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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

First off, sorry about making you look like an ass in my thread, but honestly I couldn't help myself

Opening promo was good, nothing spectacular but I guess it suits, more build for the Battle Of The Behemoths, and Armando is gold. Coach & Steph sounded fine, and afterwards Kane getting wasted along with Henry, is not good for the SD! pair who now are gonna go into the match with Kane bandaged up. Clearly, RAW has been dominant in this one, and I expect SD! to pull off the win at WM. Overall, solid opening

Good 8 Man Tag, loved it, L&K on the money but really Shelton/Helms looked so impressive I can see them stealing the show at WM in the 8 Man Tag against RAW, and follow it up with a title reign, because you're building them well here

Short but to the point Booker promo, expecting a good showcase for Brown & Burke tonight

That was short, only two minutes for Flair & Kennedy? What's this, another wild fight breaks out and Batista of course gets involved, fucking Sabin! Why do you love this guy o so much? Anyways, interesting development here, wonder why it ended so abruptly...

Haha Trips is once again outshone by Steph, big 6 Man Tag booked should be good, expecting Sabin or Flair to job, most likely Sabin as he doesn't have a WM match. Wonder if anything will ever come of Trips & Steph's constant bickering?

Regal shows his true colours here and leaves Lashley & Finlay to get done in. Lashley jobbing doesn't look good for his chances going into WM, I'm now expecting King Booker to become the new US Champion

Nice segment here, really enjoyed it. Rock goes from the mentor with Kennedy, to ripping the shit once more out of Triple H, with some classic lines. I'm so pumped for Rock/Trips NHB, and Kennedy/Batista could be better than it looks, because the fact that Super Kennedy is destined to win, will atleast refresh the title scene. You captured all three guys excellently here, as you always seem to do

LMFAO! Flair is brilliant. Never lose him plz. Hardyz shut Flair down and now the Nature Boy has no allies this Sunday in MITB. Loved it, nice promo all round and it's odd to see someone get one over on Flair

Rey > Scotty. Next. Decent promo to follow, Rey atleast shows there is fire in his belly and he's hungry for the win this weekend where I think he will prevail, only because Daniels has been the CW Champ for God knows how long, and Rey & Daniels could really bring the CW picture back to life

As expected Sabin jobs in a top main event, wasn't aware Rock & Trips had gone out through the crowd until I skimmed over it again. Aftermath looks bad for KK as he and Sabin get mauled, but really, that just surely means he goes over at WM, to make him look even stronger (not that it's needed). No clear favourite in Rock vs Trips leaves me wondering, although it would be good for Rock to win at WM again

Wow, big ending tonight. Cena owns Taker. I mean he owns him. Not only does he spit on him, claim he's not afraid, hit two FU's to him, but he bloodies him and saps his energy with the STFU. Taker got fucked up, plain and simple. Cena looks like a total beast going into WM and the hard sell for his credibility is really making me wonder if he will end Taker's streak. But with the streak being as it is, I can't see Taker losing even if it is to Superman

Top show Mac, heading into what should be a top PPV. 8.5/10


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