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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown Review
With just two days remaining until WM; this edition of SmackDown is really looking huge. Nice way to kick off the show, with a promo between the two authorities from each brand. In characterization; I founded Estrada and Heyman great, whilst Steph and Coach were reacting like two smart minds. Ending was good too, with RAW getting one over SmackDown just two days before WM, although by some help from Cade and Murdoch.

Nice fast-paced match here to kick off the action. And as expected, the team of Kendrick, London, Shelton, and Helms pick up a victory just two days before their challenge against the tag team of MNM and AMW. Good match up, and the aftermath was written even better, explaining the tensions between Kendrick/London and Helms/Shelton. I see SmackDown winning this match at WM, and RAW winning the monster’s one.

I felt that you rushed at this promo in the ending. The start was good, but the ending had no build up. King Booker was nice in characterization, but I just didn’t like how this ended. It was decent enough to hype the US Title feud though.

I was expecting this match to go a few minutes more to be honest. The aftermath was better though, with Chris Sabin entering the ring for Kennedy’s help. Nice way to have Sabin on the show, and good way to build up the Ken/Batista feud even more, with neither men looking weak.

Okay, now I get why the match between Flair and Kennedy was kept short. Anyway; I loved how Steph countered Triple H with the “ironic” line in the end. The tag team match looks huge. The promo itself was good too, but I think you need to go in more detail.

Nice way to debut (match debut) The New King’s Court here, by taking a victory over the team of Regal, Lashley, and Finlay. I like how you’ve built up King Booker’s New Court so far in these two weeks. I also sense a huge twist at WrestleMania between this match up. With the amount of build up you’ve given to him (King Booker); it looks Booker’s gonna become the new champ at WM with some help from his New Court.

Killing two birds with one bullet. Yep, I liked how you hyped the Batista/Ken, and The Rock/Trips feud in one promo. Ken was good in this promo, and so was The Rock, but Triple H was just awesome. I mean, what Triple H said was actually great, and he looked spot on. At first, I also got confused that why The Rock isn’t attacking Trips, so it was good that you cleared that up through The Rock’s speech. Good promo.

Glad that you’re hyping up the MITB Match too. Ric Flair was truly awesome here. Just brilliant. Hardys were just okay, but I enjoyed Ric Flair more than anything else here. His expressions, wordings, and everything else was described amazingly. Loved how Hardys said “no” to Ric Flair too. Loved this promo. Absolutely.

Well, we’re just two days before the HUGE event, WM. So I guess its fine to have a squash match. Expected that Rey would get momentum here by beating S2H. Nice promo afterwards with Daniels and Rey too. This match has got an amazing build up, and I know you’ll deliver when the readers read the match between them. It’d be awesome.

Hmm, I liked how you had The Rock and Triple H get “out of the view” through the crowd area. Good and obvious booking choice to have Sabin get pinned by the World Champ, Batista. The aftermath made Kennedy look like an under dog (which I guess is fine), whilst Batista looks too strong now heading into WM. But I know Kennedy’s gonna take the title at WM. Great match and great aftermath. Flair’s speech was awesome too.

Wow. Huge way to cap off a solid show, ‘Macster. You’ve built up John Cena greatly in this feud, and I loved how this promo was kept short, with Cena just playing the video package. I loved how Cena didn’t look afraid, and decided to get into the ring with “The Deadman”. Great ending too, with Cena making The Undertaker look like an under dog two days before WM. Great segment. Great ending. Great show. Looking forward to WM.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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