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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DD Mac's Smackdown Review.

Opening Promo - The opening promo was unaccpected in a good way. I knew they were going to be making an appearance on the show but I didn't think it was now. It was extremely good booking to have Kane get hurt badly so close to Wrestlemania, and now I'm left wondering whether he will be able to compete at the show or not. Once again the promo was alright but I switched off a little way through and got a little bit bored of the promor. That's why i think the action was clever because it broke up the talking and I once again became switched on. Overal a decent promo which added some majour hype for Wrestlemania.

Match One - A great match to kick off the wrestling side of the show. Action flying in from all over the ring which made the match dramatic and fun to read. It kept serious throughout but you also had a hint of fun. I wouldn't have chose the winners you did for different reasons, but then again that just proves why this thread has lasted longer than all of mine put together!

Booker Backstage - A short little interview segment here, which is all it needed to be really. I love the King Booker chracter you have created and it was good to see you keep him like that.

Kennedy vs Flair - Well i was dissapointed Mac i wanted a great wrestling contest between these two but you had to spoil it! Na in all seriousness it was needed in my opinion to build hype ready for Wrestlemania. Again I would have done things more differently but that's just me.

Aftermath - Batista and Flair exchange hands? Im assuming you meant on Kennedy and not themselves. The aftermath seemed repetative like most weeks sorry. I mean they always seem to fight for a bit and then leave the ring. Nevermind though because it still seemed to add a reasonable bit if hype for Mania which is what the final show before should do.

Hunter and Steph - Brilliant segment. It flowed so nicely and the lines that were used worked well. I liked the 'how ironic' line that they both used. That made me laugh. Now a good main event was set up for tonight which will get most people on the card before Wrestlemania.

Match Three - I had been looking forward to this match all night for some reason. I guess it's because i like the King character you have portrayed. I knew very well that The Kings Court would get the victory. I liked how Regal left the others to get man handled as it keeps him fresh for Wrestlemania and he obviously gains an advangtage. I still don't think he is going to win at Mania though. And to be honest i can see some sort of a twist happening at mania with this storyline.

Rock/KK/Hunter - This was a good segment and at the right time too, before their match. It was also a hype job once again for Wrestlemania. Man these were in character and i loved every second of this segment, mainly the Rock though. Now im hyped for the main event but more importantly, Wrestlemania.

Hardyz - To say this was funny is an understatement. I mean now that Flair has no one to help him in MITB at Wrestlemania, it's going to be interesting to see if e can mirraculusly get the victory. I think the end is near for Batista and Flair come Wrestlemania.

Rey - I liked this because it set the picture for Wrestlemania. He seems raring to go and I liked it. Character was perfect and an enjoyable little segment.

Batista and co - MOTN for sure. Nice winners too, but surely that means they will all loose at Wrestlemania. Well not all of them but I'm hoping for a Kennedy win. The aftermath was good too and i liked how Kennedy was tied up in the ropes while Flair talked to him about wasting. As usual you were in character with these guys.

Undertaker/Cena - Now i was confused. Did Cena lay him out at first with an F-U because when you said back to real time i thought you were just messing around. OHHHHH hand on a minute, was that the video footage. Sorry for being so dumb I just got really confused. Anyway nice promo to end the show, but I would have prefered the actual main event feud to have ended the show before Wrestlemania. never mind though because Mani is looking scrumptious, and I am very much looking forward to it.

Overall - A fantastic show Mac just like always. Wrestlemania couldn't come sooner
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