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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Surprised that you once again open Raw for the second week in a row, especially with the Raw before Mania, with a non main event feud. The Cabana was well written, but felt like it could went a couple minutes longer. Great booking on not having the segment come to a brawl, as it leaves the question of who will win at Mania. However it looks like JBL will be leaving Mania as the new IC Champion, and thus becoming a Grand Slam Champion.

Good opening match that as you pointed out in the match summary was to get over Londrick as a tag team on a wider audience which was done. Cade and Murdoch put on a great match as well, but this was Londrick's match to win. I have a feeling the other two teams will face each other on Smackdown. As far as the Michaels/Maria segment went, I must say that I like how Maria is being used in this thread. As far as Michaels' comments, it felt like the old Shawn Michaels speaking which was good, and I'm interested in the match at Mania.

Being the mark that you are for Mickie, I was expecting this promo to be great. And it was. I like how with the interaction between Mickie and Trish, you mentioned the whole buildup between Mickie and Trish leading into their Mania match last April at Mania 22. As far as tag team match, great way of putting over the power and strength of Umaga and Show. Somehow you have made this interpromotional feud really interesting, and I wonder what team is going to win at Mania.

Really great Orton video, as it was well written and felt very realistic. Victoria winning was expected as her losing before her match at Mania would not make much sense. As far as her attacking the two jobbers, that was original especially the Widow's Peak to one of the jobber, but I understand why it was done, and I must say this is the most anticpated Women's Championship match that will be taking place in BTB in quite some time.

The Austin/Angle segment was excellent. I like how Austin came out to the ring immediately and Angle was not afraid to tell Austin to his face what he was going to say before Austin came out to the ring. The only thing about the promo, that I didn't like was the stunner and beer bash, as that makes it seem like Austin will be losing at Mania. Edge's video promo was better than Orton in that it showed Edge from the beginning in a sense to his rise as champion, and then the beginning of the feud with Orton.

The eight man tag match did its purpose in getting over the wrestlers involved in the match. Van Dam pinning Masters for the win was good. As far as the post match segment, that just put over the matches at Mania even more.

Great rundown from both commentary teams for Mania. The Michaels' video was the best of the three. I see that you stated that the main event started at 11:01 PM ET and Raw went into overtime. Great finish with Edge getting the clean win. Edge spears Mercury, but is hit with the RKO from the champ, who is then floored with SCM by Michaels as Michaels does his taunt, which was a great way to end the show. I have a feeling based on the end segment for this show that Edge is leaving Mania as the champion!

Overall Comments: Excellent show leading into Mania. I'm looking forward to Smackdown and the review from you for Raw. I know quite a bit are saying that you and I have huge PPVs for the next month, your Mania and my StarrCade. I just want to say that I know that your Mania will live up to the hype as the shows leading towards Mania have been top notch.

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