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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Kicking off the show with a 20 minute epic is a nice move, good booking. A draw is interesting, I can still see Shelton/Helms ending up as the champs, but I just can't pick when that'll be as you keep throwing new stuff into the mix. The "disgust" Kendrick had to London, surely hinting about a split? Coz that's been to death around here

Chris Daniels goes over Jeff Hardy? That's a bold move to make, but then again, Hardy isn't doing much in this thread at the moment so I guess it keeps Daniels strong going into WM against the man who's gonna finally dethrone him, Rey Mysterio

Rock & Triple H being able to co-exist? Fuck nah. I bet Trips ends up sneak attacking Rocky sometime during the match

The matches are coming thick and fast at the moment, Rey going over Matt balances out Daniels winning earlier, but this isn't really the best way to build their feud tbh, fighting randoms. Anyways, we'll see what happens next week in the final stretch, but after the last few weeks, the momentum of this feud has been truly stalled here tonight with these matches and no interaction whatsoever

King Booker was on the money here, I can tell you love writing with him as you capture his character perfectly nearly every week. Regal getting mic time is different, but before long it's a wild brawl, Finlay involved too. Kid with braids? Elijah Burke? Bigger man, Monty Brown perhaps? Or Shad Gaspard? Anyways, Lashley is here too and this has gotten outta hand. Wow, this new group just dominated Lashley, Finlay & Regal here. Possible six man tag match next week to follow? Seems like the way it's going here. Nice segment overall, this new brotha version of the Court seems intriguing, maybe time for Booker to shake the King gimmick and the group to be something fresh? Anyways, I'll quit rambling and move on, saying this was a top segment to build an already heated feud

I don't see why this wasn't the main event...o wait because Kennedy and the jobber are still to come! Silly me, thinking Super Kennedy wouldn't be in the main event
Nicely booked and as expected Trips sticks a knife in The Rock's back, PEDIGREE time! Was sorta obvious it would happen, but after earlier, with Trips saying he'll co-exist, it's a swerve

Hmm Rey's mind playing games on himself after watching Chavo's interview? Will that affect him against Daniels at WM? He seems like it's his fault Chavo is retired

WOW! Trips booked against Kane & Henry by himself! That's not gonna sit well with The Game, he's gonna get brutalised, unless he brings along his trusty Sledgehammer of course

Cena is gonna get his ass kicked at WM. Fuck him, if Taker jobs to that overpushed Vanilla Ice I'll cry. Forever. Good job of getting Cena more heat, but I doubt anyone would be cheering for him against Taker, bar the little kids and the girls

Flair trying to get some help in the MITB from the Hardy's, meh, I don't think that'll end up being a co-existing threesome. I can't see those three winning, my money is going on RVD or maybe Matt Hardy actually. The rest aren't big enough to win MITB really

Thankfully Sabin jobs, and there is no clear cut winner between Kennedy/Batista tonight, leaving the build wide open for next week's final show, which should be a blast. I wonder who's gonna turn up the pressure and fuel the fire next week, my guess is Kennedy and his big mouth, but we'll see. Smartly booked ending to a good recap show

Good work as always Mac. <3

PS: Onto the news here. LOL @ Mickie getting more time . Just kidding, atleast the feud with Victoria is getting decent build, despite it being the worst match on the card. Fan of seeing MVP, Punk come through and Haas getting a push. Luther Reigns? rawffles I hope he gets nothing. Santino coming will be good, promo wise. Ugh not Phoenix too, she's horrible and freakishly ugly and manly. Eh I'd rather see HBK/Edge/Orton as the ME, because that would easily draw more than Batista/Kennedy could ever do. Three huge names compared to one huge name and one recognisable name, easy to see what would be the choice. But then again, you love Kennedy, so I'd say you'll end up having Kennedy/Batista as the ME

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