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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Bradley's Smackdown Review:

OK, this is my first time reviewing this thread so bare with me.

Great opening with what seems to be a great crossbrand feud. Really playing on the accent of AAE livens things up and the flow was great, rolled off the tongue nicely. Stephanie's attitude was portrayed extremely well and you didn't put a foot wrong but it seemed a little clusterfucked at the end including ALL of these stars; I know they facing off at 'Mania in the 8 man tag but it isn't needed quite so early on. Plus, I would have had Cena on first.

The next match, straight after the Hooligans were involved in an attack, was not such a great idea. They obviously wouldn't be at full fitness if they were involved in a brawl and having them go over a team that have tremendous talent, 'Mania match or not, isn't a worthwile choice. Interesting interaction between Helms/Benjamin and The Hooligans. I sense a RAW turn for Benjamin and Helms.

Interesting match next. I didn't understand why Flair and Batista started fighting unless it was a complete copy of Batista/Flair/HHH in '05. (I joke ) but it seemed weird. I don't know what part Sabin had to play (rivalry with Flair?) but he wasn't needed because he didn't do an awful lot. Nice choice holding off the imminent Kennedy/'Tista brawl and it hypes it up even more when they finally duke it out this Sunday.

Great promo here. HHH was distinctly cocky here, much like he was in a heel DX stable 10 years ago. Great chemistry between the two and the 6 man tag match is huge but Flair in 2 matches as you would say= ratings.

Booker's Court had to win here but I feel you could have hyped up Brown and Burke's debut match a little more. At least they are well built up. I hate to say this but the U.S title match looks really out of place. It's not that it won't be a bad match, far from it, but seeing all of the other matches on the card, this looks the weakest for some reason.

Excuse my e-French but Fucking hell what a promo! Great dictation, flow was spot on and the characters were superb. You say the Rock has done it all on the main stage, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he has won a world title at a 'Mania. I loved the humourous insults the Rock dishes out. Much like you, he never stops being do damn great (Kiss up over) and it really had fantastic flow and the match later on should be awesome. AND YOU CAN BET YOUR CANDY ASS THE ROCK WILL BEAT TRIPLE H'S ASS ALL OVER FORD FIELD, DETROIT IN FRONT OF THE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF ROCK FANS WATCHING AT HOME AT THE SPECTACLE, THE ICON THAT IS THE ROCK IN A NO HOLD BARRED MATCH! I got a little carried away there, sorry!

Really liked the Hardyz promo. Showcased all 3 of the their histories and making it seem like a VERY special moment and Flair has no-one on the big stage and I KNOW who is going to win the MITB now.

Mysterio's promo oozed hatred, which was great. I can't wait to see the new intense Mysterio at 'Mania. This battle is gonna be so damn great and you hyped it up perfectly.
Daniels was a perfect heel, a coward, so congrats on that front as well.

Sabin had to take the fall here, everyone else was too big. Sabin did look WAY out of his league in this match which was a shame. The Rock and HHH getting out of the way was a perfect opportunity to help 'Tista gain some momentum Kennedy lost a fair bit here but I still think KK will win on Sunday.

Awesome promo here. Cena being a great arrogant little SOB and I was really hating him here. (Not a bad thing) He was a great face but you have made him a fantastic ruthless heel now. Naming all of the Undertaker's 'Mania opponents was a great way to hype Cena up. The reader thinks 'Wait, if Cena wins he's better than all of those guys.' So good thinking there. Cena was vile at the end but it was definitely needed to give the feud that extra edge. I honestly don't know who will win, either way it will be ana amazing contest.

I will give this show 9/10, great build towards 'Mania and I loved mostly everything but there were a small amount of miniscule and minor flaws which you won't have to worry about.


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