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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review-

Opening Promo- This was a great opening promo. It did a great job of building up the feud for the match at Wrestlemania. Everyone was in character and it was very entertaining. I liekd how Stephanie constantly tells the Raw guys that Kane and Mark Henry won't come out, but the 2 monsters come out and disobey her. It sort of puts them over as monsters that don't care what anyone says. It is a shame that they got beat up with chairs by Murdoch and Cade.

8 Man Tag Match- This would have been a great match to watch on real life. A bunch of highflyers and cruiserweights always put on a good match. The Hooligans are a great atg team. Good win for them.

Booker Interview- This was short and sweet. I am not a big fan of the King Booker gimmick, but you did a good job of keeping him in character.

Kennedy vs Flair- Was probably gonna end up as an ultimate jobbing match which Kennedy would win. I like how Batista came in and attacked Kennedy. Really sets up for their match at Wrestlemania. And I really liked the altercation after the match. I dont know what significance Chris Sabin had for helping Kennedy because this is my first time reading one of your shows. But it was good, but I dont think that Kennedy will win at Mania.

HHH/Steph Promo- This was pretty funny with the Ironic comments. That is cool that the main revent is a 6 man tag match with The Rock involved. The Rock and Triple H go way back, not liking each other. But this was a good promo, I enjoyed reading it.

6 Man Tag Match- It is cool that Booker and his new court win. Burke and Brown are actually two guys that fit in well to the new court gimmick. Will Booker winning this match mean something for Wrestlemania? I hope not, I hate the King Booker gimmick. Nothing against you haha.

Rock Promo- Jeez, two of the greatest promo workers here. This was a great promo. Kennedy and Rock should be able to work togetehr just fine in their match later. Rock is amping up Kennedy really good for his amtch at Wrestlemania. When HHH comes I knew that the promo would get better. I absolutely loved this part better than the Kennedy part. Rock was sooo funny, the crowd loved it and so did the readers. Lmao at the you can bring your mommas kitchen sink comment lol.

Mysterio vs Scotty- Usual jobbing by Scotty. nothing new...

Rey/Daniels Promo- This was alright. Nothing special because Rey's promos all seem to be the same from him. Talking about Eddie, how he is going to win, and how now it's personal. lol. Don't get me wrong, this promo was good but all Rey promos are the same and I get tired of them. I like how neither Rey or Daniels got hit because it kinda takes out a lot of the hype for the Wrestlemania match in my opinion.

Main Event- Oh my god! Great match even though it was just a summary. I like how Batista pins Sabin for the win, after he ruined his attack on Kennedy. This did a good job of building up all these matches for Wrestlemania.

Aftermath of ME- Dammnnn! Batista really beats the shit out of Kennedy. My mind has changed, I think that Kennedy will win at Wrestlemania. I liked the Ric Flair comments to Kennedy about how he should have went to Raw instead.Good ending.

Final Promo- This was great. John Cena and Undertaker went at it. It was insane. Great promo and then the battle was brutal. It was so good, I cant wait for the match at Wrestlemania.

Final Grade- 9/10. Great show, Mania should be great!
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