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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DD Mac's Final Raw before Wrestlemania Review

Woah Wrestlemania is coming along nicely then by the sound of things and i am certainly hyped about it.

Anyway lets get this review rolling.

Opening Promo - The cabana is always a good choice to start and this was one hell of a good start. Carlito and JBL were very well written and you captured their personality well. I liked the fact that JBL thought he was better than everyone else. I think it would have been a little bit better booking-wise if ou actually had a little fight break out as sort of a Wrestlemania preview, instaed of the promo ending with them both walking out. Anyway it added a little bit of hype for Wrestlemania which was good.

Match One - It's always good to see an interpromotional match on a TV show before Wrestlemania and you pulled this off well. it was a good match to read and had its fair share of action. I think you should have had Raw's superstars win seeing as the match took place at Raw. But I'm glad you had all four of them get a standing ovation after the match instead of making one team look better than the other.

Michales interview - WOW I really love your take on Shawn Michaels. Whenever I read a btb i always hope that Michaels is portrayed as a tweener like the one in yours. he seems so much better and enjoyable to read and I assume its the same when writing him. I was marking out because I thought he was going to superkick maria lol but then he didn't. na only joking i loved him going down all the possible reasons and now this feud is picking up, I can see a Michaels/Edge match coming for Backlash.

Mickie and co - I like the way you know all the facts about last years Wrestlemania and i like the way Mickis tried to get back to being friends with Trish. I don't think i liked the segment on a whole but it was a pretty interesting angle you have going there. Im now just assuming Trish will come and help her anyway.

Match Two - like you said, a simple squash match, it was nice to see a squash match though because it keeps the shoe flowing and keeps things nice and realistic.

Estrada - He was very in character and this was a great promo. Short and sweet and it got straight to the point. I think i can see these going to Smackdown this week, which wouldnt be a bad thing. And again i admire your booking skills here as i said earlier, interpromotional feuds and matches are always good heading into a big ppv like Mania.

Mickie again - Okay this just confused me, hopefully we get answers later on. Oh and when you said she was eating an orange, the way you described it made me laugh, i could picture it perfectly! Nice one!

Video package - Now this was unusual in btb and it was also very clever. it added alot of hype to the wrestlemania match in only a few minutes of footage. I liked this and it was clever booking again Mac. Very nice little promo here.

Match Three - I knew Victoria would win but it was the aftermath I was really looking forward to. And what an aftermath it was. Now that little segment earlier isnt so confusing. It was funny how even the men couldnt get past Victoria. God knows how Mickie will at Wrestlemania. But this is once again good booking because it makes us wonder whether she actually will be able to retain at mania.

Angle/Austin - It was a nice shock to see Austin come out so quickly when Angle had only said one line. Angle was in character as was Austin and i love these kind of promos the last one before a big match they are always intense and fun to read. I am glad that you had a little fight so to speak after this promo. It was great to see Austin stunner Angle too because now he has more hype going into Wrestlemania. Another nice promo Mac and im really enjoying this raw so far.

Edge - Another nice little feature and i can see what your doing. Each man in the main event will have one I'm guessing. Nice words and he was in character which made it more enjoyable to read.

8 man tag - Nice winners for this match and an enjoyable read for the most part. I did get a little bit bored but that's probably because it's 1 in the morning here lol. The aftermath again was extremely good aswell and that i enjoyed more than the match itself.

Wrestlemania hype - The announcers doing the usual run down of the card was good and extremely detailed, well done! Everything became so clear after reading this.

Michaels video - another cool segment, which again was a great amount of hype in under 5 minutes. This match is looking fantastic on paper thanks to all these promos and things. Shawn was in character again and i liked the three promos by each men tonight.

main Event - a great match and the best so far tonight. The ending of the match was cleverly thought out and it made things a hell of a lot more interesting to say the least. The aftermath to this match was also the best, the sweet chin music was unpredictable at the same time not unpredictable. It was good to see Michales get the upper hand heading into mania but i still don't see him winning the gold.

Overall - another brilliant shoe DD Mac and i am so glad i have started reading and reviewing your thread as it is the best in the btb section along with some other great threads Nice show and i cant wait until Smckdown or Wrestlemania!
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