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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review:

In what has become a really great feud over the past few weeks, this interpromotional tag team match between Show and Umaga vs. Kane and Henry keeps getting better. Great comments from Stephanie and Heyman. However the beatdown from Show and Umaga to Kane was really good, though Henry leaving as quick as he did, could have came back in to try and help. While Raw got the better of Smackdown, I have a feeling that the Smackdown team will win the match come Mania. The opening tag team match was really good as it showcased the other members in the eight man tag match for Mania in a great way. The Kennedy/Flair match was a surprise in that I thought Kennedy would win the match via pinfall before the beatdown from Flair and Batista. The staredown though between the champ and Kennedy was well written, and hopefully this is the match that goes on last at Mania as it deserves it. King Booker's promo was good but could have been much better, as Booker could have said more of his signature phrases and switch back and forth from his "King Booker" and "Booker T" personas.

Great segment with Hunter and Stephanie. I like the fact that you are acknowledging the fact that they were a stable on TV a couple years ago. Stephanie though seemed better in this segment though. Great announcement from Stephanie about the show's Main Event. The Six Man Tag Match was good. Not surprised that Regal left his team though, as that was smart booking for a heel champion before his upcoming title match. The Kennedy/Rock segment was good, but Kennedy could have said a bit more in the segment and The Rock could have said some more, as the segment seemed a bit rushed. However The Rock/Hunter segment was gold! Even though Hunter didn't say much, this promo was pure gold! This was classic funny yet serious Rock! Excellent promo and I can't wait until their match at Mania!

Great promo from the Hardys and Flair. That was great writing of how the Hardys mentioned that they were fans of Flair and then pulling a fast one on him, by speaking on the tricks that Flair used to do back in the day. Flair's reaction was priceless though. Mysterio's match seemed like nothing more than a squash, which it ashame because Scotty is a great wrestler. The promo from Daniels though was excellent, as Daniels has carried this whole feud with his promos, IMO. The ending of the segment was well written, though their match if given enough time could be a showstealer at Mania. The Six Man Tag Match was great, even though the ending was predictable. The beatdown from Batista and Flair to Kennedy was good and reminded me of the beatdown from the Corporation to Austin and McMahon screaming at Austin on the Raw before their cage match back in 1999. This title match I'm sure is going to be a classic!

What an end to the show! I know that you are not a fan of Taker, but this feud has been built up greatly, and I hope that it gets a great spot on the card at Mania. Cena was very intensed in this segment and that was made the segment even better. Even though the show ended with Cena having the STFU on a bloody Taker, I still have a feeling that this match could go either way. I must say that I'm looking forward to the match.

Overall Comments: What a way to conclude the road to WrestleMania in this thread! I know that WrestleMania is going to be huge! You have built the feuds up in a great way and I know come Mania the matches will deliver. One question though, do you have a possible date for when Mania will be posted?

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