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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

RAW Review (WWE 2007 & Beyond)

S1 (Carlito's Cabana - Guest = JBL): I've always had great difficulty buying Carlito has a face, but, when you book him against someone like JBL, who, once did a promo on illegal immigration, the mix and match is right there. It was a great opening segment with great intensity.

S2 (Kendrick & London v. Cade & Murdoch): Good little matchup between two good teams. Good way to also put over the SD! Tag Team Champions by having them defeat a RAW team.

S3 (Interview, Maria & HBK): Boy, this interview took me back to a time where Michaels was standing in the middle of a RAW ring, wearing denim jeans, a white shirt, and a little cutoff at the shoulder vest, being interviewed by JR and just letting the fans have it, I loved it.

S4. (Backstage, Mickie & Trish): Woah, Mickie let the "B" word out, ouch. Didn't understand the whole idea behind this promo, but, it was well written nonetheless. (What I mean is, as this been recurring on Mickie's part, trying to get Divas to do stuff for her...)

S5. (Show & Umaga v. Jobbers + Estrada Promo): It's somethind I do miss, the days of Squash matches that actually meant something. I really digged the AAE promo, to me, a dead on impersonation, personally liked the "come se dice" line. But wait, a promo without Heyman even uttering one word!?!?!?!? The sky's about to fall on us!!!

S6. (Backstage, Mickie James): Interesting...

S7. (Video, Orton): Awesome video, it brought me back to the days where JR actually spoke as the narrator on promotional videos in '97 or so.

S8. (Melina v. Victoria): I loved Victoria as a face back when she was Champion in '04. Major way to put Victoria over against two skinny jobbers, I can only say one thing, Mickie's either going down in the books as the best of her generation, or Victoria will end a long reign and rightfully get her title back.

*Nice to incorporate a recap of your last show, gives me a way to acquaint myself with your other show*

S9. (In the ring, Angle & Austin): Maybe one of the toughest opponents in Austin's career, and they're going to face off at Mania! Great, great promo, ending it with a classic "Let's-Drink-And-then-I-Stunner-Your-Ass" with a added little twist as a testament to one of Kurt's 3 I's, Intelligence, until he got dropped!

S10. (Video, Edge): Awesome job with these videos mate. Nuff said.

S11. (Doane, Masters, Nitro & Mercury v. RVD, Sabu, Harris & Storm): Great match from top to bottom. I give you props for having Fonzie back up Van Dam & Sabu. To me, he's in the top 5 best managers of all-time. Loved the whistle too. AMW v. MNM all gold written all over it. Doane finally getting his real name back (big props for that also) and getting a real deserving push is great. And do you finish up all of this, ARABIAN FACEBUSTER!! Too bad Styles wasn't there to call this one particular spot!

S12. (Wrestlemania 23 rundown): Boy, amazing card. Even a matchup I couldn't care for less between the 4 big guys is somewhat picking my curiosity with the Coach & BDP factor attached to it.

S13. (Video, HBK): Again, what can you say, amazing job with these videos all through the night. Boy, it gives me goosebumps thinking of Michaels speaking like that and dropping those promos.

S14. (HBK v. Edge): Good match and great way to build Wrestlemania up, hope HBK walks out the champion!

Realism = 9.5/10
Length = 10/10
Quality/Entertainment = 9.5/10
Spelling/Grammar = 9.5/10
Matches/Booking = 9.5/10

Overall = 92/100 (A)

WWWF is Coming...
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