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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Raw Review

The cabana is a good way to start the show and it was a very well written intense promo between the two. Both men were well in chracter and as Renegade said it was good to see the promo not end with a brawl as that most of the time usually gives away who will win the match.

Good to see the Hooligans on Raw but i would of thought that they would of faced either AMW or MNM or even had a post match brawl but that can still happen on Smackdown i suppose. Good victory for the Hooligans to get them over but i would like to see Cade and Murdoch get pushed into the tag title scene post Mania.

Nice little HBK promo here, came off a little heelish in the promo which was nice to see and am personally hoping that he walks away with the title but i have got a feeling that Edge will walk away with the belt.

Lol at Mickie sucking up to Trish for help. Great interaction between the two bringing up their feud from 2006 and looks like Mickie is going to have to do the job by herself but i expect her to win because of your bias for her

SQUASH! Can't really comment on this match because i don't know who the Jobbers are but i am guessing it is Brian and Brett Major. Lol AAE is gold also got to say well done for keeping this interpromotional feud more enjoyable than it should be.

Orton video hype looked very good and is quite possibly the first time i have seen this done in a thread by my memory strangely enough

Good victory for Victoria giving her some momentum into WM. Didn't see the need of her squashing two men aswell tbh, got to say my pick for this match is with Mickie now looking at how strong Victoria looks at the moment.

Awesome promo here, both men were spot on character. Was a bit of a shock to see Austin come out so early before Angle can do his speech. Was a great confrontation between the two of them and enjoyed both mens speeches. Angle getting the stunner at the end makes me think that he will get the victory at Mania but hopefully i am wrong.

Hype video for Edge was good just like Ortons and you are giving the Raw main event for Mania alot of buildup which is the right thing to do as it is the biggest match on the biggest stage.

8 man tag was Match of the Night and i am guessing that this match was put on just to put everyone on the card before they compete at Wrestlemania. Seemed like a very enjoyable match through the match summary. Poor Chris Masters gets his ass kicked after the match. Interesting to see Orton's response and then Rated RKO's responce to Orton and looks like we are going to see the end of the army very soon.

Main event was suprisingly short but you had reason for that, was not expecting Edge to get the victory as i thought this had no contest written all over it and makes Edge look very strong going into Wrestlemania despite Orton's interference. Saw something like that coming for the aftermath however and HBK stands tall and Orton looks like the real underdog for this match at present time.

Overall was a very good hype show for Wrestlemania. The Austin/Angle promo was the standout segment of the show but it is the main event for Raw which i really am looking forward to. 8.5/10
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