Nice Main Event between six talented guys. I was quite disappointed that Rock and Hunter disappeared quite early on, but it actually worked well as one BIG final hype for their Wrestlemania match. Another one I'm torn about. No real surprise to see Sabin take the fall AGAIN. He seems to have been pushed towards the Main Event ... to job? Strange. Anyway, I actually loved the beat down to Kennedy after the match, mainly because of Flair's superb speech. You write him so well, Mac; never, and I mean NEVER stop using him this way. It's just so damn entertaining. Great way to send the babyface Kennedy into Wrestlemania against the dominant Batista. I can almost taste the gold for Ken now

~ Ha ha, I almost thought that the show was over. How could I forget about my favourite feud? Very wierd to see Undertaker cut a short promo, but it really helped give this show that 'pre-Wrestlemania' feel. As ever though, Cena was THE MAN here, with another splendid insertion of his own. Personally, I did not need the video package, as I remember SNME perfectly. Cena is the master of the video packages The ending was insane. Cena OWNED 'Taker AGAIN! Jesus, Cena is absolutely incredible in this thread. He is like a heel Superman. To be honest though, unless it is you intention to completely bury 'Taker, he has to go over at Wrestlemania, as Cena has dominated the feud thus far. I simply cannot wait for their match.

Overall this was another wonderful, wonderful show, Mac. Brilliant hype heading into Wrestlemania, especially Cena/'Taker and Kennedy/Batista. I firmly believe that your Wrestlemania will be the GREATEST EVER in this place. You'll get my full thoughts and such when I post my (very accurate) predictions. Great stuff, Mac
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