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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Cabana was very good, well written and played out. Both men in character and sounding as good as can be, and this feud has never really been all too highly built until this final show, I am still thinking JBL takes the cake at Mania, but this was quite the promo to kick off the show, a good opener, despite it not being as KOM stated, a main event level feud

Showcase for the SD! champs is good, going over Cade/Murdoch to get them in the momentum heading into WM, where they'll need it to co-exist with Benji/Helms. Cade & Murdoch could do with more than jobbing tbh

HBK seemed like a new man in this interview, the old HBK. Maria wasn't too funny tonight, but got her ditzyness across as always and Michaels' promo was short but sweet, I see him stunning both Edge & Orton to win the title, I'd mark hard

Haha Mickie sucking up to the divas, Trish pwning her as always, and Mickie walking off in a fit. LOL, Trish needs the title plz. I like how Mickie quickly turned from ass kisser to bitch

WHOA! Umaga & Show over JOBBERS!!!111! As if that wasn't gonna happen. They're getting the harder build for WM, which is why I can see SD! winning it somehow. AAE is gold, keep him around plz. Not a fan of two short matches so far, but I guess, with the amount of promo's there will be tonight, it's fair

Wow, Victoria gives a Widows Peak to a guy? She handles to jobbers? You really want MJ to go over the most hard pushed womens match ever don't you? Her beating Melina was enough momentum, I gotta say, I've never seen a thread with Victoria looking SO dominant

Promo of the month here. Austin was total gold. Angle was gold. Both men in character, both men made the promo everything it could and should be. I have a slight sense that Austin may just sneak a WM win and stop becoming the "old man jobber" considering Angle is only a few years younger than him. Sadly, with the ending of Austin giving Angle a Stunner, I don't see that happening

Loved this match, I knew the 8 Man Tag would be a show stealer. RKO Army is really in tatters, and they get wasted afterwards by RVD & Sabu, poor Masters is done for. Typical Orton greediness afterwards, no compassion for Masters, and this time it's interesting to note that they all seemed upset with Ortons behaviour, not just Nitro & Doane. End of the Army soon? Yah

- Onto these videos that have aired during. HBK & Edge's were quality, Orton's was solid. I think it gives a special build for each man in the final show before the Grandaddy of them All. Liked them alot

Main event was noticeably short but you explained that well, good match and Orton had to be involved didn't he? Edge going over Michaels takes some steam off the HBK run which had been building quite well, so it's gonna be one intriguing match at WM, with nothing between the three of them now really

Great job as always Mac. 8.25/10


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